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How to Get Dreads: 5 Different Methods Step by Step (2023)

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Lots of individuals enjoy the feel and look of wearing dreadlocks. Yet what are dreadlocks, you ask? Well, dreadlocks are rope-like globs of hair developed by your hair obtaining matted together.

You need to recognize a couple of things about dreadlock hair before you make the dreads hairstyles. From health issues to the health and wellness of the hair, learning even more about the process will certainly assist you in choosing if this braided look is suitable for you.

So, here is an overview to assist you in picking the most effective method to begin your dreadlocks, whatever your hair kind. To reveal to you exactly how to get dreads fast, we’ll take a look at techniques suitable for various hair kinds. Yes, people with straight hair can also learn precisely how to do dreads.

What Is Hair Type Best For Dreads?

Any hair kind can use dreadlocks, yet kinky, coarse hair is finest suited for this style. Tightly crinkled hair typically forms a spiral form. When curls are tightly wrinkled and start knotting around themselves, they quickly develop great, cylindrical, rope-like dreads.

Straight hair is harder to fear, yet it’s most definitely possible. It simply calls for a bit more patience. Given that straight hair doesn’t have that all-natural spiral shape, it needs to be educated to grow right into cylindrical knots and floor coverings.

This needs a little more work. However, it can be done. Obtaining dreads without making use of the overlook technique implies encouraging your hair to knot, twist, as well as tangle much faster than it usually would. You can do this in a couple of ways. We’ll show you our preferred five methods to begin dreadlocks below.

Step by Step How to Get Dreads: 5 Different Methods

how to do dreadlocks yourselfThe bright side is that there is a single nobody technique for beginning dreadlocks. Your hair kind, hair size, way of life, and the dimension of locks you intend to achieve all impact which technique will certainly provide you the best results.

You can likewise combine different methods, as you can see below:

1. The Backcombing Method

You understand the all-natural means of brushing hair from your temple to your nape. Currently, to create knots, you can reverse the procedure and brush a strand of hair from the tip back to the origin. I’ll explain quickly.

Here’s a detailed overview on just how to make spin dreads by backcombing.

Step 1: Start with clean hair.

When questioning exactly how to make dreads, begin with freshly washed and product-free hair. Utilize a hair shampoo and conditioner duo that will certainly free your hair of residue while adding moisture to your hair.

I was prepared to find out exactly how to make dreadlock hair? To stay clear of damages, ensure your hair is dehydrated. Either await it to air dry or use a strike dryer to aid develop as much volume as feasible before starting the process.

Step 2: Create your sections to make dreadlocks

Still not sure exactly how to make dreadlocks? Sectioning off your hair will make the process begin to find each other. Starting at the front hairline or neck, section-off hair in square shapes, making use of any kind of comb or your fingers. The dimension of each area can differ from 1 1/2 inch areas or bigger.

Step 3: Start twisting your hair.

To begin the actual dreadlock, begin two-strand twisting your hair section by area. This is one of the essential steps when determining how to do dreadlocks yourself. You can place a rubber band or hair connection at the root to maintain your areas in position.

Step 4: Tease your hair

Use a fine-toothed comb to tease each spin upwards in a steady motion for those who desire a messier feeling. As you tease each twist, pull completions of the hair apart (i.e., split the very end of the twist right into two). Then, twist completions back right into a two-strand twist. This can speed up the locking process, resulting in an instant dreadlock look.

2. Twist And Rip Method

No, you’ll not rip your hair out of your scalp. Below’s a basic overview of how to get dreadlocks using the twist and rip method.

Step 1

Separate your hair into areas of about one inch and hold them in the location, making use of an elastic band. These make sure the hair sections are of equal size to have uniform locs. Additionally, spray your hair with tightening spray instead of holding it with an elastic band.

Step 2

Twist each hair section at once in one direction. Begin twisting from the origin, and also, when you get to the center of each hair area, separate the hair arbitrarily without using too much force. It’ll be like you’re ripping something apart but delicately. Ripping prevents it from untwisting.

Step 3

Hand roll all the locs to shape them. You can additionally apply wax or the most delicate lock and spin gel to boost matting.

The spin and also hole technique have variants.

For instance, you can separate your hair into areas and connect rubber bands, as discussed above. Next, wash it as you scrub the hair areas to attach the hair shafts.

Thirdly, eliminate the rubber bands, use wax, and hand rolls each hair area independently to tighten the knots.

3. Dread Braiding Method

  • Clean Your Hair: Wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo to eliminate all the oil and dirt down payments.
  • Dry Your Hair: You can blowdry your hair, or you can just let it air dry.
  • Area Off Your Hair: Picking up 1 inch by 1-inch areas of hair at once, you can section off all of your hair by linking them up with an elastic band at the roots.
  • Braid Each Section: Braid all the specific hair areas and secure them at the ends with rubber bands.
  • Apply Wax And Palm Roll: Pick up one braid, apply wax to it and roll it in between your hands till it develops a dreadlock. Repeat this action on all the pigtails.

4. The Crochet Method

how to make dreadlocks Crochet MethodThe crochet method uses a tiny crochet hook (0.6 mm) to develop dreadlocks, hence the name. You can find these tiny crochet hooks in your regional craft shops or here on Amazon.

  • Laundry your hair with a residue-free shampoo. Do not utilize conditioner to make it simpler to fear. Let it completely dry.
  • Area your hair according to the lock dimension of your choice, beginning with the nape, forming a square at the base.
  • When the hair has been sectioned, backcomb the hair up.
  • Position your crochet hook between the hairs and also pull. Ensure the hair is dehydrated; otherwise, the crochet approach won’t function.

Crocheting is a fantastic approach for both textured and straight hair if you intend to attain that immediate appearance of fully grown dreadlocks; after that, this set is for you.

5. Finger Coil Method

Finger coils are one of the most prominent approaches to begin dreadlocks. Here, you’ll be sectioning the hair the means you want, turning each area right into a solitary spiral coil and pinning it while it dries to set the coil.

The resulting coils will undoubtedly be the base for your brand-new dreadlocks. It takes around six months to a year to create locs from finger coils.

This technique is best for kinky, coily hair since it depends on turning around itself into coils. It functions ideal on brief to medium size hair– long hair can be feared this way, but it takes a little patience.

How to Start Finger Coil Locs

Section your hair utilizing a rat tail brush into as many square areas as you would certainly such as. Each section will create a loc. The thicker the sections, the bigger the dreadlock will be. For smaller-sized locs, take smaller-sized areas.

  • Utilize your spray bottle to mist the initial area up until it’s moist.
  • Apply a small amount of coconut oil (or other oil of your selection) to the origins, drawing it down to the ideas of the hair in this area.
  • Beginning the hair in one instruction until it creates a coil, then draws on the area and let it break back upwards.
  • Clip the coil in position at the scalp and repeat all steps on the following area until total.
  • Allow your hair to dry entirely, and thoroughly remove the clips from all areas.
  • You’ll leave these finger coils in position to enable them to create right into dreadlocks.

This procedure can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. Because the base of the locs is straightforward one-direction twists, it does not take as long as some methods for the coils to tackle a loc look.

Yet it does take some perseverance! The advantage of utilizing the finger coil method to start locs is that this is such a preferred method. It can be done on concise hair (as short as one inch) and results in extraordinary and round locs uniform in shape and size.

How To Maintain Dreadlocks

how to dread your own hairLet me start by responding to the question that is most likely on everyone’s minds– yes, you can, as well as you do require to clean your dreadlocks. Yet there are a couple of points you need to bear in mind when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your dreadlocks. Allow’s review them one by one:

  • Leave them unwashed the first week: Your dreadlocks are very delicate the very first week after they have been made. Cleaning them at this factor could loosen up and unwind them. So, obtain on your own a giant shower cap and stick your dreads in it when you take a shower during that initial week. (For the love of God, do not abandon showering altogether to protect your dreads.
  • Constantly utilize residue-free hair shampoo when cleaning your dreadlocks: You can wash your hair between one to three times a week after the very first week of leaving it unwashed. You must use residue-free hair shampoo for two reasons. Firstly, ordinary hair shampoos leave residues that lubricate your hair and loosen your dreadlocks. Secondly (and this is pretty revolting), this residue can truly accumulate in your hair and kind mold in your dreadlocks.
  • Ensure your dreadlocks are dry: Whether you air completely dry or blowdry your dreadlocks, make sure they completely dry totally and right to the facility before you clean them once again. Leaving them damp can genuinely trigger them to stink.
  • Regular shaving, as well as hand-rolling: Whenever you feel like your dreadlocks are chilling out, use some dread wax, as well as a hand, roll them to tighten them up. You might have to do this each week approximately when your dreads remain in their early phases.

Currently that you’ve gotten the routine maintenance of your dreadlocks down pat, below are some more ideas that you can follow to provide the attention that they should have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does It Cost to Do Dreadlocks?

The cost for dreadlocks varies depending on many variables, such as the complexity of the style, added tools and devices, and labor included. Thus, should you decide to choose freeform locks, they will certainly cost you absolutely nothing. In its turn, the rate for expertly set up dreads can be anywhere between $200 as well as $

Do Dreadlocks Hurt The Scalp?

Not genuine, as long as you’re gentle as you coil or turn your hair. Additionally, moisturize your scalp since when you loc your hair, you subject it to the sun, boosting the danger of a dry, aggravated scalp.

In addition to that, if you wax your locs, completely dry them as product build-up makes the hair heavy. Lastly, you can avoid harming your scalp by reducing the number of times you retwist or design your locs.

Is Dreads Bad for Your Hair?

Dreads can be damaging to your hair just if they are kept inaccurately. That claimed you must wash them frequently and completely dry thoroughly to stop the build-up of hair items and mold growth accordingly. On top of that, it is essential to condition your hair and shield it with a headcover. Finally, do not style and twist your locks too typically, as this can lead to hair breakage, thinning, and loss.

Why Use a Residue-free Dreadlock Shampoo?

Cleaning your hair with a residue-free shampoo will undoubtedly aid you in preventing accumulation that may cause smells and microbial development.

Is Locking Gel Better Than Locking Wax?

If you genuinely need to make use of a product to begin your dreadlocks, we would recommend making use of a light gel rather than wax. Securing wax often tends to product build-up, promoting microbially and mold and mildew development. We don’t advise utilizing wax to begin dreadlocks.

Is There an Easy Dread Style?

The most convenient methods to get matted hair are to forget it until it knots or massage a woolen hat. These 2 use no products.

The disadvantage is that you need to section your hair to define the locs size, so when you disregard your hair before you divide it right into square sections, you’ll have a messy mess.

How to Do Dreadlocks Yourself?

Right here is a quick tutorial on how to dread your hair:

  1. Brush your hair to get rid of any knots and tangles.
  2. Split the hair into square equivalent areas and fasten them with rubber bands.
  3. Take a strand of hair, pull it out as well as spin.
  4. Split the strand right into two sections and tear it up.
  5. Function your means to completion of the hair.
  6. Using a dreadhook, crochet in all the hairs that stand out, pulling them with the strand.
  7. With the same technique, dreadlock the remainder of the hair.

So, How to Dread Your Own Hair?

Since you know just how to get dreads and some of the difficulties of this design, what do you think? Dreads aren’t for every person.

However if you have the patience to see them via maturity, we say go for it. Making use of any one of the five approaches above, you can start your dreads today as well as get one step closer to solid, fully grown locs.

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