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10 Best Tongue Scrapers for Healthy & Fresh Breath 2024

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Simply using the best tongue scraper every day can have a massive impact on your breathing.

best tongue scraperWe often learn that brushing and flossing your teeth is enough to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath, also known as halitosis.

But the truth is that the tongue provides the ideal environment for bacteria, and 50-90% of bad breath (halitosis) can be traced back to the language!

In the effort to always improve bad breath (or often technically called halitosis) is just one of those things that can be drastically reduced for the most part if you have the right repertoire of dental instruments.

Tongue scraping is a quick way to remove extra particles – including those that cause bad breath – from the surface of your tongue. It is done with a small, slightly rounded plastic or metal tool.

Our guide brings you the best tongue scrapers and shows you how to use them most effectively to get the best results.

Considerations When Choosing Tongue Scrapers

Considerations When Choosing Tongue ScrapersBefore we get into our favorite tongue scrapers, take a look at these critical aspects that have influenced our decision-making process.

Remembering these factors will also help you determine the best tongue scraper for your individual needs.

1. Material

The first item to consider when choosing a tongue scraper is the material from which it is made. Tongue scrapers come in plastic, stainless steel, and sometimes copper.

Plastic tongue cleaners are disposable after short-term use.

They are not single-use, but it is recommended to replace plastic tongue cleaners regularly because of the microscopic voids or pores in which bacteria can settle and multiply.

It can be nearly impossible to sterilize plastic, so throw it away. Most experts recommend replacing your plastic tongue scraper every three months to avoid problems.

Plastic tongue scrapers are cheaper due to their disposable nature. Tongue scrapers made of stainless steel or copper cost a little more money. That’s fine because metal tongue cleaners last a long time. Metal tongue scrapers never wear out.

You simply place them in boiling water or sterilizing solutions every few months, and they are ready for use again.

Metal tongue scrapers are not for everyone.

For people with sensitive tongues, dentists recommend plastic tongue scrapers because they are gentler on the tongue.

2. Type

  • Tongue scrapers use a flat rounded surface to scrape the bacterial build-up from your tongue gently.
  • Tongue brushes use a set of soft, small bristles to loosen the bacteria and dirt on your tongue. However, they are not effective in removing deposits. Typically use a tongue brush before using your tongue scraper.
  • Two-in-one tongue scrapers combine a base scraper with a tongue brush. These two-in-one designs are useful, but not all models are as effective as a high-quality tongue scraper.

3. Shape

The shape of your tongue scraper is also essential.

Certain scrapers will be longer and narrower, while others will be wider and shorter.

In general, most men are wider and appreciate shorter tongue scrapers instead of longer ones.

The reason is that the further you go to your tongue, the more likely you are to activate your gag reflex.

Some men have more or less a grave reflex. Than others, and your mileage may vary at this point.

Longer tongue scrapers have the advantage of being able to reach the furthest parts of your tongue more easily.

Bacteria tend to go further back and clump together, so this is a real bonus in terms of tongue cleansing potential.

Of course, you can always reach the back of your tongue with a wider scraper, but it takes more effort on your part, and you stick your fingers further into your mouth unless you have a long handle

In general, this is much more of a personal preference than anything else.

10 Best Tongue Scrapers Of 2024

With so many different designs, materials, and additional features to choose from, it can be difficult to refine the best tongue scraper.

We chose 10 of the best tongue care products on the market and compared them on effectiveness, comfort, quality, and cost.

A well-designed tongue cleaner is the best tool to loosen and remove dirt from the tongue surface without causing gagging or discomfort.

Read more about our pick of the best tongue scraper below.

1. Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper

Dr- Tung’s tongue scraperView On AmazonThe gold standard in tongue scrapers – Dr. Tung’s does a great job at allowing you to easily scrape away at the bacteria build-up found on your tongue.

With over 1 million sold to date, its easy to see why Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper sets the gold standard of which all other products are measured against.

Dr- Tung’s tongue scraper 1First off, with the construction of the actual scraping band, its constructed from a piece of curved stainless steel. This curve allows you to easily reach into the depths of your throat without obvious gags (and should work for any mouth type).

In addition to being finely made from curved stainless steel, this tongue scraper also has large yet comfortable handles that allow you to easily apply gentle pressure to your tongue without any fatigue when scraping.

The ability to easily apply leverage allows you to have full control over the comfort to prevent (or reduce) any bleeding when first learning to use a tongue scraper.

As an additional bonus, every package of Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper comes with a bamboo viscose fiber travel pouch for easy and hygienic storage.

Of all the top tongue scrapers that we reviewed, Dr. Tung’s is one of the best and that we recommend for you should this be your first or fifth tongue scraper:

  • Thorough but soft
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Flexible
  • Travel pouch
  • Handles must be properly sterilized

2. DenTek Comfort Clean Tongue Cleaner

DenTek Comfort Clean Tongue CleanerView On AmazonThe DenTek Comfort Clean Tongue Cleaner is plastic in construction and is certainly softer on the tongue. This is useful if you don’t like the hard scraping of the metal options.

With a handle much like a traditional toothbrush, the head is essentially circular with three scraping edges running along the surface of the tongue

It is neatly packaged with clear instructions for use it.

The scraper has a (mint) taste on the scraper edges. We could smell this when we held it under the nose, but during the time we used it, we didn’t notice any flavor transfer on the tongue. Whether it affected, my breathing was impossible for us to say.

While the mint flavor was still noticed after our three weeks of testing, we can’t really say it will last longer.

The head itself takes up a large portion of the tongue and may require less repetitive strokes as the three scraping edges mimic this in many ways. It feels a little thin, and while it won’t break unless excessive force is applied, the head can weaken overtime over the metal alternatives.

  • Two pcs
  • The unobtrusive and narrow design of DenTek Comfort Clean Tongue Cleaner easily reaches the back of the tongue without gagging,
  • Removes bad breath odors at the source.
  • Makes fresh breath easy
  • Removes bad germs

3. Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

Orabrush Tongue CleanerView On AmazonThis is a pack of four, or a year, of Orabrush’s tongue cleaning tool.

These tongue cleaners have a soft brush to loosen material trapped in the cracks and crevices of your tongue and a scraper blade that you then use to remove material, mucus, etc.

These tongue cleaners are made of plastic, so you should replace them every three months. These tongue cleaners are generally 10 ½ inches long, which is sufficient length for most people.

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner 1The width of the head is 1.2 inches, which is quite average when it comes to tongue cleaners. These tongue cleaners are very affordable, and most consumers really like the brush/scraper combination.

The bristles are supported by a measuring instrument in front of it, which helps to press down the surface of your tongue and make bacteria and plaque more vulnerable to removal by the bristles.

You should be careful to clean the bristles thoroughly after each use; we recommend physically rubbing the bristles with your finger before letting them air dry.

Each brush has a different color and is made of durable plastic.

Again, this is not as hygienic or durable as surgical stainless steel scrapers.

But the attention to sensitivity and the ability to work on any size mouth make this an excellent choice if you meet those criteria.

  • Comes with four
  • Soft bristles, suitable for sensitive tongues
  • Good shape
  • Not long-lasting

4. Cbiumpro Tongue Scraper 2-Pack

Cbiumpro Tongue Scraper 2-PackView On AmazonThis Tongue Scraper Pack comes with two tools, both made from surgical stainless steel.

These stainless steel scrapers are reusable and will last for years as they are not affected by corrosion or other moisture damage.

The scrapers are quite wide and can cover most tongues without bending out.

Even if you have a relatively wide tongue compared to the average man, the stainless steel is flexible enough to go out. Bend and scrape most of your tongue at once.

Cbiumpro Tongue Scraper 2-Pack 1This package also comes with a carrying case that can help you maintain the hygiene of the scrapers.

After rinsing, you can dry them thoroughly with a towel and keep them in their carrying case without exposing them to dust or dirt in your bathroom cabinet.

Speaking of cleaning, these tongue scrapers can be used in the dishwasher if you want them sterile after each use

The hot water and soap are excellent at removing any remaining bacteria that rinse from your sink.

For even better value for money, this scraper package comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

If the scrapers ever falter or break during normal use, you can get replacement scrapers absolutely free.

After purchasing this pack, you should never run out of effective tongue scrapers again.

  • Stainless steel
  • Flexible but good size
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Warranty
  • Case
  • Too big for small mouths

5. HealthAndYoga Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner Scraper

HealthAndYoga Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner ScraperView On AmazonThe simplistic nature of the HealthAndYoga scraper really convinced us.

This scraper is of all-metal construction, like that of Dr. Tung, and there are nicely rounded handles/grips on the two ends compared to the rubber with Dr. Tungs. While the rubber tips are easier to hold, especially when wet, the scraper tip tends not to be overly exposed to moisture and, as such, poses little problem.

Made of stainless steel, the packaging has clearly labeled this as (surgical steel ‘. The difference?

HealthAndYoga Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner Scraper 1Surgical steel is often used as a marketing term that typically applies to a particular type of stainless steel steel, but there is no official classification of what surgical steel is compared to normal stainless steel, but these different (grades) relate to the composition of the steel with (surgical steel ‘often conforms to class 316, which helps to prevent metal contamination minimize compared to classes 440 and 420 which is often used cutlery.)

It is not clear what type of metal is used in Dr. Tung’s scraper for comparison purposes.n Believe it is 316 but not on the market

Simple but effective packaging, the tongue cleaner does not come with a travel pouch, and of the metal scrapers tested, the edges were slightly rounded and felt soft r, although the strength of the steel meant that it still had a strong scrape.

There was certainly flex in the metal, but not to the limit of the others. It most likely returned to its original form.

There is no denying that this will stand the test of time, and we have no reservations about suggesting it will be this good in 12 months. its the moment it comes out of the package. Perhaps this is why it is the most expensive of all scrapers tested.

  • Perfect stainless steel
  • Good grip
  • Excellent measuring edges
  • Only 1 in packaging

6. GUM Dual Action Tongue Cleaner Scraper

GUM Dual Action Tongue Cleaner   ScraperView On AmazonIf you have bigger problems hiding in the nooks and crannies of your tongue, you may benefit from a scraper and brush combination. G.U.M.’s Cleaner and Scraper is an affordable, easy-to-use option.

Two rows of bristles on this tool dig deep between the folds and crevices of your tongue to loosen food particles or other bothersome dirt. Turn this tool over, and you have an effective plastic tongue scraper. The narrow head and long handle make it easy to reach further back on your tongue without worsening your gag reflex.

Reviewers said this combo tool made a much bigger difference in their oral hygiene than just a toothbrush or tongue scraper alone. They liked the affordable price and the wide availability of the tool.

Each of the scrapers has a narrow head that minimizes sensitivity and lowers the risk of triggering your gagging reflex.

A few more scratches are needed along the surface of your tongue to cover all surfaces, but the plus side is that the scrapers can be used with almost any mouth size.

Each of the heads also has two rows of bristles that reach into the small crevices on the surface of your tongue to remove plaque, bacteria or dirt.

These are excellent choices if you have a sensitive tongue or if you’ve never used tongue scrapers before.

The risk of bleeding or discomfort is exceptionally low.

  • Very comfortable to use
  • Comes with six pieces at purchase
  • Good shape
  • Not so hygienic or durable material

7. MasterMedi Tongue Scraper Set of 2 for Adults

MasterMedi Tongue Scraper Set of 2 for AdultsView On AmazonThese super affordable two-pack tongue scrapers also come with a free travel pouch that allows you to stack both scrapers securely inside.

The case is exceptionally compact and fits easily in a pocket or travel bag without taking up much space.

MasterMedi Tongue Scraper Set of 2 for Adults 1Both scrapers are made of high-quality surgical steel, and they each also have comfortable handles.

These groups allow your fingers to hold the tool tighter while you scrape them over your tongue.

The edges of the scrapers are thick and sturdy so that they can achieve excellent scraping action without being so sharp that, in most cases, they cause bleeding.

The tools are flexible and wide in nature, but they also have enough wiggle room to work with smaller mouths.

Their larger size means they are not the best for reaching super far back on your tongue unless you have reasonable control over your gag reflex.

  • Comes with case
  • Good grip
  • Flexible
  • Stainless steel
  • A bit big for small mouths

8. Pureline Tongue Cleaner Scraper

Pureline Tongue Cleaner ScraperView On AmazonThis Pureline tongue cleaner comes in a pack of three. It is made of a plastic-like material similar to the fabric used to make toothbrushes.

This tongue cleaner is 11 cm long and 1.2 cm wide in total. These are fairly standard measurements for a disposable tongue cleaner. These are good quality, affordable tongue cleaners.

We like the strength and stiffness of the frame on the Pureline compared to thinner, more flexible tongue cleaners.

We also like that they were able to extend the life of the Pureline by cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide or denture cleaner.

We felt these tongue cleaners were too wide and caused their gagging reflex to start every time they tried to use them. We don’t appreciate that the plastic coating on the handle tended to peel off after just a few weeks of use.

  • Very affordable
  • Good size for most mouths
  • Good for sensitive tongues
  • Only 1 in packaging
  • Not super durable

9. Tongue Scraper Cleaner 4-Pack by THINKPRICE

Tongue Scraper Cleaner 4-Pack by THINKPRICEView On AmazonThis is a set of four plastic scrape tongue, each with a different color for easy identification.

It’s nice to have four in total, as you will likely need to replace your current scraper every 3 to 4 months because of their material.

Each of the scrapers has a narrow head that is well suited for mouths of all shapes and sizes, although it takes a few more steps to get wider tongues.

The heads are shaped to deep clean your tongue without causing discomfort or disturbing your taste buds.

These are particularly suitable for people just starting out with this habit of oral hygiene.

The four scrapers are also packaged in a carrying case for easy storage or for traveling.

Each scraper handle is reinforced with a non-slip handle; even if your fingers are wet, it is not difficult.

The plastic material is not as durable as stainless steel, but it is made of environmentally friendly materials and has high-temperature resistance.

resistant to high temperatures, the handles are less likely to contain bacteria such as stainless steel.

  • Comes with 4
  • Good for sensitive tongues
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Not long-lasting

10. Wouty Tongue Scrapers

Wouty Tongue ScrapersView On AmazonUnlike many of the metal-based tongue cleaners and scrapers we’ve reviewed, this one from Wouty is made from plastic.

While some may think Wouty’s plastic-based design is inferior, many find the ease of use this tongue scraper offers.

One of the best features of this tongue scraper is that it only needs one hand, which is incredibly easy. If you’re so inclined, you can easily scrape your tongue with one hand and multitask with the other.

Also, with its one-hand design, it should fit in most toothbrush holders or cups to provide a hygienic toilet and allow it to air dry. Tongue scrapers that come in the two-handle design require you to use some sort of ledge between uses: which may not be nearly as hygienic (depending on your bathroom situation) unless, of course, they include a storage pouch-like, Dr. Tung.

You will also notice that this tongue scraper actually has two different sides for use, one side has an outward-facing rivet designed specifically for the center of your tongue, and the smoother side is for, the more sensitive side areas of your tongue.

In terms of performance, this tongue scraper should be enough to remove the bacterial buildup that causes halitosis. Even if you only use one hand to apply pressure, the handle is long enough to provide adequate leverage.

Although this product is plastic, it is BPA free.

Finally, Wouty has two tongue scrapers in each pack for easy sharing or long-term use.

Overall, Wouty supplies a fine product that lends itself to perhaps a more hygienic design compared to the (U) shaped metal tongue scrapers. Also, for the price, you can’t beat the value of this product.

Key Features
  • Anti-bacterial material BPA free and eco-friendly quality cleaner
  • Specially shaped to use both sides
  • Easy to use and to stow
  • 100 satisfaction or money back

Advantages Of Using A Tongue Cleaner

Tongue cleaners have a very specific and fairly simple purpose, but using them is much more than just keeping your tongue clean.

A tongue cleaner can:

  • Remove buildup: Dirt, dead cells, bacteria, smoking, yeast infections, and even certain medications can cause tongue buildup, creating an unsightly white coat.
  • Reduce bacterial growth: The same dirt that a coated tongue often creates, creates an ideal environment for odor-causing bacteria to thrive and multiply.
  • Fight bad breath: Removing leftover food particles, dead cells, and excessive bacteria naturally produces fresher cleaner breath.
  • Improving flavors: Not surprisingly, build-up on the tongue can cause significantly dull flavors. Cleansing your tongue will reveal and stimulate your taste buds, allowing you to enjoy fuller, more complex flavors.
  • Improving oral health: A coated tongue not only negatively affects your breath and taste but can also contribute to tooth decay if left untreated.

Tongue Scraping Using a Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraping Using a Tongue ScraperSo how do you use a tongue scraper?

Step one

First, brush your teeth and floss well.

You want to scrape your tongue in the last part of your oral hygiene routine, apart from using mouthwash.

Check out our guide to the best mouthwashes to learn more.

Step two

Stick your tongue as far as possible in front of the mirror and look closely at the bacteria covering the surface.

You can see what bacteria are because it will have a distinctly different color than the regular flesh of your tongue.

Bacteria usually appear as a white or brownish shade, very different from the typical red or pink color you would expect.

Step three

After sticking out your tongue, place your tongue scraper on the surface of your tongue and scrape from behind

You don’t have to start as far back as possible; just focus on the area that appears to be most affected and go from there.

Apply a little pressure so that you dig into the valleys between the taste buds and remove the bacteria that settle there.

Step Four

While scraping bacteria, rinse the scraper under the running water of your faucet with each movement.

You don’t want to use your scraper twice in a row without rinsing it off as you may be able to re-smear your bacteria on the surface of your tongue if you’re not careful.

Step five

If necessary, repeat steps three and four.

It is often a good idea to apply your tongue, even if you don’t see any visible bacteria now.

Bacteria you can see have simply accumulated in such a large amount that they are now visible, despite the fact that individual units are microscopic.

Getting the entire surface of your tongue every night is a great way to avoid overall. Some bacteria accumulate.

FAQs About Tongue Scraping

Now that you have at least an idea of the best tongue scraper for your needs let’s go over some frequently asked questions that are often about this tool and the overall process.

What is a tongue scraper?

A tongue scraper comes in a number of forms, both of which serve the same purpose; to remove a mucus-based debris layer from the tongue.

More often than not, the scraper is made of soft, flexible plastic and has a design similar to a conventional manual toothbrush, but instead of a small head with many bristles, it has a larger, often rounded design with a or more two plastic scrapers that run horizontally to the round mainframe.

The alternative design for a tongue scraper is more traditional and rudimentary looking; a thin piece of machined metal, usually stainless steel or copper, is formed in a (U) or (V) shape. It relies on the round but strong edge of the metal to effectively scrape away the dirt.

Tongue brushes also exist. They share a larger head like a scraper, but have less hair than a normal toothbrush and are often made of soft rubber.

How often should I clean my tongue?

As a rule of thumb, it is best to clean your tongue at least once a day – twice, if possible. For best results, make tongue cleaning a part of your daily oral care routine by following each brush and floss with cleansing curls.

Can I Use A Toothbrush To Clean My Tongue?

In general, the bristles of a regular toothbrush are too soft to mechanically remove the layer of dirt and bacteria from the tongue surface. Toothbrushes are designed to clean the smooth surfaces of enamel instead of the soft tissue of the tongue. It is also more likely that a toothbrush will cause your natural mouth reflex. Using a special tongue cleaner is usually a better option because it is ergonomically designed to remove the maximum amount of film without causing discomfort.

Do tongue scrapers really work?

Yes, they do.

Studies by Pedrazzi and Seemann have shown that a scraper can reduce 75% less volatile sulfur compounds that contribute to bad breath.

The American Dental Association suggests that there is no real evidence that a tongue scraper works better than a brush.

But these studies suggested that using a soft-bristled toothbrush shows about 30% variance in effectiveness. A toothbrush would remove only 45% of the sulfur compounds.

Ultimately, any cleanser, be it a scraper, a tongue brush or a regular toothbrush head, is more useful to you and your breath than not to clean your tongue at all

Those who suffer from Bad breath are more likely to the scraper, and for a few seconds a day, it can make a big difference.


What is the best tongue cleaner after looking at all these great products? The answer to this depends on whether you are looking for a cheap disposable tongue cleaner or a more durable one.

This selection and the feedback given is our opinion based on weeks of research and personal field testing. You may find that you prefer using your regular toothbrush, you may find the metal tongue scrapers too hard on the tongue and that’s fine. It’s about discovering what works for you.

Have you used any of the tongue scrapers we tried? Do you have any comments about this, or do you have a question? You may have found a better option. Leave a comment below, because we’d love to hear from you.

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