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15 Best Lip Balms for Men That Get St Lips 2024

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The best lip balm for men is essential in every man’s care set. There is nothing worse than being stuck without the best chapstick for men when your lips get dry.

Should guys wear lip balm? You don’t have to live in the mountains or play cricket to get decent treatment for your lips. In fact, every modern man should wear it every day. Nobody wants to kiss a guy with dry lips.

Let’s face it, licking your lips to keep them moist in winter, you save a few euros, but in the long run, you pay the ultimate price. When it comes to lip care, loosening always leads to one thing: regret later—both with women and with your own lip balm for men

There is nothing sexy or just as comfortable, with chapped, peeling red lips, bleeding and breaking everywhere.

A chapped lip can lead to further problems. If you leave them untreated, they can bleed, become infected, and more.

So it is very important to find the best lip care products that work for you. There are hundreds of different options on the market, so finding the best lip balm for men is really about personal preference.

Some lip balms are made from all-natural ingredients, some are packed in cool packaging, and some claim to have great healing properties that make your lips stand out in a crowd.

We have the best lip care products, and every lip care product on this list has its own benefits to help you choose the best lip balm for men.

Things To Take Into Account When Buying Best Lip Balm For Men

Here are some things to keep in mind before making your next purchase for getting the best chapstick for men

1. Ingredients

Lip balms are only as good as their ingredients, and knowing which ingredients are good for you – and those that aren’t – are vital importance in choosing a balm for you.

young man using hygienic lipstick on blue background - lip balm s and pictures Things To Take Into Account When BuyingA lip balm with added phenol can actually dry out your lips and, for example, lead to cracked, broken skin over time.

Meanwhile, ingredients such as camphor and menthol can give your lips a tingling sensation, which is a bad thing but can invade your body if it stays on your lips for a long time.

So, what ingredients should you look for in a lip balm? As with many others or our product reviews, we think natural ingredients are the best. Ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter, for example, and essential oils and cocoa butter.

We also recommend that you consider a sun protection offer for additional protection. The skin on your lips is thin and can crack and become dry due to excessive sun exposure.

However, you do not need a lip balm with maximum sun protection – if you are in a sunscreen – because you apply balm all day long.

2. Form and type

Like many skincare products and care products for men, you have to make some decisions when choosing a lip care product. For example, choose a razor: do you choose a cartridge, a safety razor, a disposable, a blade with a straight edge?

Your choices when buying lip balm almost always come down to balm in a stick, tube.

But the quality of a balm does not depend on the packaging. It’s just a question or what type of application method you prefer.
And you have a number of options here:

  • Stick: you know it well. It looks like a lipstick! This can scare many men; it will be a stain on their otherwise perfect image of masculinity. Benefit? So easy to take with you, and you can take it out of your pocket, apply it, and hide it again immediately!
  • Squeeze: in a tube, such as a mini toothpaste. It has the advantage that it looks more (medicated, so if you are worried about the image, it can be passed as a treatment instead of a beauty product, but it can take longer to administer because there is a lid to unscrew and it is easy to extract too much.
  • Tin: this is a familiar size like the stick. A small can, you turn the lid off, let your finger over the product, and reapply it on your lips. Again, just like the stick, it can raise an eyebrow if you’re worried about not looking (male.) Opening the lid can also attract attention! But it is clean, relatively simple, and can continue as a therapy.

3. Sun protection

Most lip balms offer a certain amount of sun protection and are particularly suitable for people who are outside a lot. Although many lip balms have a basic protection factor of around 4, those designed to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays have an SPF of 25 or more. These balms also tend to have ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E.

4. Medicated

Many companies offer medicinal lip balm designed to repair intense damage while relieving pain. Ingredients found in medicinal lip balms include menthol, camphor, and phenol – which relieve pain – as well as Vaseline to repair the damage.

5. Brand name

OK, the brand is not everything that concerns a product, because many so-called ‘off-brands’ are just as good or better than easily recognizable. But there is also a reason that many people prefer popular brand names, and the reason is quality. Well-known lip balm brands such as Jack Black are top sellers because they work for the one. The bottom line is that much less well-known balm brands work well, but you also don’t want to ignore brands that you already recognize.

15 Best Lip Balms For Men Of 2024

We are all prone to acne, blackheads, and dry skin, making it important to not only take care of your skin but also to prevent premature aging.

This includes your lips because they are also prone to dehydration, cracking, and aging, and form deep lines when unattended. To help your lips, we have created this list of the best lip balms for men.

We assessed and ranked every lip balm that was worth considering on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Moisturizing properties
  • Quality of ingredients
  • Manliness (suitable fragrance, color, packaging, and no shine).

Whatever your preferences are, you’ll certainly find the best lip balm for you in our definitive list.

1. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip BalmView On Amazon

The first thing that strikes you about Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm is the packaging and branding. The clear blue packaging has a surf vibe of the 60s.

This is, without a doubt, the best lip balm for men. No one will laugh if you pull this out of the top pocket of your flannel shirt and apply it to your lips.

Many lip balms go for this kind of vibe, but most don’t get it as well as Jack Black. By the way, that’s not the movie star and musician, Jack Black. No, this skincare company has been around for 19 years and was the best-selling men’s shoe brand for men in 2017.
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm 1

We have chosen this lip balm as our best product on this list. That’s because it ticks all the boxes. It is a soothing balm (which means it softens the skin) that provides immediate relief for chapped or sore lips. But it also offers long-term protection.

It’s SPF 25 and protects against UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun, which means that it protects against aging, wrinkles, and more harmful side effects such as cancer. It is extremely important to protect your lips against the sun’s rays. If you don’t do this, it can cause a lot of damage later in life.

This lip balm comes in 5 different flavors (black tea and blackberry, grapefruit and ginger, lemon and shea butter, natural mint, and shea butter, shea butter & vitamin E), so there’s really something for everyone.

Jack Black produces all kinds of luxury skincare products for men, including shaving creams and faces creams, but this product is one of their best.

  • Natural ingredients and antioxidants
  • Offers sun protection
  • Approved by dermatologists
  • Too thick for some users

2. MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Lip Protection SPF 30

MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Lip Protection SPF 30View On Amazon

The ManScience series is a respected and high-quality line for men’s and skincare products.

The higher price reflects the fact that they use high-quality ingredients, and although they can claim to be 100% natural, they certainly don’t donate cuts to ensure that this is a quality product.

Undoubtedly a lip balm for anyone who is in sunny conditions and wants maximum sun protection.

Whether on the slopes, working outside, or just on a sunny holiday, this offers a level of SPF and skincare that others have difficulty competing with.
MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Lip Protection SPF 30 1

The other important advantage is that an application will last a very long time. So if you are worried about a lip balm, you only have to go through apply it once or twice a day!

Moreover, it is not greasy at all, so there is almost no glossy finish.

Spend a lot of time on the sun, or plan a lot of time on it, the money spent on this product is worth every penny.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Superior sun protection for your lips
  • Natural plant-based ingredients moisturize your lips.
  • The smell is not for everyone.

3. Brickell Men’s No Shine Lip Balm for Men

Brickell Men’s No Shine Lip Balm for MenView On Amazon

A big concern for many men for applying lip balm is that people can notice it. Brickell’s Men’s No Shine Lip Balm has cleverly created a product that allows men to protect their lips without leaving any shine on their lips. Although many men will not worry about this, it is a big advantage for those who want to be subtle.

However, that is not all that this product has to offer. It is one of the best lip care products on the market.

Brickell, founded in 2014 by Josh Meyer and Matt Bolduc, creates luxury skincare and care products for men. They have everything ranging from lip balm to hair growth shampoos and everything in between.

Their products are included in just about every men’s magazine, including GQ, MenHealth, and Men’s Journal. So you know they have to be pretty good. One of their most important features is the use of natural ingredients in their products.
Brickell Men’s No Shine Lip Balm for Men 1

This lip balm is no exception. It is a natural, organic lip balm that is still powerful and effective. It is SPF 15 and protects against UV-A and UV-B rays. Its protective powers are not as strong as the Jack Black product, but it will still protect you from the sun’s rays if used regularly.

This is also a Chapstick-style lip balm, so your choice really depends on your preference for application. Like all lip balms, it soothes and repairs broken lips and provides long-lasting moisture, but without the shine or normal lip treatments. Also, it uses natural beeswax, olive oil, and vitamin E to protect your lips.

It just comes in one taste, a cool and refreshing peppermint. This is probably the best chapstick for men on the market.

  • 100% organic and natural products
  • Subtle UV protection
  • No shine when applied.
  • Pricey

4. Badger Balm Broad Spectrum Lip Balm Stick

Badger Balm Broad Spectrum Lip Balm StickView On Amazon

The good people at Badger Balm have everything to do with organic and natural products. Bill Whyte, the founder of the company, was a carpenter who specialized in building non-toxic homes, but who was desperately seeking relief from chapped, irritated hands that came from working outdoors in the winter of New Hampshire.

Whyte mixed a batch of beeswax and olive oil in his kitchen, tinkered with a little more recipe, and developed a skin balm that was a direct hit among fellow carpenters. Two years later, Whyte developed a lip balm that still received rave reviews two decades later.
Badger Balm Broad Spectrum Lip Balm Stick 1

What is Whyte’s secret formula? Well, it’s very similar to its original mix meant as chapped hands. Badger combines organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, and aloe vera to create a balm that protects the lips while providing the necessary moisture, even in the harsh weather conditions.

Terry Balm’s broad-spectrum lip balm stick is USDA-certified organic and also contains rosehip extracts and sea buckthorn. The balm has a light texture that stays smooth and shiny and has a variety of antioxidants to keep your lips healthy without irritation.

Tie-dye balm also gives you many options when it comes to scent. Their men’s lip balms come in scents such as Lavender & Orange, Highland Mint, Ginger & Lemon, as well as Tea Tree & Lemon. Or, if the smell is not your thing, they also make an unscented balm.

Badger Balm’s lip balm also has an SPF rating of 15, making it ideal for people who spend a lot of time in the sun.

Hey, you can use Badger Balm Broad Spectrum Lip Balm. Your lips are the primary target, but the stuff is versatile.

  • Hydrates lips
  • Comes in scented and unscented varieties
  • Strong sun protection
  • A bit greasy for some users

Badger Balm Broad Spectrum Lip Balm Stick 2

Robust and brave are two of the most important qualities that men want. It almost depicts the modern man, beautiful in his flannel shirt, tattoos, and a grizzly beard. So, if you see the Rugged & Dapper Lip Balm For Men, it is normal to take. I mean, every product that you are going to make rough and brave must be worth trying.

The company actually makes a whole range of excellent skin care, care, and anti-aging products for men. Their slogan ‘skin fuel for men’ mentions almost everything you want from a skincare company.

Badger Balm Broad Spectrum Lip Balm Stick 3How is their lip balm created? Well, like all the best lip care products on this list, it has two main functions. First, it nourishes and moisturizes your lips, making them healthy, comfortable, and kissable. And second, it protects them from harsh elements such as wind and sun. This specific product has all-day long-term care.

It absorbs quickly into your lips, giving you immediate relief from any pain and getting your lips ready for everything that awaits you during the day. The taste is a recognizable eucalyptus coin machine.

Like the Brickell product above, this lip balm uses 100% natural and organic material. A quick reading of the label reveals that it contains sunflower oil, peppermint oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil, and rosemary extract. Nothing inside that contains gluten. Moreover, these products are also 100% cruelty-free. Rugged & Dapper proudly make their products in the US.

  • Hydrates and nourishes dry and sensitive lips
  • Absorbs easily and quickly
  • Has no glossy finish
  • Does not last very long

6. Anthony Mint and White Tea Lip Balm SPF 25

Anthony Mint and White Tea Lip Balm SPF 25View On Amazon

Anthony is a leading name in men’s and skincare, and you only get that reputation by producing quality.

This lip balm contains resveratrol, a natural antioxidant that is produced as a defense by plants when attacked by an irritant.

But it can be made synthetically for cosmetics.

There are also organic and natural ingredients such as green tea, avocado, and shea butter for good hydration and protection.

This product promotes itself as a child or “Lip Balm Plus.” It’s able to refresh your breath because the air passes over your lips when you talk, the menthol revitalizes and neutralizes the properties of the lip balm.

How very smart.

Yes, Ryan Reynolds would use it, and he is cool.

But it’s not discreet in any way and is a bit full.

Many users report that it is perfectly clear that you are wearing a lip balm, and the extreme menthol means that you cannot escape having just applied something to your lips.

  • Non-glossy finish
  • Robust sun protection
  • Soothes sore lips
  • Has a thinner finish than some would like

7. HURRAW!Lip Balms: Sun Spf 15

HURRAW!Lip Balms- Sun Spf 15View On Amazon

HURRAW’S lip balms differ from many others because they do not contain beeswax. Instead, they use candelilla wax that, just like beeswax, gives lubrication and shines with creaking lips.

The only major difference between the two is that candelilla wax – derived from a shrub originating in northern Mexico and the southwestern US – is suitable for vegans.

Candelilla wax is also a bit denser than beeswax, and you do not need as much candelilla wax in a lip balm formula as beeswax, but both candelilla wax and beeswax are excellent for repairing and protecting your lips.

HURRAW!Lip Balms- Sun Spf 15 1The balm of the Hurraw Sun SPF 15 also contains zinc oxide – the only available natural sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Zinc oxide is a mineral that forms a barrier between your lips and the most harmful rays of the sun. The SPF 15 means that your skin (and lips) are protected 15 times longer than products without SPF.

If you expect a product suitable for vegans, the Hurraw Sun SPF 15 is made with organic ingredients – although zinc oxide, technically speaking, is not 100% organic – including oils such as coconut, almond, and citrus in the formula.

The vanilla and chamomile scent of the Hurraw Sun SPF 15 is also nice. Although that may not sound masculine, it is refreshing without being overwhelming. You will also love the way your lips feel and proven sun protection.

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Excellent sun protection
  • Slides on clear
  • Not as easy to apply as some lip balms

9. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer, SPF 15

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer, SPF 15View On Amazon

The Neutrogena brand is known, and their skincare products are highly appreciated by dermatologists. It goes without saying that their lip moisturizer also scores top.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer, SPF 15 1Why would you buy the Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer from Neutrogena with sunscreen? This moisturizer is not only familiar and a go-to option for millions of customers worldwide, but also does everything you can expect from a product designed to protect your lips: it cares for and protects dry and chapped skin, it moisturizes and let your lips feel healthy even in the most extreme weather conditions.

As the name implies, the Norwegian formula Lip Moisturizer from Neutrogena acts as a sunscreen for the lips; just apply it 15 minutes before sun exposure, and you can reapply every two hours depending on the intensity of the sun. With an SPF 15 rating, the Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizers protect you against up to 93% of the sun’s rays. If you live in a part of the world where daily sunlight is the norm, you should try this lip moisturizer.

The Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer is paraben-free and odor-free, and the list of ingredients contains castor oil, corn oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax. Castor oil serves as a primary moisturizer. This product is excellent for daily use and keeps your lips supple and hydrated under all circumstances.

  • Hydrates and protects
  • Formula contains sunscreen
  • It is good for frequent use.
  • More difficult to spread over the lips than other products

10. Dr. Dans Cortibalm Lip Balm

Dr- Dans Cortibalm Lip BalmView On Amazon

Dr. Dans CortiBalm Lip balm contains many of the key high-quality ingredients found in other best lip balms, including beeswax and mineral oil. Still, it is perhaps the only lip balm that contains hydrocortisone (CortiBalm).

You have probably heard of hydrocortisone; If not, all you need to know is that it is a topical solution used to treat moderate to severe skin problems such as swelling, itching, redness, irritation, etc.

It is not a natural ingredient, but it activates natural substances in the skin to reduce various types of skin irritation and inflammation.

Ir. Then CortiBalm Lip Balm offers excellent protection in resin or weather conditions, thanks to the therapeutic mix of beeswax, vaseline, and mineral oil.

It also moisturizes your lips to keep them soft and free or to crack and crack.

Because it contains hydrocortisone, Dr. The CortiBalm Lip Balm ideal for people who suffer from psoriasis and acne and who use Accutane, Soriatane, and Amnesty to deal with these problems.

  • Protects lips in all climates and conditions
  • Hydrocortisone reduces swelling
  • Perfect for people who use medication to treat psoriasis and acne
  • Some users may have side effects on hydrocortisone.

11. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip BalmView On Amazon

Burt’s Bees founders Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby started selling candles made from the wax of Shavitz’s beehives. Then they decided to produce and market lip balm, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm 1Today it would be hard not to find a store or gas station or what Burt’s beeswax was wearing lip balm. The stuff has been around since 1991 and remains a popular choice for men and women who are looking for high-quality lip care. It is also the catalyst that has transformed Burt’s Bees into a widely recognized brand name and a company that makes various skincare products.

Burt’s Bees Balm: and their other skincare products: contain all-natural ingredients. Their lip balm contains natural beeswax, but also other natural ingredients such as coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, rapeseed oil, and more. You will not find harmful parabens in Burt’s Bees Balm.

One of the many positive points of beeswax is that it is great to care for the skin and is effective in combating lip tears. Meanwhile, vitamin E is an antioxidant that provides extra moisture and protection for your lips, while peppermint oil provides a pleasant tingling sensation.

Burt’s bee balm works well in most environments, including extreme heat and cold. You can trust that your lips offer protection even in the toughest conditions.

For a product that works so well and has been around for so long, the beeswax lip balm from Burt is priced for everyone’s budget.

  • All-natural active ingredients
  • Offers excellent protection in every environment
  • Budget-friendly
  • Some users say you should apply it more than some other lip balms.

12. Beauty by Earth Lip Balm

Beauty by Earth Lip BalmView On Amazon

You don’t need a lip balm filled with soy, petroleum, and chemicals. Your path to smooth and well-hydrated lips are Beauty by Earth Lip Balm.

Beauty by Earth Lip Balm 1This organic balm is the perfect solution to free yourself from unattractive scaly lips. By applying it once or twice a day, you feed your lips. The luxurious, all-natural peppermint lip balm, made from 100% certified organic ingredients, is packed with organic shea butter, sunflower oil, and beeswax.

Unlike other beauty brands that have a long list of unrecognizable ingredients that can be harmful to your health, this balm is filled with moisturizing ingredients that can nourish your lips naturally without disturbing their natural state.

It is also flavored with a dash of delicious natural peppermint. By applying it, you not only nourish your lips, but you can also enjoy the sweet taste of peppermint and smell your breath fresh. Finally, it is supplied in sustainable packaging in four tube packages.

  • Gluten-free and 100% organic, free from all toxic substances
  • Provides essential protection whatever the weather
  • Contains vitamin E and shea butter for intensive moisture
  • Peppermint essential oil can irritate sensitive skin.

13. Sky Organics Lip Balm

Sky Organics Lip BalmView On Amazon

USDA Organic Lip Balm from Sky Organics is not your daily type of lip balm. It nourishes, moisturizes, hydrates, and protects your lips against the harsh environment.

Sky Organics Lip Balm 1To begin with, it is proud of its trademark, multi-pack of 6 rich flavors, all with enticing scents. The flavors are delicious Tahitian vanilla, eucalyptus mint, tropical coconut, spicy citrus, cherry bomb, and strawberry bliss. These flavors not only ensure a day-long freshness but also offer extreme safety, even for the most sensitive lips.

This incredible package is safe for your lips, thanks to the natural ingredients used in the formula. Some ingredients are organic rosemary extract, organic beeswax, vitamin E, organic calendula, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, and natural, organic flavors.

The natural ingredients make this product ideal for everyone, including men with a type of lip infection that leads to chapped, cracked, or dry lips.

  • Six flavors give you a wide choice to choose from
  • Smooth and safe for everyone
  • Long-lasting hydration and freshness
  • Some flavors are relatively strong.

14. Blue Q Lip Shit Lip Balm

Blue Q Lip Shit Lip BalmView On Amazon

Blue Q has a slightly different approach to marketing than many of the skincare and healthcare companies on this list. To begin with, they have their product (called lip shit ), which sounds like what you would call it if you can ’don’t remember how it ’It’s actually called. Fair enough.

Then they claim in the Amazon description of the product that the moon is made of blackberry honey. Again, fair enough. So when you look at this lip balm for the first time, it’s hard to know what his credentials are. But don’Don’t worry, we’ve dug some, and it’s actually a pretty great product.

It is made with coconut oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and an assortment of other organic ingredients. That makes Blue Q Lip Shit Lip Balm-BlackBerry Honey lip balm one of the most natural and organic lip treatments available.

They also have a workforce that consists of people with and without disabilities.

Not many companies do this, so it’s great to support them. Other than that, there is not much information about this product, and that is because it does not have to be; it does what it says: it strengthens and protects your lips in a completely natural way, making it a nice nurturing stocking stuffer gift for this Christmas.

Key Features
  • This is really reliable, loyal, and moisturizing.
  • And to be honest, it’s just really good shit.
  • And super tasty.
  • Vanilla cardamom. Mmmmm.
  • . 3 oz./ 8.5 g

15. C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm No. 306

C-O- Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm No- 306View On Amazon

CO. Bigelow’s No. 306 lip balm works while you sleep. Simply apply it to your lips before you go to bed, and it works at night to nourish and hydrate dry, blown lips. You can also use it during the day, but it works best as a night treatment.

By the way, who hasn’t woken up with dry, cracked, and even sore lips? – Why don’t you let your product do the work while picking up some sleep? CO. Bigelow’s balm lasts eight hours, which is the length of an ideal night’s sleep – at least according to sleep experts.

There is some science behind the application of the term ‘bedtime’: your skin temperature rises at night to remove toxins and protect new skin cells, but your skin also loses moisture. Applying a moisturizing lip balm protects the new cells and replaces the moisture that is lost.

The main ingredient in night balm 306 is shea butter, which soothes soothing lips and provides the necessary moisture to combat drought. It also has a pleasant odor – if you prefer a balm with a little odor – that’s natural and not artificial and has no taste that triggers your gag reflex if you accidentally record something (what happens).

CO. Bigelow, the oldest pharmacy in America, has a rich history, dating from the 19th century. Hell, equally famous inventor Thomas Edison stopped by C.O. Bigelow’s store in New York City to buy original for a sore finger. Their internal chemists make all their formulas and never test them on animals.

  • Works at night
  • Nice smell
  • Made by a company with hundreds of years of experience
  • Too shiny a finish for some

How to Apply Lip Balm ?

If you apply from a tube/stick, a quick sweep of the lip balm across your top lip and your bottom lip is ample.

If you use a squeeze tube or tin, you must have clean hands before applying it to your lips with your finger. And try not to apply lip balm when you are sick (you’re just spreading germs around and back into your system).

Whichever way you apply it, one it is on, be sure to purse your lips and then Ëœhide your lips’ in your mouth.

That’s it, just like you’re doing now after reading that last sentence.

This evenly distributes the balm and ensures it is forced into all the areas where it is required.

See, that wasn’t hard, was it? Now go and buy brand some best lip balms for men before you worry you might be a girl.

TOP TIP: apply some lip balm before your night’s sleep. You won’t be talking, eating or accidentally rubbing it off in your sleep so your lips absorb the full benefits.

FAQs About Lip Balm For Men

Should guys wear lip balm?

There are many best lip balms for men on the market, so if you suffer from dryness, irritation, or chapped lips, there is no reason not to buy one yourself. The skin of the lips is both very thin and has a particularly high concentration of cold receptive cells. For this reason, when the temperature drops, your lips suffer particularly badly. The best chapstick for men are without a doubt the most effective way to deal with this,

How does lip balm work?

Lip balm is usually a waxy substance that covers the lips. With hydrating properties, it relieves chapping and dryness and also prevents it from deteriorating. It forms a barrier between your skin and the environment and prevents moisture from escaping, keeping them soft and supple.

When should you use lip balm?

You should use lip balm if your lips begin to feel somewhat dry or if you suffer from pain and fissures. Applying before you go outside also protects your lips against damage from the sun, heat, cold, or wind.


Just like lip balm, many products such as hair spray, lotion, and face masks are traditionally marketed for women, but just as useful for men.

We all need the help of a good lip balm or chapstick at some point in life.

Now you can buy lip balms and chapsticks made especially for men.

As always, we want and appreciate your feedback.

Do you have a favorite lip balm that is not on our list? Or do you have experiences with the best lip balm for men listed here? We would like to hear from you!

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