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Best Shavette Straight Razors (7 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2023)

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Whether you’re a seasoned shaving enthusiast or just starting out researching straight razors, you’ve probably heard of razors.

best shavette straight razorsShavettes offer the classic barber shave of a traditional straight razor while providing the best safety razors’ hygiene and convenience.

We’ve gathered the most important information needed to make a wise beard decision, so keep reading to learn about all things shavette!

In addition to shavettes, we’ll also get into some of the best shavette straight razors that experts use extensively to get not only a close shave but one that’s comfortable and free of irritation after shaving.

We will briefly discuss in this article by explaining exactly how they differ from traditional straight razors, why hairdressers use them and how to choose the right blades for your next shavette straight razor.

What is a Shavette Razor?

This may come as a shock, but ‘ shavette ‘ is a trademark name and not some sort of shaving tool. The trademark name is owned by a German company called Dovo. This is the same company that produces the famous Merkur DE razors.

Over the course of the century, their shavette became popular, and it became more common for everyone to refer to disposable razors as shavettes. Likewise, people refer to all adhesive bandages as patches and not their actual brand name.

So basically, a shavette is a razor with a disposable blade. The razor blade is not reused or sharpened. Instead, it is discarded when it is no longer in focus.

With that said, we will use “shavettes” to refer to disposable straight razors. But keep in mind that it is a trademark name.

How to Choose the Best Shavette Razor

How to Choose the Best Shavette RazorWhen buying a shavette, it can be difficult to know how to choose the best one for you.

First, you need to know what qualities you are looking for. For example, do you want something with a heavier handle to give more weight to shaving?

If yes, stay away from plastic or aluminum handles. Look for a heavier metal and let the beauty of gravity help.

Remember the things you don’t want to compromise on, and narrow your search from there.

Then filter options outside of your price range. The good thing about shavettes is that they are nowhere near an expensive shaving option.

Cheap shavettes may not be worth even a small amount. When it comes to shavettes, as with straight razors, it is much better to invest “ ” in a high-quality one.

There is a big difference in quality and not much in the middle of the market. It’s either great or bad. Why take the risk?

You can find a quality shavette razor for no more than $ 30.00.

7 Best Shavette Straight Razors

1. Parker Straight Edge Barber Razor

parker srx heavy duty professional 100 stainless steel straight edge barber razor and 5 shark super stainless bladesView On AmazonDesigned for all men nostalgic for the good old straight razors, Parker perfectly imitates their looks and performance.

Unlike classic straight razors, it is never necessary to sharpen or sharpen this shavette.

When you insert the blades, they stay perfectly in place and fully aligned. The clip-to-close mechanism takes care of this.

You can use the single-sided blades or half of the double-sided blade. To get you equipped from the very start, the seller has 5 Shark super stainless steel half blades.

The risk of cuts is minimized thanks to the rounded lighting at the end of the knife compartment. The blade arm and handle are made of beautiful quality stainless steel.

  • Exposure to the rounded tip of the blade minimizes cuts
  • The clip-to-close mechanism for safe blade insertion and perfect alignment
  • No grinding and stropping required
  • 5 Shark super stainless steel half-blades, robust stainless steel blade arm, and handle
  • It does not offer a good grip so that you can cut easily.
  • Difficult to open and close

2. Equinox Professional Straight Razor

equinox professional straight edge razor with 100 single edge derby blades close shaving mens manual shaver safetyView On Amazon200 shaves + safety lock + stainless steel (stainless) design.


Sometimes the best things in life don’t have to cost a lot of money …

… And that couldn’t be more true than this shavette razor from Equinox.

Compared to all the other shavettes on our list (and on the market) – this one has it all.

Not only is it made of premium materials and already includes a box of blades that last 2/3 of the year (assuming daily shaving), but the Equinox Shavette’s comfortable handle is second to none.

While this shavette doesn’t carry the rich shaving history of others (I’m looking at you, Parker, and Dovo), it has it where it counts.

If we want to get choosy about shaving, it would be the load on the blade itself.

Because it traps a blade between two steel pieces, there will inevitably be a build-up of shaving cream, hair, and water around the blade.

So make sure to clean this shavette regularly after every few shaves.

If you find you don’t want to deal with that – don’t worry:

If you don’t like the razor, Equinox gives you a 30-day return period. This gives you just enough time to try it out with yourself or your customers and see what you think.

Not only do you have 30+ shaves up your sleeve, but if you don’t like it, you can return it without asking questions.

  • Extremely economical
  • Includes 100 blades.
  • Stainless steel version
  • Relatively unknown name

3. Dovo Shavette – Best Dovo Shavette

dovo straight razor set b009zqhiwiView On AmazonIf you’re moving from cartridge razors to shavettes and straight razors, prepare for a steep learning curve and high initial cost. This is the general advice given by wet shaving experts. But who wants to spend a fortune testing the waters? No one. And that’s where this Dove shavette comes in handy. It’s an affordable shaver for beginners but with all the benefits of a high-end shaver.

The knife holder is made of stainless steel, which ensures durability. The holder is plastic which may feel clunky at first, but it is lightweight for ease of use and control. Unlike heavier shavettes, this Dove shavette is easier to get used to.

Thanks to the plastic holder, you also benefit from a firm grip. Also, the holder is available in black and silver. The package contains three additional plastic inserts.

If the razor becomes dull, replace it with a new blade. Be extra careful not to cut yourself with these blades, as they have square ends and are machine-sharpened for excellence.

  • Sharp blades
  • Affordable razor
  • Lightweight construction
  • The plastic handle does not last long

4. Classic Samurai Cs-102

classic samurai cs 102mb stainless steel b01ngzbyikView On AmazonEffective and stylish at the same time, Classic Samurai Shavette has a matte black finish and is made of surgical stainless steel.

When you buy this product, you don’t have to worry about buying the blades separately. The shavette comes in 100 pieces.

They are wrapped in greaseproof paper and last a long time. However, don’t expect the blades to be sharp as they are the opposite of that.

For safety reasons, the lighting at the end of the blade is rounded, minimizing potential cuts.

The product also has an interchangeable blade, triple locking technology. The knives should be placed against two tabs, and when the small handle at the top closes, they are securely locked.

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Exposure at the tip of the rounded blade to minimize cuts
  • Interchangeable blade technology
  • Supplied with 100 single-sided blades wrapped in wax paper and a plastic bag
  • Not holding the blade firmly enough
  • The blades supplied with the product are quite dull

5. Parker Sr1 Stainless Steel Straight Razor

parker sr1 stainless steel straight edge barber razor and 5 shark super stainless bladesView On AmazonLike Dovo, Parker is one of the names that has been a staple of the men’s grooming world for decades.

Their Parker SR1 continues their proud lineage by developing one of the best shavettes a hairdresser can use.

What makes the SR1 special?

And why is it found in so many barbershops across the country?

It’s for two reasons:

First, the blade lock.

Like the Equinox shavette we discussed above, the SR1 has a three-piece locking mechanism that keeps the blade locked in the shavette for every customer you see.

Not only does this keep the razor from accidentally slipping, but it gets predictable and accurate results time after time.

But the other part of the Parker SR1 that is really special is the round lighting.

This little extra attention to detail will help prevent further cuts – a truly wonderful thing to have, especially for beginner hairdressers.

Since this has to be used several times a day, it is important that the bodywork can withstand daily wear and tear.

As evidenced by both reviews and the description of the Parker SR1 itself, it is made of stainless steel, making it impervious to rust.

  • Stainless steel
  • Three-piece design
  • Familiar name
  • Great weight
  • Too expensive
  • The handle is made of plastic and can break easily

6. Facón Professional Classic

100 blades facon professional b0777z2v2xView On AmazonThe ergonomic design and perfect, medium weight make Facón Professional Razor very handy and comfortable to use.

The quality of the handle is quite good and offers a secure grip. You can use most single or double-sided blades with this product.

As many as 100 individually packed single blades are supplied in the package, the quality is questionable. You will find that they bend easily and are relatively thin.

The blade insertion mechanism with a swing lock allows for easy blade changes for a smoother shaving experience, and a plastic pouch provides secure storage while traveling.

Materials used in making this shavette are stainless steel and black powder for coating. You can be assured that this product will never rust or discolor like some cheaper options out there.

  • Comfortable, strong handle
  • Insert mechanism with a swing lock
  • Will not rust or discolor with excessive use
  • Made of black powder-coated stainless steel
  • It does not hold the blades well
  • The supplied blades are fragile and bend easily

7. Utopia Care Professional

utopia care professional barber straight b0747nlxsz1View On AmazonThe Japanese stainless steel construction and the handy design with the Utopia Care Professional Razor’s rounded edge ensure that you can shave safely and comfortably.

Besides, unlike most razors, the product does not rust and lasts longer. The handle provides a smooth grip for a close shave and more control while shaving.

To use this item safely, you must first make sure the blade is properly locked. You know this is when the blade is perfectly aligned within the walls, and the cap is in place.

There are 100 blades in the package that are designed to last. Each of them is individually wrapped in wax paper.

Although the seller guarantees top quality, many customers found that they got boring very quickly.

  • Foldable blade cover and smooth metal handle
  • Stainless Japanese stainless steel for longer life
  • Round edge for safer and more secure shaving
  • It comes with 100 blades
  • The mechanism cannot hold the blade in place.
  • The knives supplied with the product become dull quickly

Shavette vs. Straight Razor – The Differences

The biggest difference between a shavette and a straight razor has to do with the blade.

As you’ve read in our reviews above about the best shavettes, they all have injectable (i.e., interchangeable) blades.

This design is popular with barbershops because the hairdressers can easily change the blade between customers.

Not only does this provide reliable results in terms of blade sharpness, but it is also much more hygienic (after all, who wants to share a knife with another man who might have been stolen ?!).

On the other hand, Razors predate the shavette and are made from a single piece of metal (think of them like a knife).

Sharpened and sharpened with a sling, it can and will last a lifetime.

Perfect for heirlooms, it is not uncommon for men to ask for help for identification on forums when found in antique stores or their own grandfather’s belongings.

If you want a lifelong razor and don’t mind the extra work to keep it sharp, consider a straight razor instead of a shavette.

How to Shave with a Shavette

How to Shave with a ShavetteThe first step in shaving with a shavette is to prep the skin. You want the skin and hair to be as soft and clean as possible.

You can find a great men’s facial cleanser by skin type online, so you know the product will work its magic.

Using hot water to wash your face or even a towel dipped in hot water will open the hair follicles and make it easier to shave.

You will want to remove ingrown hairs. Hairs before shaving so they don’t get pecked and potentially become infected.

Then cover the entire shaving area with shaving cream. If you have a shaving brush, brush the hair against the hair’s grain to make it stand upright as much as possible for a close shave.

Start shaving. Keep in mind that the angle and grip on the blade are crucial. You want a good grip and control over the blade so that you don’t cut yourself.

You also need to be careful with the sharp corners of your face and shave around those areas.

Keeping an angle of 30 degrees to the skin, stretch the skin area by area and gently push the blade against the hair.

Short strokes and more steps are always better than a few long ones.

If you happen to poke yourself, you can use a styptic pencil or the best alum block you can find around the small wounds. To seal.

When you’re done, wash off the shaving cream and wrap another warm towel around your face or rinse with warm water.

Follow it up with a splash of cold water or a cold towel to finally close the pores and enjoy the feeling of your smooth and clean face!

After the shave is complete and the hair starts to grow back, you can add the beard conditioner to keep each strand nice and soft.

When you realize you’re not doing it. I don’t have the best beard care, go ahead and add something to it.

Decorating your set will only improve your shave quality and facial hair quality if it is present.

Things you may want to add include the best organic beard soap, the best beard vitamins and supplements, and the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men.

How to Clean It and Maintain It

One of the best aspects of a shavette is that it requires almost no cleaning or maintenance.

In any case, the blades don’t need much. While you can keep a blade and use it for 5-8 shaves, you can also throw it away after each session without worrying about keeping the blade sharp or clean.

If you decide to use it more than once, you can clean it with dish soap and rubbing alcohol to keep it shiny and germ-free.

How Often Should You Change a Shavette Blade?

Unfortunately, this is one of those things that we cannot give a definitive answer to. Why? Well, because it differs from person to person and on the knife you use. Some experts say they can get between 7 and 10 shaves with double-sided razors and about 20 shaves with single-sided blades.

On the other hand, some claim to get hundreds of shaves, and others just one or two shaves. Ultimately, the number of shaves depends on your skin and beard. Learn what works for you and stick to it.

But the golden rule of thumb is that when the blade starts pulling on your hair, it is dull and should be replaced. Fortunately, double-edged blades are cheap, and you can afford to replace them as often as you want.


The above list is the best shavette straight razors that we loved for different situations, and it did not disappoint us.

But none of this means anything if you don’t use the best shaving cream.

Since shavettes are a single blade, you must use a shaving cream that beautifies your skin. Smooth (i.e., pliable), not only to prevent accidental nicks and nicks but also to increase the overall shave’s comfort.

So invest in a decent shaving cream if you haven’t already.

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