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Can You Use 40 Vol Developer on Dark Hair? * Tips & Tricks (2024)

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can you use 40 volume developer on dark hairAre you considering using 40 volume developer on your dark hair? It’s understandable to feel a bit apprehensive about it – after all, lightening dark hair is an art and can be tricky without experience.

This guide will give you the tips and tricks for safely using 40 volume developer when you want to lighten up your look. Not only that, but we’ll also show you how to take care of your locks afterwards so they stay healthy and beautiful no matter what shade of blonde or brown you go for.

Key Takeaways

  • 40 volume developer can lighten dark hair up to 4 levels and transform black hair to sandy blonde.
  • It contains 12% peroxide, which provides intense lift compared to 30 volume developer.
  • The recommended application time is 15-20 minutes, checking often for the desired tone to avoid potential damage.
  • It is important to dilute the leftover mixture with water, use proper hair treatments, and follow up with deep conditioning and oil treatments for aftercare.

What is a 40 Volume Developer?

What is a 40 Volume Developer
You can use a 40 Volume Cream Developer to lighten and bleach dark, thick hair up to four levels, transforming it from deep brown or black to sandy blonde. This high volume developer contains 12% peroxide that lifts the cuticle layer of your hair while providing more intense lift than 30 Vol developers.

When mixed with bleach or permanent dye in a 2:1 ratio, you can achieve beautiful results without damaging your strands by overprocessing them. Before applying the bleaching process, make sure not to wash your hair as this will strip away natural oils that protect the scalp during treatment.

The length of time should be between 15-20 minutes, but check often for desired tone as leaving it in too long may cause irreparable damage, including brittle and frizzy texture.

For best results, seek professional help when using vol developers on dark-colored locks – especially those containing higher volumes like 40 – so you can enjoy vibrant shades safely without risking breakage due to improper application techniques!

When to Use 40 Vol Developer?

When to Use 40 Vol Developer
Gathering the necessary supplies is a crucial step when it comes to using 40 Vol Developer on dark hair. You’ll need developer, bleach or permanent dye, as well as gloves and a bowl for mixing these components in.

Depending on your desired tone, you may not even have to mix the developer with anything else – just apply directly from the tube onto strands! When you’re ready, section off your hair and start applying at the ends first, then the roots.

This allows for more control over how much lift each area receives without causing damage.

Leave it in for 15-20 minutes, but check often – no longer than 30 minutes total! After rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water, follow up with a shampoo and conditioner treatment.

Gather Your Supplies

Gather your needed supplies: bowl and brush, protective gloves, lightening dye. Dark hair needs volume peroxide, bleach powder, and a plastic shower cap.

Mixing the Developer (or Not)

When it comes to lightening dark hair, you’ll need to decide whether or not to use 40 Volume Developer. Experts suggest two bleaching sessions with a 30 volume developer for desired blonde results. Using strong developer is a chemical process that can be damaging if not done properly; proper aftercare of the hair is essential.

Bleaching session one should lift your hair up from its current shade and prep it for session two, which will make it lighter and closer to blonde shades.

Getting Started

Before beginning to lighten dark hair, take the time to prepare your strands with weekly deep conditioning treatments and nourishing coconut oil. Gradually achieve the desired shade of blonde by opting for two bleaching sessions instead of one using a 30 volume developer.

This will reduce damage while still providing permanent hair color change. Be sure not to leave it on longer than thirty minutes and use purple shampoo afterwards as it helps neutralize any yellow tones left in the hair shaft.

The Waiting Game

Take a break between bleaching sessions for maximum results – this will reduce damage and help you achieve the shade of blonde you desire.

  1. Moisturize with cream or oil;
  2. Avoid using heat styling tools;
  3. Choose products tailored to your hair type;
  4. Invest in deep conditioning treatments. During this time, don’t forget that lightening agents can cause severe damage to strands if not used correctly! Commit yourself to taking proper care before and after each session for ideal color outcomes without compromising your hair’s health.

Rinse and Condition

After bleaching, rinse your hair with cool water and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment. Utilize the appropriate hair oils or permanent dyes to keep it hydrated and healthy for an even color result in the correct place.

Aftercare of Hair for 40-Developer

Aftercare of Hair for 40-Developer
Now that you’ve achieved the desired color with 40 Vol Developer, it’s time to take care of your hair!

Start by using a deep conditioner or hair mask at least once a week. This will help to replenish moisture and keep strands healthy.

Additionally, opt for potent conditioners and shampoos like those specifically designed for colored locks — they’re formulated to be gentle on tresses while still providing an extra boost in hydration.

When washing your hair, use lukewarm water instead of scalding hot as this can cause dryness and split ends over time.

Finally, don’t forget about neutralizing shampoo after bleaching! It helps remove any yellow tones from lightened strands so you maintain beautiful blonde hues without brassiness creeping up later on down the line.

Numeric List:

  1. Deep conditioning/hair masks
  2. Potent Conditioners & Shampoos
  3. Neutralizing Shampoo

How to Dilute 40 Volume Developer to 20?

How to Dilute 40 Volume Developer to 20
To safely lighten your hair, dilute 40 volume developer to 20 by mixing it with an equal amount of water. This will help you achieve a more natural color without the intensity of a higher volume developer.

When using lower volumes, make sure to use the right type of developer for your desired result and section out when applying it.

Choose an appropriate ratio—usually 1 part regular strength peroxide and 2 parts toner or dye.

Apply starting at ends before working towards roots.

Make sure not to exceed 30 minutes on scalp/roots.

Dilute any leftover mixture as soon as possible after application.

When selecting which type of developer is best for you, take into account what kind of lift level you need while also considering how much damage certain types can cause depending on their strength.

What Does a 40 Volume Developer Do?

What Does a 40 Volume Developer Do
You can unlock a whole new shade of blondness with the powerful 40 Volume Developer, which lifts up to four levels and lightens thick, dark hair. Its 12% peroxide content breaks down even resistant hair fibers for a golden blonde color that’s unachievable without it.

When mixed in a kitchen bowl at a 2:1 ratio with bleach or permanent dye, you’ll be able to spot test for desired results in just 15-20 minutes – but never leave it on longer than 30!

To avoid damage and keep your locks lustrously healthy, don’t apply directly to the scalp or roots as this will weaken the developer.

With its ability to dramatically change your look while maintaining manageable hair health – all thanks to its vegan and cruelty-free formula – you’re sure to find liberation through power when using 40 volume developer!

What Volume Developer Should I Use for Dark Hair?

What Volume Developer Should I Use for Dark Hair
For dark hair, you’ll want to opt for a 20 or 30 volume developer for maximum lift and blonde tones without risking irreversible damage. A strong solution like 40 Volume Developer can be too harsh if not used with the utmost caution; it contains 12% peroxide and is capable of lifting up to four levels while lightening even the darkest, thickest locks.

To avoid such issues as much as possible while still achieving perfect color results – mix your bleach or dye at a 2:1 ratio in a bowl and start application from ends before moving onto roots – use 20 Volume instead for lighter blonde shades.

It’s always best to seek professional advice when looking into bleaching methods so you know exactly what works best according to your individual situation.

How Do I Lighten My Hair With 40 Volume Developer?

How Do I Lighten My Hair With 40 Volume Developer
To effectively lighten your hair using 40 Volume Developer, it’s important to follow a few simple steps.

First, divide your hair into four sections so that the bleach can be applied more accurately and evenly.

Second, prepare the bleach by mixing two parts developer with one part dye in a bowl until you have an even consistency.

Third, start applying the mixture at the ends of each section before working up towards the roots. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, but check the color every five minutes to make sure you reach the desired level without risking any damage from overprocessing.

Finally, rinse out thoroughly and apply shampoo/conditioner as normal. If necessary, dilute the remaining solution with equal parts water to 20 volume for future use.

Step 1: Split Your Hair Into Different Sections

Start by dividing your hair into four sections with disposable gloves and hair clips. Make sure each part is fully secured for an even coverage of the coarse strands. Use a bowl to mix developer in a 2:1 ratio to lighten up the cuticle layer, aiming for platinum blonde tones or lighter shades.

Step 2: Prepare Your Bleach

Mix the 40 Volume Developer and bleach in a bowl at a 2:1 ratio. Apply it with disposable gloves, using a dye brush or a bottle of developer to each section of your hair starting from the ends. Make sure you’re wearing protective gear like chlorine-resistant goggles and an old t-shirt, then place small plastic bowls nearby for easy access during rinsing.

Step 3: Apply the Bleach on Your Hair

Begin sectioning your hair with clips and apply the bleach mixture using a dye brush or a bottle of developer, starting from the ends. Wear disposable gloves and chlorine-resistant goggles for safety. Work up towards the roots in small sections to ensure even coverage.

Step 4: Work on Bleaching Your Roots

Once you’ve done the ends, it’s time to work on your roots with the bleach mixture. Make sure to have a bowl of disposable gloves and hair clips handy, as well as a dye brush or bottle of developer for easy application.

Step 5: Rinse Your Hair

Now, rinse off the bleach mixture and marvel at how light your hair has become! Prepare a bowl, disposable gloves, a dye brush or a bottle of developer with hair clips for easy application. Achieve natural color, lighter shades up to medium brown, with the final desired color.

Rinse thoroughly to prevent any further damage and ensure that you have achieved the correct shade of blonde.

How to Bleach Your Dark Hair Without Damaging It

How to Bleach Your Dark Hair Without Damaging It
To help you get that gorgeous blonde hair without damaging it, follow these essential steps for bleaching your dark locks:

  1. Make the right decision when selecting a proper product; using 40 volume developer on dark hair can cause irreparable damage. Instead, opt for 30 volume as it will lighten brown to blonde in one session with far less risk of damage.
  2. Take extra care during the middle step and leave bleach on no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes – checking every five minutes should be sufficient enough time to reach desired results without risking any further harm to your hair quality or coloring process itself!
  3. Allow at least one month between each bleaching session so that you have ample time for conditioning treatments before making a final attempt at achieving your desired shade of blondness; this often leads to more desirable results and is worth taking an additional bit of longer time!

With patience and proper products, you’ll achieve beautiful highlights safely while avoiding unnecessary damages from harsh chemicals or overprocessing times which could otherwise lead towards undesired outcomes – like brittleness or even worse-case scenarios where certain portions are left completely fried beyond repairable states due to its chemical effects!

Don’t Forget to Do This the Night Before Bleaching Your Hair

Don’t Forget to Do This the Night Before Bleaching Your Hair
Remember to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment the night before bleaching for optimal results. To make sure you get that beautiful lighter shade of hair, it’s essential to invest in quality products like bleaching powder and maximum bleach strength.

When using these on dark colored locks, extra care is needed as they can cause damage if left on too long or used incorrectly.

Also, remember not to overuse heat tools when styling afterwards – opt for cooler temperatures instead and use only sulfate-free shampoos specifically tailored towards color-treated hair types (like purple shampoo) if necessary! Taking all of these precautions into account will ensure your new look remains healthy while still achieving those desired lightening effects without compromising its overall integrity or risking further damage from aggressive chemicals.

This could otherwise lead to undesired outcomes such as brittleness or breakage down the line.

How to Bleach Your Hair in 7 Steps With 30 Volume Developer

How to Bleach Your Hair in 7 Steps With 30 Volume Developer
Taking the plunge to bleach your hair can be daunting, but with careful preparation and a 30 volume developer, you can achieve stunning results in just 7 easy steps! Just keep in mind that lightening more than 4 levels of darkness may require multiple bleaching sessions – up to three is not uncommon.

Getting ready for this transformation process requires only a handful of supplies: pre-bleach treatments like deep conditioning and coconut oil; the new mixture consisting of 2 parts bleach powder mixed with 1 part 30 volume developer; sections clips; an applicator brush or bowl/bottle applicator bottle (if using box dye); gloves and protective eyewear.

The best way to begin is by washing your hair immediately before applying the mixture, as freshly washed locks will absorb color better when wet. After mixing all ingredients together until a smooth texture forms, then apply it evenly through each sectioned off portion from root to tip using a brush or gloved fingers – being sure not to avoid roots completely since they will need some exposure too if darker tones are the desired result.

Leave it on anywhere from 15 minutes up, depending on how much lift is needed, after checking every 5 minutes for development progress until achieving the desired shade without causing irreversible damage!

After Bleaching, You Should Take Care of Your Hair Like a Newborn Baby

After Bleaching, You Should Take Care of Your Hair Like a Newborn Baby
After bleaching, care for your hair as if it’s a newborn infant to ensure its health and vibrancy. Start by managing your bundles into manageable sections with no more than half an inch of space between them.

This is the most important aspect of post-bleaching maintenance. It will help keep strands from breaking and tangling due to strain when brushing or styling. Use gentle shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free every few days. Follow this with a deep conditioning mask once weekly.

This should be done even before you apply any heat styling tools or products! Avoid too much sun exposure during this time period to prevent further damage caused by UV rays. Lastly, use natural oils like coconut oil after showering each day so that those fragile strands stay hydrated.

They need extra nourishment right now! Invest in stronger oils such as Argan Oil. It can offer both moisture and protection against environmental aggressors while providing shine without weighing down locks like traditional products do.

It’s the final solution for damaged tresses! Follow these simple steps consistently for the best results: manageable bundles, half an inch of space apart, important aspect, final solution, stronger oils.

Loreal Oreor

Loreal Oreor
You can trust L’Oreal Paris Oreor Creme Hair Developer 40 Volume to lift up to 4 levels of dark hair without compromising its strength – Hair today, gone tomorrow doesn’t apply here! It’s a great choice for achieving medium blonde or light blonde shades with minimal damage.

Here are some key points:

  • Manageable bundles and no more than half an inch of space between them.
  • Types of developers used depend on desired shade.
  • The general rule is leave-in time should never exceed 30 minutes.

Main steps include prepping the hair before bleaching, sectioning it off into four parts, then mixing developer 2:1 ratio in a bowl. Apply starting at ends and leave roots last. Rinse when you reach your desired orange shade but not beyond that point, as this could cause irreparable damage.

With patience comes beauty – nurture those bleached locks back to their former glory today!


Try the Manic Panic Thirty Volume Cream Developer Hair Bleaching Kit to quickly and effectively lift your dark hair up to five levels, creating medium blonde or light blonde shades without too much damage.

This vegan and cruelty-free formula is designed for prepping all hair types, from light to dark brown/black. It contains a dust-free bleaching powder, which helps make sure that no certain point gets overlooked when applying in different sections.

The recommended amounts of this premium lightener should be found at any beauty supply store near you as well as online retailers! Not only does it work fast, but it also preserves those natural oils in your locks so they won’t dry out after one use – perfect for porous strands too!

Plus, it’s lower odor than other kits makes the whole process more enjoyable with minimal scalp irritation if applied directly on roots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Volume Developer Should I Use for Dark Hair?

For dark hair, it’s best to use a 20 or 30 volume developer. This will lift the color 1-2 tones and lighten brown to blonde in one session without causing too much damage.

How Do I Lighten My Hair With 40 Volume Developer?

Mix 40 volume developer with permanent dye in a 2:1 ratio and apply starting at the ends, then move to the roots. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes to lighten dark hair, but never exceed 30 minutes.

How to Bleach Your Dark Hair Without Damaging It?

To bleach dark hair without damaging it, use 30-volume developer twice monthly. Pre-bleach with deep conditioning and coconut oil. Section off hair, apply from ends to roots, and rinse at an orange tone within 30 minutes maximum.

Don’t Forget to Do This the Night Before Bleaching Your Hair?

The night before bleaching your hair, treat it to a nourishing deep conditioning treatment.

How to Bleach Your Hair in 7 Steps With 30 Volume Developer?

Prep your hair the night before bleaching by deep conditioning and applying coconut oil. To bleach, divide it into 4 sections, mix the developer in a 2:1 ratio, and apply it from the ends to the roots.

Leave it on for a maximum of 30 minutes until the desired orange tone is achieved.


The bottom line is: yes, you can use 40 volume developer on dark hair, but you should do so with extreme caution. It is recommended to seek professional help for the best results and be prepared for the possibility of irreparable damage to your hair.

To lighten dark hair without making it brittle and frizzy, it is recommended to use 20 or 30 volume developer. Before bleaching, make sure to deep condition your hair and use coconut oil to nourish it.

With proper precaution and care, you can achieve beautiful blonde locks without compromising the health of your hair.

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