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How to Look Good Bald & Bearded: Learn the Benefits, Styles, & Maintenance Tips! (2024)

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Are you bald and want to look great? 80 million men in the U.S. are affected by male pattern baldness, but there’s a solution: pair your shaved head with a beard style. Choose from several different styles to accentuate your features and create an attractive look, no matter your hair loss.

Here are tips on choosing the right beard style for your face shape, maintaining it properly, and famous examples who’ve embraced their baldness confidently.

Pick a beard style that complements your face shape. Round, square, and oval faces look better with shorter beards, while longer faces should opt for fuller beards.

Maintain it regularly. Trim and shape it every few days, and use products like beard oil to keep it looking groomed.

Take inspiration from famous bald guys. Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Statham all rock the shaved head and beard look.

I Benefits of Bald With a Beard

how to look good bald with a beard
You can look great bald with a beard! A well-groomed beard and a shaved head create the desired shape of your face and give you an extraordinary, much more attractive appearance. Subtracting years from your age so that you can have confidence in how young you look – that’s another bonus.

Having both a shaved head and a beard is a great way to do it.

Creating the Desired Shape of Your Face

With the right grooming tools and techniques, you can craft a unique facial shape that complements your bald head. Goatees are an excellent option for those looking to define their jawline while still maintaining a full beard. A well-groomed goatee will balance out the bottom half of your face and create symmetry with any double chin or unwanted features.

Stubble length is important. If too long, it can overpower other features on your face; if too short, then much of its effect may be lost. Use electric trimmers to keep stubble at just the right length for maximum definition. But don’t forget about using hair products too! Beard care should involve more than simply trimming – choose different colors or styles to add depth and texture. No two days have identical looks from one another.

Finally, find what works best for you by experimenting until you find that signature look that defines who you are, regardless of having a bald head.

B Extraordinary and Much More Attractive Appearance

With the right look and techniques, you can create an extraordinary appearance that will turn heads – so why not give it a try? Bald men have numerous options when it comes to beard styles. Popular ones include corporate beards, stubble looks, circle beards, goatees (both thin and classic), Viking beards (long or short), chin straps, anchor beards, soul patches, duck tail beard, handlebar mustaches, square beards, salt-and-pepper looks, as well as faded ones.

All of these artificial options offer great benefits: they provide a confidence boost for those suffering from hair loss; they draw attention away from baldness; they enhance masculinity with strong jawlines; and some may even make one appear younger!

With these trendy looks in mind, coupled with proper grooming techniques such as trimming regularly using scissors or electric trimmer, while combing the hairs on either side of mouth, followed by applying hair gel to keep them in place – any bald man can achieve an amazing style!

C A Shaved Head and a Beard Subtract Years From Your Age

Forget about hair loss and reclaim your youth with a bold shaved head and beard combination! This look can be achieved by properly caring for the facial hair: use a trimmer or scissors to maintain desired shape.

Clothing options range from casual to dressy, so accessorizing is key. Consider your facial structure when deciding on what kind of beard you want. Choose something that will balance out the bottom half of your face while accentuating the strong jawline.

A stubble look adds an air of casualness and low maintenance. Short waves along the jawline define masculinity. The thin goatee emphasizes masculinity and defines a strong chin line, but it requires more upkeep than other styles.

Soul patch or duck tail beard both include only mustache in their design, yet still give off an impressive masculine vibe. For those who are confident enough, handlebar mustaches add character without diminishing baldness’ appeal – they make great companions!

Ii Choosing the Right Beard Style for Your Bald Head

Ii Choosing the Right Beard Style for Your Bald Head
Choosing the right beard style for your hairless head can help you craft a unique and distinguished look that will turn heads. There are several styles to choose from, depending on how much time you have to maintain them and what shape your face is. For instance, if you have a long chin or receding hairline, then a short Viking beard might be an ideal choice as it adds a casual side with low maintenance requirements but still looks great when groomed properly. Corporate beard is also popular among bald men as this soft and clean style with a defined mustache complements the baldness of the head nicely while drawing attention away from any signs of hair loss.

When deciding which facial hairstyle to go for, there are some tricks that could come in handy, such as trimming techniques, styling products (like gel or wax), and growing tips. These all play an important role in achieving desired combination effects, so one should take into account their own preferences before making any final decisions about the best suitable look for themselves; not only because it will result in increased level of confidence, but mainly due to the fact that different facial shapes require different types of cuts and trims along with a special emphasis being placed on specific areas like the jaw line.

Some other popular choices amongst those who prefer more sophisticated styles include the classic goatee and handlebar mustache – both emphasizing masculine features without compromising the originality factor by adding a unique touch at the same time!

Iii Maintaining Your Bald and Beard Look

Iii Maintaining Your Bald and Beard Look
To ensure your bald and bearded visage remains dapper, invest in proper trimmers and products, and follow a consistent grooming routine. Get a good beard trimmer to balance the length of your facial hair with your bald head. Use products specifically designed for men’s skin care needs. Trim both sides of your face regularly, but don’t go too short or over-trim the bottom half. For styling tips, modern and clean looks work best with full beards, while faded ones feature nice fades from sideburns down the sides – adding more character than any other style. Balance length between your scalp (or lack thereof) and facial hair for an attractive bald look with a perfect beard.

Iv Famous Bald Guys With Beards

Iv Famous Bald Guys With Beards
Take inspiration from iconic celebrities like Bruce Willis, Idris Elba, Stanley Tucci and Sean Connery to create your own striking bald and bearded look that will turn heads. With the right facial hair grooming techniques you can achieve a variety of looks including: goatee styles such as circle beard or classic goatee; hairstyles with light stubble for an easy care option; well-maintained beards with defined mustache for corporate appeal; thin goatees to enhance masculinity and define strong jawlines; handlebar mustaches which are unique and stylish by extending from upper lip to chin plus viking beards combining short beard/goatee extending towards the chin.

It’s important to note that hormone responsible for hair growth affects scalp differently than face so some men may experience hair loss on their head but still have a full beard. To maintain this look, regular trims using scissors or electric trimmer should occur while also combing hairs on either side of mouth, applying small amounts of gel or wax before shaping a narrow strip between two lines, creating parallel lines around the mouth area to achieve the desired shape.

Furthermore, consider investing in quality products such as shaving creams, razors etc., when growing out a bald makeup style. Since proper maintenance is key to it looking good!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most common beard styles for bald men?

Bald men can look great with a beard! With so much richness and variety in the world of beards, there are plenty of options to choose from. Corporate beards, stubble looks, goatees and more can all add character to your look while drawing attention away from hair loss.

Invest in quality grooming products that color match for an even finish.

For bald men looking for inspiration on styles they should try out this year, consider Mr Statham’s boxed beard or anchor-shaped facial hair along with his floating mustache, as well as other trending looks like Jason Statham’s bold salt & pepper balbo combo!

What products are necessary to maintain a beard style?

Are you a bald man looking to maintain the perfect beard style? Whether you’re aiming for a corporate look, stubble, goatee or something more unique like Viking and Anchor beards, there are many products available to help.

To achieve your desired look, you’ll need the right tools: electric razors and trimmers, plus beard balms and oils that stimulate hair follicle growth.

Researching tips on shaping your facial hair can provide added benefits, helping you to achieve an attractive, yet professional, appearance.

Take time exploring what options best suit you, so investing in the right products becomes easier!

How can baldness be embraced and made stylish?

Looking good bald isn’t about hiding your natural look, it’s about embracing it. Find the perfect balance with versatile styling options: goatees, soul patches, and more. Take a classic approach like Bruce Willis or modern style like Idris Elba and Stanley Tucci. Don’t be afraid to embrace your boldness and find the perfect beard style for you! Make an impact on any runway and look good doing it.

Is there a difference between facial and scalp hair growth?

If you’re bald and looking for the perfect way to embrace your dominant personality, facial hair growth is a great option. Frequent trims and proper beard care can give you two-day stubble or a full outline, depending on your preference. To ensure healthy scalp hygiene and keep up with hair maintenance, use an electric shaver when trimming. Scissors or an electric trimmer can help you shape your beard into its desired look.

Combining these elements the right way draws attention away from any receding hairlines and gives off an attractive vibe. People will take notice of how stylishly confident you are!

How often should I trim my beard to keep it looking well-groomed?

Trimming your beard is essential for keeping it looking well-groomed and stylish. Depending on the style you’re going for, consider trimming it every two to three weeks. If you want a fuller look, use clippers with longer guard settings to maintain length and shape. For general maintenance of shorter beards, a trimmer can help keep it in its circular shape while still maintaining length. To make sure stray hairs don’t get too long between cuts, try using shaving products like oils or balms regularly. They’ll also give you an extra boost when styling! With proper grooming and regular maintenance tailored to individual styles, anyone can have a well-groomed beard.

So, trim your beard every two to three weeks for a well-groomed look.


You don’t have to worry about baldness any longer. By pairing a bald head with a well-groomed beard, you can create an attractive and stylish look. With the right beard style, you can create a desired shape to your face and add years to your age.

Proper maintenance is essential for having a bald head with a beard. Use the best trimmers and products to keep your desired look and stay on trend.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your baldness, look no further than a stylishly groomed beard.

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