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Medium Length Hairstyles for Men: 10 Trendy Cuts to Elevate Your Look (2024)

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medium length hairstyles for menWant to step up the style? Medium length hairstyles for men are versatile, yet sophisticated. You will get just the right amount of length: long enough to be expressive about yourself, yet short enough to grant you control over the appearance of your look.

These 10 trendy cuts should give you just that—balance—and work well for the diversity of hair types and face shapes. Find out how to change your look and boost your confidence with these pictures of styles carefully selected for you.

Whether you want professional or casual, there’s a medium-length hairstyle sure to get heads turning wherever you are.

Key Takeaways

  • Medium-length hairstyles are the Goldilocks of men’s cuts – not too short, not too long, just right for maximum versatility and style points. Whether you’re gunning for boardroom boss or beach bum vibes, there’s a look to suit your mood and lifestyle.
  • From surfer-chic waves to sleek side-shaved combovers, these styles are like a buffet for your barnet. Pick your flavor and watch the compliments roll in faster than you can say "I woke up like this."
  • Maintenance is key, gents. Treat your mane like a prized bonsai – regular trims, quality products, and a little TLC go a long way. Your hair’s your crowning glory, so don’t let it become a royal mess.
  • Face shape schmace shape! While some cuts may flatter certain features more, medium-length styles are the Swiss Army knife of haircuts. They’re adaptable enough to make any mug look magazine-worthy with the right styling and attitude.

Natural Medium-Length Waves

Natural Medium-Length Waves
Embrace your natural medium-length waves and channel those laid-back surfer vibes. This versatile hairstyle offers a perfect blend of effortless cool and polished sophistication. You’ll love how your wavy hair frames your face, adding depth and dimension to your overall look.

To enhance your natural texture, try scrunching in a sea salt spray for that beachy, sun-kissed effect. For more voluminous curls, use a diffuser when drying your hair. Don’t shy away from letting your locks grow out a bit – medium hairstyles for men are all the rage.

The key is to work with your hair’s natural movement, not against it. Regular trims will keep your style looking fresh, while the right products will help tame frizz and define those gorgeous waves.

With this look, you’re always ready for both boardroom and beach.

Spiky Low Fade Haircut

Spiky Low Fade Haircut
If you’re looking to add some edge to your medium-length locks, the spiky low fade haircut is your ticket to ride. Building on the natural waves we discussed earlier, this style cranks up the volume and attitude. You

Classic Brushed Back Hairstyle

Classic Brushed Back Hairstyle
Moving from the edgy spiky low fade, let’s explore a timeless classic: the brushed back hairstyle. This medium length haircut for men exudes sophistication and control. You’ll need the right length on top, typically 3-5 inches, to achieve this look.

Start with damp hair and apply a quality pomade for hold and shine. Using a brush, work from your forehead backward, creating a smooth, sleek appearance. For added volume, try a mini-pompadour at the front.

The sides can be tapered or faded, complementing your facial hair style. This versatile cut works well for various face shapes and hair types.

Grown Out Layers

Grown Out Layers
Ready to embrace a stylish yet low-maintenance look? Grown out layers might be your ticket to effortless cool. This versatile style works wonders for various hair types, from straight to curly. You’ll love how the tapered sides create a sleek profile while the asymmetrical layers add depth and dimension. The beauty of this cut lies in its ability to grow out gracefully, meaning fewer trips to the barber.

For a shaggy texture,

Side-Shaved Comb Over

Side-Shaved Comb Over
If you’re looking to take your grown-out layers to the next level, why not try a side-shaved comb over? This versatile styling option combines the best of both worlds: a modern undercut with a classic slicked-back look. You’ll create a trendy contrast by shaving one side while keeping length on top. It’s perfect for guys who want to make a statement without going too extreme.

To rock this style, ask your barber for a sharp fade on one side, leaving the other longer. Then, comb the top hair over to the longer side for a sleek finish. The beauty of this cut lies in its adaptability – you can slick it back for a formal event or mess it up for a casual vibe. It’s a go-to choice for men who crave a hairstyle that’s both edgy and sophisticated.

Medium Length Surfer Hair

Medium Length Surfer Hair
Craving that laid-back beach vibe? Medium length surfer hair might be your ticket to effortless style. This look embodies the carefree spirit of coastal living, giving you a rugged yet attractive appearance. To achieve those coveted salty waves and sun-kissed locks, you’ll need to embrace your hair’s natural texture and add a bit of strategic styling.

Here’s what makes surfer hair stand out:

  • Beachy texture that screams "just left the ocean"
  • Loose curls or waves that frame your face
  • Tousled, windswept look that’s perfectly imperfect
  • Natural highlights from sun exposure
  • Effortless style that works for both casual and dressy occasions

Whether you’ve got curly hair or thick hair, this style is versatile and low-maintenance. A good texturizing spray can be your best friend, helping you achieve that coveted surfer look even if you’re miles from the coast. Ready to ride the wave of this trendy hairstyle?

Medium Length Layered Hair

Medium Length Layered Hair
If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your medium length hair, layered cuts are your ticket to style town. Unlike the beachy vibe of surfer hair, layered cuts offer a more polished, versatile look.

You’ll love how graduated layers create depth and movement, giving your hair that coveted volume without the fuss. For a bold statement, try asymmetrical partings or side-swept bangs to frame your face. Don’t forget those long sideburns to balance out the overall look.

The beauty of medium length layered hair lies in its adaptability – it’s perfect for both casual and formal settings. To maintain that layered texture, invest in quality hair products that enhance your natural hair type.

With the right styling techniques, you’ll rock this timeless hairstyle that screams confidence and control.

Medium Length Curly Hair

Medium Length Curly Hair
Moving from layers into curls, dive in with medium-length curly locks. Now, if you have been naturally blessed with them, take the time to create that style which speaks for you.

A good low fade to the sides will hit huge contrast against your high volume curls at the top to create a disconnected look that’s artistic and very catchy. For a more tapered look, ask your barber to graduate the sides into your curly crown.

Don’t hesitate to play around with different curl patterns; from tight coils to loose waves, every type of curl can be shaped into a work of beauty.

Textured vibe? Add locs, braids, twists, or even grow a nice afro. Cornrows add an edgy touch to your curls.

Keep in mind that curly hair needs a lot of care and maintenance to look good.

Medium Length Straight Hair

Medium Length Straight Hair
If you’ve got straight hair, you’re in luck! Medium length straight hair offers a versatile canvas for countless styles. Unlike its curly counterpart, your straight locks are easier to manage and style. To keep your mane looking sharp, invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner designed for straight hair. These products will help maintain your hair’s natural shine and prevent frizz.

For a polished look, try a classic side part or slicked-back style. Want something more edgy? Go for a textured quiff or messy fringe. Don’t forget to experiment with products like pomades or sea salt sprays to add volume and texture.

Medium Length Dreadlocks

Medium Length Dreadlocks
Slider length dreadlocks will be a game-changer in style for you. You’ll definitely find these locs striking the perfect balance between edgy and manageable, easily. It does require regular maintenance to have fresh-looking dreads.

Be sure not to skimp on some good quality dreadlock shampoo and residue-free conditioner to aid in your hair’s health and growth. Now, as far as styling goes, it really couldn’t get any better. Get acquainted with dreadlock accessories like beads or cuffs to create a more personalized look.

If you find that you’re looking to add some length or volume, there are dreadlock extensions for this. They’ll give you the extra kick without having to wait. Need inspiration? Cultivate it from photos and celebrities who rock the versatile look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to maintain medium-length hair between salon visits?

To keep your locks looking sharp, trim split ends regularly, use a quality conditioner, and style with care. Invest in dry shampoo for quick refreshes, and protect your hair while sleeping with a silk pillowcase.

What face shapes suit medium-length hairstyles best?

You’ll rock medium-length styles if you’ve got an oval, square, or diamond face. They’re versatile enough to flatter most shapes, but these three hit the sweet spot. Experiment with different partings to find your perfect look!

Are medium-length hairstyles suitable for professional environments?

You’ll find medium-length styles versatile for professional settings. They’re polished yet adaptable, allowing you to express yourself while maintaining a refined look. With proper styling, you’ll strike the perfect balance between individuality and workplace appropriateness.

How to transition from short to medium-length hair?

Hair growing is like a caterpillar turning into an eagle; it needs much patience within one.

Start by maintaining regular trims to shape the growth, then use styling products that help bring out the hair to its full potential during those awkward phases.

Looks will then show up, and versatile methods for styling your hair will develop over time.

What hair products work best for medium-length styles?

You’ll want versatile products that add texture and provide hold. Try a volumizing mousse to give your hair some body, a sea salt spray for some texture, and finally something like this—a lightweight pomade or wax—for real styling ability. Dry shampoo’s great for refreshing between washes.


Just envision yourself with that fresh, cool medium cut. The huge line of medium length hairstyles for men offers you ease in scope; it flatters every hair type and face shape.

They span naturally wavy to fade-offs, spiky to the most brushed-back classic look, edgy side-shaved to the most medium length hairdos.

With that, different types of medium length hairstyles have a variety of very attention-grabbing professional vibes.

Don’t settle for the ordinary – elevate your look and express yourself with these fashionable cuts tailored for the modern man.

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