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Grow Out a Bob Fast: Tips & Celeb Inspiration (2023)

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Dreaming of longer locks? Growing out a bob can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. With the right tips and celebrity inspiration, you’ll have your hair cascading down your back in no time.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary change or want something more permanent, we’ve got all the information on how to grow out a bob fast! From haircuts that make growing out easier to extensions that give instant length — plus healthy strands strategies and hair dusting tricks — get ready for longer locks with these four stylist-approved tips.

Plus, check out our gallery of celeb bobs who are making waves this season!

Key Takeaways

how to grow out a bob fast

  • Regular trims and hair dusting can help prevent split ends and maintain length while growing out a bob.
  • Incorporating nourishing treatments, such as conditioning masks and bonding treatments, can promote healthy hair growth.
  • Experiment with different styling techniques and accessories, like pins and clips, to conceal shorter sections and add length and style.
  • Consider using extensions for instant length and to experiment with different looks during the transition.

Haircuts: Temporary or Permanent?

Haircuts: Temporary or Permanent?
You’ll never be stuck with the same hairdo forever – haircuts are temporary and can be changed as quickly as the seasons change. Heat styling, product selection, and hair care can all play a role in achieving your bob grow-out saga goals.

It’s important to take into account scalp health when selecting products for your hair. De Leon Scalp Care Shampoo is perfect for those looking to nurture their locks while growing out a bob.

It’s easy enough to get caught up in wanting that perfect-looking hairdo right away, so don’t forget that patience really is key during this time of transition – something we could all use more of anyway! Hair dusting every 6 weeks or so helps keep split ends at bay without sacrificing length.

Embrace accessories like pins and clips while waiting out the process too – low ponytails, top knots, and buns help conceal shorter sections until they’ve grown longer again.

Keeping strands healthy throughout this period should come first priority. Air drying whenever possible plus regular conditioning treatments (leave-ins work great!) along with nutritional supplements such as biotin & iron make sure growth occurs faster than expected without compromising on quality either – a good thing indeed!

Extensions are an option too if you want instant gratification – clip-ins or professionally fitted ones come in different lengths & textures, giving you plenty of options depending on desired results.

Summer: Start of Bob Season

Summer: Start of Bob Season
Summer is the perfect time to transition from a short bob haircut to something longer. As temperatures heat up, you can leave behind chin-skimming cuts and embrace a grown-out bob that’s just as stylish but cooler for the weather.

If you’re having trouble managing your new length, try investing in some quality hair products specifically designed for growing out bobs: check reviews online first before making any purchases so you know exactly what works best for your needs.

The problem only arises when trying to manage a too-long pixie cut; luckily, extensions come in handy here if needed – they offer instant gratification plus the added benefit of being able to experiment with different lengths and colors without damaging natural strands.

Summer may be starting off Bob season, but this doesn’t mean we have to give up on our desire for lengthier locks – use these tips wisely and courageously take steps towards achieving great growth results, whatever route chosen!

Growing Out a Bob: Tips

Growing Out a Bob: Tips
Ready to take the plunge and grow out your bob? Taking the right steps is key in achieving a successful transition, so let’s explore some tips for growing out a bob fast.

Hair dusting helps you remove dead ends without sacrificing length. Accessories like hairpins and clips can help hold back loose strands while low ponytails, top knots, and buns are optimal for in-between lengths.

It’s also important to keep strands healthy – air drying hair with leave-in conditioners will do wonders, as well as utilizing hair masks or bonding treatments occasionally to expedite growth progress! Don’t forget about extensions either; they provide instant gratification and allow experimentation with different lengths and colors without damaging natural locks!

So don’t be afraid of taking on this journey; start off by following these useful tips today!

Hair Dusting

Hair dusting is an essential part of transitioning to longer hair, helping you embrace the journey and achieve great results with ease. This method involves removing small pieces of split ends without sacrificing length, for healthier-looking tresses that grow faster.

DIY dusting can be done using butterfly clips or oversized hair clips; alternatively, professional services are available as well. In order to get the most out of this technique while minimizing risks such as scalp irritation or damage to delicate strands, invest in regular hair supplements and use a silk scrunchie when removing pieces of hair.

Hair dusting benefits include stronger locks that look fuller and more lively due to its ability to remove dead ends – all while retaining desired length! So take advantage today: let go of those short haircut worries and start embracing your long-term goals instead!


To jazz up your in-between length, incorporate hair accessories such as pins and clips that’ll help keep those stubborn strands out of your face. Try a low ponytail with colorful bobby pins for a fun look or a couple of plain ones when you need an easy fix.

Top knots are also great to sport during this transitional period; they’re simple yet elegant! Air drying is important to keep strands healthy, while using leave-in conditioners can provide extra nourishment – all without the hassle of heat styling.

Extension expert Priscilla Valles suggests adding small pieces via clip-ins, which come in various lengths, textures, and colors, allowing you to experiment with different looks for added volume and length throughout the growing out process!

Healthy Strands

Keeping your strands healthy is key for successfully growing out a bob, so nourish them with hair masks and bonding treatments to expedite the process.

Air drying is essential during this transitional period as it helps prevent damage from heat styling. Additionally, choose color options like Charlize’s waves or a jaw-length cut to embrace the grow-out phase while looking fashionable at all times.

Make sure you take extra care of your mane throughout this journey. Use leave-in conditioners after every wash for healthier growth and fewer split ends!


For a surefire way to help you transition into longer hair, consider investing in extensions. Professional or clip-in types offer instant length and effortless style, plus the chance to experiment with different textures and colors for a fresh look.

From Jamielynn de Leon’s Rapunzel-level lengths to shorter pieces framing the face – extensions can be tailored specifically for your needs by experienced stylists who will give professional advice on how best to care for them.

With proper hair care like regular conditioning treatments, coloring options that won’t damage natural strands, and texture effects such as beachy waves or sleek bobs – you’ll have everything needed for achieving your desired look while growing out a bob fast!

Celebrity Bobs

Celebrity Bobs
Are you looking for celebrity bob inspiration? From Lily Collins to Alexa Chung, Michelle Williams to Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway, these stars have all embraced the short hair trend.

Not just limited to Hollywood A-listers either – Aubrey Plaza, Danielle Brooks, Emma Roberts, and Jennifer Lawrence are among those opting for a shorter style too.

Kristen Stewart’s iconic blonde bob is always on-trend, as well as Lena Dunham’s signature look. Plus, Portia De Rossi and Zoë Kravitz’ edgy cuts. Jenna Elfman has also sported the classic chin-length cut, while Sherri Shepherd rocks an effortless asymmetrical do.

Last but not least, Katherine McPhee proves that bobs can be worn in any texture or color!

Lily Collins

Take inspiration from Hollywood star Lily Collins, who has rocked a variety of bob hairstyles over the years. From Jennifer’s new bob to shorter cuts with face-framing effects, she knows how to work her hair.

Here are four Lily Collins’ style tips for growing out your own bob:

  1. Hair dusting helps transition into longer locks without sacrificing length.
  2. Embrace accessories such as pins and clips.
  3. Low ponytails, buns, and top knots offer great options during the in-between stage.
  4. Use hair masks & supplements for healthy growth plus extensions for instant gratification!

Follow these steps today, and you’ll be rocking a brand new look soon – no need to thank us!

Alexa Chung

Take a style cue from Alexa Chung and rock out your bob in no time. With the perfect accessories and some simple tricks for styling, you can achieve the look of an A-list celebrity.

When it comes to maintenance, remember the golden rule: always use heat protectant before using heating tools.

So get inspired by Alexa Chung today – it’ll be worth it when you have those amazing luscious locks that everyone will envy!

Michelle Williams

Follow Michelle Williams’ lead and give your bob an A-list makeover. The actress has been rocking the extra-long pixie since 2012, but she’s recently switched it up with a traditional rounded shape.

Get her beachy texture by using texturizing sprays or light mousses when styling hair. For added volume, consider applying dry shampoo at the roots after curling or blowdrying ends for an extra boost of life to limp locks.

To keep split ends from popping up on short hair, dusting is key – remove dead ends without sacrificing length every few weeks! With regular care and maintenance, you can achieve a celebrity-worthy cut in no time!

Charlize Theron

Emulate Charlize Theron’s iconic bob and gain instant glamour! The Oscar-winning actress has been sporting her signature look since 2010. She styles it into a sleek chin-length cut with textured ends. To achieve this look, invest in foam rollers to keep the top part of your hair smooth and straight.

Curl the back sections for added volume. Charlize’s pin-straight hair is easy to achieve by using products like hairspray or mousse before blow-drying and then flat ironing your locks for true texture and shine.

Regular trims are key. On average, hairstylists recommend getting your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks for healthy growth. If you want an extra pop of color without going too drastic, add subtle highlights or lowlights.

Anne Hathaway

Channel your inner Anne Hathaway with her famous bob! This short, layered cut features a side-swept fringe and subtle waves. Achieve volume by using large rollers or curlers after blow-drying for extra body.

Get inspired by the beginning of bob season and Kristen’s eye-catching cut. It’s a great growing-out style too! For added color, try L’Oréal Paris’s Féria Ombré Kit. Combine protective styling like low ponytails or buns for an optimal transition between lengths.

And remember, regular trims are key to keeping hair healthy during the finite timeline of transformation.

There you have it: celebrity inspiration at its finest!

Aubrey Plaza

Take cues from Aubrey Plaza and go for the chop! Just like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you too can flaunt a chic bob this summer.

To get her timeless hairstyle, start with an important step: use a half-inch curling iron to create waves on the bottom layers of hair. Then, use your fingers or a comb to lightly tease at the back until it forms into one big puffy shelf of hair.

Don’t forget about taking care of your tresses. Maintain healthy locks by following a balanced diet rich in biotin, iron, and vitamins B12 & E. Also, make sure to get regular trims for growth maintenance during transition periods.

Get ready to make heads turn this season with Aubrey Plaza’s Look!

Danielle Brooks

Inspired by Danielle Brooks’ look, embrace your bob and let it grow out naturally this summer while keeping your locks healthy! The perfect time to try her flirty style is now. Achieving the elongating effect of longer hair with a shorter cut requires strategic coloring – lighter on top, darker towards the bottom.

Hair maintenance is key for avoiding breakage when transitioning from short to long lengths. To keep hair looking its best, nourish strands with regular deep conditioning treatments and biotin-rich supplements or masks.

Take advantage of this gorgeous season and achieve Danielle’s look without sacrificing length or health – have fun experimenting today!

Emma Roberts

Embrace Emma Roberts’ style and rock a flirty bob this summer while keeping your hair healthy! Achieving her look requires lightening up the roots to create an elongated effect. Keep strands strong through regular deep conditioning treatments, as well as biotin-rich masks and supplements.

To make the most of shorter lengths, experiment with low ponytails or top knots which can be adjusted for various looks.

Enjoy the appeal of this classic cut without sacrificing length or health; it’s easy when you have celebrity inspiration at your fingertips!

Jennifer Lawrence

Channel Jennifer Lawrence’s style and take your bob to the next level with haircuts that keep hair healthy! Opt for a makeover like Lawrence’s signature golden blonde hue or switch up the color completely.

You can also opt for a trim around the perimeter of the haircut to avoid an awkward in-between phase while growing out your locks. Keep maintenance simple by adding conditioning treatments, masks, and supplements into your routine.

Kristen Stewart

Take a cue from Kristen Stewart and give your bob an update with haircuts that nourish your strands! Get creative with color like her signature dark brunette look or opt for something bolder. Hair maintenance is key to achieving the desired length – incorporate conditioning treatments, masks, and supplements into your routine.

Make sure you trim around the perimeter of the haircut often to avoid an awkward in-between phase while growing out locks.

With these styling tips inspired by Kristen Stewart’s iconic bob style, you’ll be able to achieve luscious long locks without any stress!

Lena Dunham

Draw inspiration from Lena Dunham and give your mane a makeover with haircuts that promote healthy hair growth! Embrace length by opting for dusting trims during the transitional period to avoid split ends.

Incorporate bonding treatments into your routine and consider supplementing nutrients like biotin and iron in order to keep strands nourished. If you’re looking for instant gratification, try professional or clip-in extensions – they come in an array of lengths, textures, and colors so you can experiment without sacrificing natural hair health.

Portia De Rossi

Emulate Portia De Rossi and upgrade your mane with a fresh cut that encourages healthy hair growth! Embrace length by opting for dusting trims to avoid split ends. Incorporate bonding treatments into your routine. Use hair accessories like pins and clips to hold back loose strands during the transitional period.

Low ponytails, top knots, and buns are ideal for in-between lengths. Keep strands nourished by air drying hair and using leave-in conditioners. Supplement nutrients such as biotin or iron for optimal results. Lastly, extensions offer instant gratification.

They come in an array of colors so you can experiment without sacrificing natural health! Follow Ms.

Zoë Kravitz

Follow in Zoë Kravitz’s footsteps as you transform your hair from a bob to longer locks! With haircuts being temporary, now is the perfect time to take advantage of summer and start on your journey towards length.

Blonde bobs are all the rage, but faux bobs can be just as rewarding. Try protective styles like braids or twists for added protection against split ends. For healthy growth, incorporate hair masks and bonding treatments into your routine.

Hair supplements with biotin and iron further encourage growth, while extensions offer instant gratification without compromising natural health.

Jenna Elfman

Take inspiration from Jenna Elfman and unlock your inner goddess with a chic bob! This versatile look is perfect for adding subtle yet noticeable changes to any style. Hair dusting can help transition you from short hair to longer locks, as it removes dead ends without sacrificing length.

To keep strands healthy during the growth process, incorporate biotin-rich supplements into your routine along with leave-in conditioners and air drying.

Healthy extensions further encourage natural hair growth while giving off that coveted long look without compromising health or quality – just like Jenna Elfman herself!

Sherri Shepherd

Inspire yourself with Sherri Shepherd and take your style to the next level with a chic bob! It’s estimated that this look can add up to six inches of growth in just eight weeks, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Hair care tips such as dusting, air-drying, using leave-in conditioners, and taking biotin supplements are key for keeping strands healthy while growing out a bob. Bob maintenance also includes experimenting with different hair accessories like clips or headbands.

Inspiration comes from celebrity looks, such as Sherri Shepherd’s signature style. Her style emphasizes texture, volume, and movement, drawing attention away from awkward transitional lengths.

To achieve a transformation into long locks without compromising health or quality, consider clip-in extensions.

Katherine McPhee

Embrace Katherine McPhee’s iconic bob hairstyle and add texture, volume, and movement to your own look. Dust the ends of your hair to transition from short to long without sacrificing length.

For maximum impact, opt for clip-in extensions that come in various lengths, colors, and textures. They are perfect for experimenting with different styles. To add shine, use air drying techniques combined with leave-in conditioners.

To keep strands looking full of life, don’t forget biotin supplements. They promote growth and strengthen the existing hair follicles.

K18 Repair Hair Mask Treatment

K18 Repair Hair Mask Treatment
Try the K18 Repair Hair Mask Treatment and watch as your tresses transform from dry and damaged to soft, shiny, healthy hair.

This product is so concentrated that a little goes a long way. You’ll be amazed by its repair benefits without making hair greasy or weighed down. Plus, this at-home mask offers professional advice on how to reduce split ends and breakage while providing a blowout-like effect for all types of color options you can choose from.

Investing in this luxurious treatment will help keep strands healthy during the transitional period when growing out your bob haircut.

Hair Dusting Tips

Hair Dusting Tips
To achieve the long, luscious locks you’ve been dreaming of, hair dusting is an essential step in transitioning to longer length without sacrificing too much of your current cut. Hair dusting has a variety of benefits including preventing split ends and managing hair length without heat styling.

Here are 5 strategies for successful hair dusting:

  1. Schedule regular trims every 6-8 weeks; this will help keep ends from splitting further up the shaft as it grows out.
  2. Invest in quality tools like shears or razors that can make precise cuts when needed and won’t damage delicate strands during the trimming process.
  3. Avoid heavy products such as gels or waxes; these tend to weigh down thinning strands making them look duller than their usual selves!
  4. Try using dry shampoo instead which not only helps remove dirt but adds volume at the same time – bonus points if it contains biotin for extra nourishment!
  5. When all else fails, use extensions as a quick fix solution for instant gratification that looks natural yet still gives off mega volume vibes no matter what type of texture your mane has going on right now! There are plenty of options so find one that works best with yours and enjoy having fullness while growing out your bob faster than ever before – sans any serious commitment involved!

Hair Accessories for Growing Out a Bob

Hair Accessories for Growing Out a Bob
You can instantly add length and style to your look while growing out a bob by incorporating hair accessories like pins, clips, and buns into your hairstyle. Heat-free styling is key for maintaining healthy strands as you transition from short to long.

Braids are an easy way to switch up the look without sacrificing any of the natural length of your cut! Clip-in extensions are also an option if you’re looking for instant gratification – they come in a wide range of lengths, textures, and colors, so there’s something that works with everyone’s mane.

You should also make sure that you’re nourishing those locks with vitamins; biotin helps encourage growth while iron keeps them strong against breakage, so opt for supplements or foods rich in these nutrients as well!

Finally, remember that patience is necessary when it comes to transitioning haircuts – but don’t let this stop you from experimenting until then!

Healthy Hair Strategies

Healthy Hair Strategies
Taking care of your locks as you grow out a bob is essential for achieving the look you desire. Nourishing treatments, such as hair masks and bonding, help keep strands healthy. Air drying helps avoid damage from heat styling. Biotin supplements are also a great option to give your hair an extra boost and encourage growth! Iron supplements will make sure that there’s no breakage during this transition period too, so look into incorporating those into your routine if possible.

Accessorizing with clips and buns is another way to ensure that the growing out process feels like less of a struggle. Not only do they pull back loose strands in style, but they can save hours on trying to figure out what hairstyle works best with shorter lengths! Don’t forget about experimenting either.

Extensions come in all sorts of colors, textures, and lengths, so it’s never been easier to add some fun dimension without sacrificing any natural length at all.

It may take time before transitioning haircuts, but taking these steps towards healthier hair will definitely get you closer than ever before! And when it comes down to finally getting the desired result, patience pays off tenfold!

Extensions for Instant Length

Extensions for Instant Length
Experience the thrill of instant length with extensions – no wait time needed! Extensions are a perfect solution for those who want to add dimension and length without having to wait it out. With various colors, textures, and lengths available, there’s something for everyone.

Color matching is key when choosing an extension type that will blend seamlessly into your natural hair color while still providing enough contrast in texture or hue. Texture types range from silky smooth to beachy waves, giving you plenty of options depending on desired results.

Installation techniques vary based on the kind chosen but generally take less than an hour with professional help (or even quicker if opting for clip-ins!).

So don’t hesitate – try out extensions today and experience liberating power over your look instantly without waiting around any longer!

When to Call a Professional

When to Call a Professional
For optimal results and to prevent damage, it’s best to call in a professional when trying out extensions for instant length. DIY tricks can be tricky and are not always reliable, so seek expert advice from a hairstylist or colorist who specializes in extensions.

Professional advice will ensure that the desired look is achieved with minimal risk of damage.

Hair care should also be taken into consideration – using milder cleaning agents and specialized brushes on extension hair helps maintain the quality of your style while protecting natural strands underneath from breakage or dryness.

Experienced professionals have access to years of knowledge which makes them perfect resources for navigating through this period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I use the K18 Repair Hair Mask Treatment?

Use the K18 Repair Hair Mask Treatment once every two weeks for optimal results. It nourishes hair, reduces split ends and breakage, and leaves your locks looking soft and shiny.

What type of hair extensions are the best to use for growing out a bob?

Professional or clip-in extensions are ideal for growing out a bob, giving you instant length and the opportunity to experiment with various hair lengths, colors, and textures. Extensions offer an excellent way to achieve your desired look without compromising any of your own hair.

Is there a way to prevent split ends while growing out a bob?

Protect split ends while growing out a bob by using hair masks and bonding treatments to expedite healthy growth. Supplement with biotin and iron for nourishment, air dry hair, use leave-in conditioners to keep strands strong.

Grow your hair out in style with dusting! Dusting is a technique that removes dead ends without sacrificing length, leaving you to transition into longer locks. Get creative and use hairpins or clips to hold back loose strands while your bob grows.

Are there any risks associated with using hair accessories for growing out a bob?

Using hair accessories can be beneficial for growing out a bob, but use caution. Pulling too tightly on strands could cause breakage or scalp irritation.


Growing out a bob is a challenging process, but with the right tips and tricks, anyone can take on the challenge. Whether you choose to embrace hair accessories, invest in hair masks and treatments, or go the extra mile with extensions, you’ll be sure to rock your look.

So go ahead, take the plunge, and let your hair grow! Who knows? You might just get the celebrity bob you’ve always wanted.

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