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10 Best Fu Manchu Mustache Styles & How to (Grow, Trim 2024)

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The Fu Manchu mustache is derived from a fictional Chinese villain, Fu Manchu.

How to Maintain a Fu Manchu MustacheThe mustache look supported by Dr. Fu Manchu, which we know today as the Fu Manchu mustache.

Facial hair is often used to stereotype Asian, more specifically Chinese, ethnicity. Many caricatures of Chinese in the 19th and early 20th century depict Chinese with such facial hair.

The Fu Manchu resembles the burly Bikers mustache (horseshoe mustache), reminiscent of  Hell’s Angels and Hulk Hogan. Still, the horseshoe mustache is trimmed from the whiskers on the chin and cheek, while the Fu Manchu is allowed to grow exclusively from the upper lip with no attachment to the face or any other place.

Nevertheless, it has become an iconic mustache style that you might want to learn more about.

If you’re interested in growing a Fu Manchu mustache, give yourself the rough and rugged feel; well, this is the place.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about growing and styling a Fu Manchu mustache, as well as the Top 10 variations of the Fu Manchu mustache styles.

Handlebar Mustache Vs. Fu Manchu Mustache Vs. Horseshoe Mustache

One thing to keep in mind about fu manchu moustache is that it is usually compared to other popular styles. It’s because the style is similar to some of them. Here are just a few of the styles mistakenly considered Fu Manchu and their main differences.

Fu Manchu Vs. Handlebar Mustache

Fu Manchu Vs Handlebar MustacheMany people confuse the Fu Manchu mustache style with the handlebar mustache style. In a Fu Manchu style, the facial hair leaves the face to the ends of the mouth.

It then hangs in long, thin tendrils away from the face. On the other hand, the facial hair grows from the follicles all along the face to the end of the chin with a handlebar mustache.

Fu Manchu Vs. Horseshoe Mustache

fu manchu vs horseshoe mustacheThe Fu Manchu resembles (and is often confused with) the horseshoe (or “cyclist”) mustache; the difference between the two varieties is that the Fu Manchu is grown exclusively from the corners of the upper lip, creating two long “tendrils” that hang down the clean-shaven mouth and chin.

The horseshoe means that the facial hair on either side of the lips and chin grows together with the mustache, creating the inverted U or horseshoe shape without the hair hanging over the jawline.

Also, a real Fu Manchu is considerably more difficult and time-consuming to produce than a horseshoe.

How to Grow a Fu Manchu

However, it takes time to reach a Fu Manchu as the hair grows only about an inch per month. It is essential to groom the mustache at least twice a week during the growth period to ensure that only the hair at the ends can grow. The rest of the face should be shaved at least every other day.

A mustache trimmer is recommended to shape the mustache and prevent the remainder from becoming long and bushy. The Fu Manchu is a thinner mustache and should be cared for to look good. It’s essential to keep the beard hair shaved off so that the mustache ends hang straight down naturally without connecting to the rest of the face.

Some men prefer to grow beard hair down the sides of the face. Chin and shape the look as the lip hair grows out. This is usually acceptable, but one should be aware that this is not true Fu Manchu until the mustache is long enough to hang down properly without the beard hair build-up.

10 Best Fu Manchu Mustache Styles

If you’re considering a Fu Manchu mustache style, read on. There is certainly an option that works for you!

1. The Original Fu Manchu Mustache

The Original Fu Manchu MustacheThe fictional villain himself wears the original Fu Manchu mustache. The long thin mustache has long, spindly tendrils that hang down the side of the face. Follow this look, and your tribute will be instantly recognizable.

2. The Long, Waxed Fu

The Long, Waxed FuOne option is to let your Fu Manchu mustache grow very long and use mustache wax to wax it into a sculpted shape.

This mustache style might not work for your everyday life, but it sure is a standout attention grabber for the right occasion.

3. Thin and Short

Thin and ShortThe thin and short Fu Manchu mustache is best suited to have a round face. The mustache does not cover the chin, and the septum is fragile.

4. Fu Manchu Warrior Mustache and Braided Beard

Mix a Fu Manchu mustache style with a carefully braided warrior beard. These carefully braided beards demonstrate a dedication to precision and the personal care required for a victorious warrior.

5. The Full Fu Mustache

THICK AND WIDEYou can opt for the full Fu Manchu mustache if you have a full beard. The mustache area can be entire and natural, while the strips on the side of the mouth are relatively thick.

This is a hefty, masculine take on the Fu mustache style.

6. In Between a Horseshoe

In Between a Horseshoe

The Fu Manchu mustache worn with a horseshoe is a confusing variation in this style. If you can’t decide whether you want a Fu Manchu mustache or a horseshoe mustache, this is your safe bet.

7. Fu Manchu With a Stubble

Fu Manchu With a Stubble

A simple stubble can go that extra mile to make you more than beautiful. A stubble beard has an infinite attraction for boys.

What if a Fu Manchu mustache associates a stubble beard? This creates an excellent appearance, as can be seen in the photo.

8. Twisted Tendril

Twisted Tendril

Give the Fu Manchu mustache a genuinely unique look by trying out your twist on this award-winning facial hairstyle. Turn the tendrils around a pencil and then apply the setting gel. You will be left with lovely spiral shapes if you remove the pencil.

9. With a Soul Patch

With a Soul Patch

A Fu Manchu mustache with a soul patch is a great look to pair as it shifts your lower lip area; it doesn’t look bald and focuses on the mustache.

10. Fluffy Fu Manchu

Fluffy Fu ManchuAs people age, their facial hair is likely brittle and frizzy. For a wise old mustache style, embrace the lightness of your Fu Manchu tendrils.

How to Get Fu Manchu With Goatee Look

How to Get Fu Manchu With Goatee LookThe Fu Manchu mustache can also be combined with a goatee. Follow the instructions above to grow a Fu Manchu mustache and combine it with a little bit of hair growth on the chin.

The look is suitable for those who find their chin very wide or slightly offset.

The goatee aids in shedding attention from the chin and helps direct a person’s attention to the Fu Manchu mustache.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is It Called a Fu Manchu Mustache?

It’s called Fu Manchu because this mustache hair style comes from a famous villain that existed several years ago who has the same name. This character appeared in many TV shows and movies. The unique mustache style he wore was subsequently named after him.

How Do You Grow a Fu Manchu Mustache?

For this, you need mustache wax. Train the hair into the desired shape and apply wax as you pull down. Repeat this procedure until the hair hangs naturally from the chin. When the mustache is fully grown and can hang well without a beard, you have achieved your desired Fu Manchu mustache.

What Face Shape Best Fits the Fu Manchu?

Fu Manchu is very versatile, which means it can suit almost all face shapes. However, it still looks best when worn by people with diamond-shaped faces.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Fu Manchu Mustache?

Growing the Fu Manchu mustache takes longer than other styles. You may have to wait at least five to six months to practice this facial hair style. With that in mind, you will have to be patient and put more effort into following all the guidelines for growing one until you have successfully grown this facial hairstyle.


Do you dare to wear a Fu Manchu mustache on its own or even pair it with a beard style you like?

The decision to grow a Fu Manchu mustache is probably one of the best things you can do to improve your appearance.

Check out some other excellent beard style ideas. There are tons of different styles and genres to choose from if you’re looking for inspiration for your latest look.

It takes a little longer to grow this facial hair style. Still, if you do it successfully, you will realize that it is worth waiting for because of the positive impact on your overall appearance and personality.

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