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Edwin Jagger DE89 Review: a Timeless Classic for Effortless Shaving (2024)

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edwin jagger de89 reviewGents, the Edwin Jagger DE89 review is a must-read if you’re in the market for a timeless classic.

This razor masterfully balances durability with a mild, forgiving shave. The zamak head and brass components resist corrosion, while the 0.71mm blade gap delivers precision and comfort.

It may take patience to master, but you’ll be rewarded with BBS shaves and zero irritation. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned shaver, the DE89 adapts to various styles and techniques.

Best of all, it’s modestly priced – making it an ideal starting point to hone your skills. But don’t just take my word for it; the real judge lies in taking this razor for a spin.

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Key Takeaways

  • Edwin Jagger DE89 offers a mild and forgiving shave suitable for all skill levels.
  • The razor’s Zamak head and brass components ensure durability and corrosion resistance.
  • The modular design of the DE89 allows for easy maintenance and affordable replacement parts.
  • Users may need patience to master the DE89 but will be rewarded with irritation-free, baby-bottom-smooth (BBS) shaves.

Construction and Durability of the Edwin Jagger DE89

Construction and Durability of the Edwin Jagger DE89
The Edwin Jagger DE89 features a head crafted from Zamak, a durable zinc alloy that initially faced corrosion issues, but the company’s excellent customer service resolved this by replacing affected heads. In addition, the razor’s brass threaded post addresses potential failure problems, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Zamak Head Material

The Edwin Jagger DE89 features a Zamak head, a zinc-based alloy known for its affordability and ease of manufacturing.

While Zamak is less durable than stainless steel, it provides adequate corrosion resistance when properly cared for.

The head’s chrome plating further enhances its longevity and protects against rust.

With proper maintenance, the DE89’s Zamak construction can deliver years of reliable shaves.

Corrosion Issues Resolved With Excellent Customer Service

The Edwin Jagger DE89‘s Zamak head material was initially prone to corrosion, but the company’s excellent customer service resolved this issue. They promptly replaced any affected razors, demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The second-generation DE89 heads have shown no signs of corrosion, thanks to manufacturing process improvements that enhanced the material’s durability.

Brass Threaded Post Addresses Failure Issue

The brass threaded post on the DE89 head resolves the threading problems that plagued earlier models. This durable design prevents corrosion and failure issues, guaranteeing your razor lasts. With a 0.71mm blade gap, the DE89 delivers a mild, forgiving shave suitable for beginners and experienced shavers alike. It’s a good, solid razor that will serve you well.

  • Brass threaded post prevents corrosion and failure
  • Durable design guarantees long-lasting performance
  • Mild 0.71mm blade gap is forgiving and comfortable
  • Suitable for all skill levels from beginner to expert
  • A solid, dependable razor that will serve you faithfully

Durable Metal Construction

The Edwin Jagger DE89 boasts durable metal construction, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

This feature enhances its durability over time, making it a cost-effective choice.

In an Edwin Jagger DE89 review, this quality stands out among similar safety razors.

If you seek a reliable razor that requires minimal upkeep and promises extended use, the DE89’s construction materials make it a worthwhile investment.

Replacement Parts Reasonably Priced

The Edwin Jagger DE89‘s modular design makes replacement parts affordable and easy to obtain. Spare heads, handles, and other components are reasonably priced, allowing for budget-friendly maintenance. This cost-effective approach to upkeep guarantees the razor remains a value-for-money proposition, making it an attractive option for wet shaving enthusiasts on a tight budget.

Shaving Performance of the Edwin Jagger DE89

Shaving Performance of the Edwin Jagger DE89
The Edwin Jagger DE89 is a mild razor that rewards patience and a mastered technique with incredibly close, irritation-free shaves. With its precise head geometry, scalloped closed comb design, and finely-tuned aggressiveness level, it delivers smooth, effortless strokes for incredible shaving comfort and closeness.

Mild Razor

The DE89’s mild aggressiveness makes it suitable for daily use, with its precision-engineered head design delivering a close, comfortable shave. The versatile handle options provide excellent grip and balance, while the modular construction simplifies maintenance. With reasonably priced replacement parts, the DE89 offers an effective, cost-efficient shaving experience for beginners and experienced shavers alike .

Requires Patience to Master

The Edwin Jagger DE89 requires a bit of patience to master, but the payoff is well worth it. Developing the proper technique takes time and practice, but once you’ve got it down, you’ll be rewarded with a consistently close, comfortable shave. Stick with it, and you’ll soon achieve shaving mastery with this classic razor.

Rewards Users With BBS Shaves and Zero Irritation

With patience and practice, the DE89 rewards you with incredibly close, comfortable shaves that are free of irritation. Its mild nature makes it ideal for beginners, while its affordable price allows for experimentation. If any issues arise, Edwin Jagger’s excellent customer service ensures a smooth experience from start to finish. Stick with it and enjoy the journey to mastery.

Precision, Closeness, and Comfort

When aiming for precision, closeness, and comfort with the Edwin Jagger DE89, focus on the edge angle, blade sharpness, shave technique, skin preparation, and blade longevity. Understanding the ideal blade angle and perfecting your shave technique ensures a close, comfortable shave. Prioritize skin preparation for the best results, extending the blade’s longevity and your overall shaving experience.

Smooth, Effortless Strokes

Regarding the shaving performance of the Edwin Jagger DE89, you can expect smooth, effortless strokes. This guarantees a comfortably close shave with excellent precision and minimal effort. Achieve this through careful consideration of blade quality, soap selection, pre-shave preparation, and post-shave care. To further enhance your shaving experience, remember to maintain the correct razor angle throughout the process.

  • Prioritize blade quality
  • Select the right shaving soap
  • Thorough pre-shave preparation
  • Proper post-shave care

Suitability of the Edwin Jagger DE89

Suitability of the Edwin Jagger DE89
The Edwin Jagger DE89 razor is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced wet shavers, offering a gentle yet effective shave that suits various facial hair types. Its modest price point also makes it an ideal option for those looking to experiment with different shaving styles without a significant investment.

Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Shavers

The Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor is ideal for both beginners and experienced shavers due to its friendliness and versatility. Its affordability makes it a suitable choice for experimentation, and its long-lasting construction guarantees adaptability to different shaving preferences. With this razor, users can gradually master their technique and enjoy a comfortable and effective shaving experience. (Source)

Adapts to Many Shaving Styles

The Edwin Jagger DE89 excels in versatile shaving styles due to its adaptability options and handle aesthetics. To enhance your shaving technique, consider the razor’s ability to adapt to various styling preferences. The razor’s design allows for effortless adjustments to cater to different shaving styles, making it a go-to choice for those seeking versatility in their grooming routine.

  1. Explore diverse shaving techniques with precision.
  2. Enjoy customized styling options to suit your preferences.
  3. Effortlessly switch between different shaving styles for a personalized experience.

Modestly Priced for Experimentation

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is a modestly priced safety razor that’s perfect for beginners looking to experiment with wet shaving. At around $30-$40, it offers excellent quality and performance without breaking the bank. This makes it an ideal choice for those new to the hobby who want to try out different blades and techniques without a major investment.

Longevity and Maintenance of the Edwin Jagger DE89

Longevity and Maintenance of the Edwin Jagger DE89
The Edwin Jagger DE89’s modular design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring longevity. Constructed with polished chrome-plated brass and antimicrobial properties, this razor resists corrosion and rust, making it a durable choice for effortless shaving over the long term.

Modular Design for Easy Care

The modular design of the Edwin Jagger DE89 makes it a breeze to maintain. The Zamak head may be prone to corrosion, but Edwin Jagger’s excellent customer service guarantees a quick replacement if needed. Replacement parts are reasonably priced, so you can keep your trusty razor in tip-top shape for years to come.

Polished Chrome-plated Brass Construction

The Edwin Jagger DE89’s polished chrome-plated brass construction guarantees long-lasting durability. This modular design makes maintenance a breeze – simply wipe it down after use to keep it looking sharp. The brass components also offer corrosion resistance and antimicrobial properties, so you can count on a clean, hygienic shave every time.

Antimicrobial Brass

The antimicrobial properties of the brass material used in the Edwin Jagger DE89 razor provide an added layer of protection against harmful microbes. This durable alloy resists the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, ensuring a clean and hygienic shaving experience. The brass construction also contributes to the razor’s overall longevity and resistance to corrosion.

Resistant to Rust

The Edwin Jagger DE89’s brass construction makes it highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The antimicrobial properties of brass further enhance its longevity, ensuring your razor stays in pristine condition for years to come. Unlike zamak alloys, the solid brass components won’t degrade over time, providing unparalleled durability and reliability for your daily shaving routine.

Blade Gap and Aggressiveness of the Edwin Jagger DE89

Blade Gap and Aggressiveness of the Edwin Jagger DE89
The Edwin Jagger DE89 boasts a 0.71mm blade gap that hits the sweet spot for achieving a close yet comfortable shave. Its nimble aggressiveness and divine forgiveness allow for smooth, effortless strokes, making it a razor that rewards patience and good technique with impressive shaving results.

0.71mm Blade Gap

The DE89’s 0.71mm blade gap strikes a divine balance between closeness and forgiveness. It’s nimble enough for an ATG shave yet forgiving enough for beginners. Some find a stiffer blade or shim sandwich improves comfort, similar to Reggie’s Razors. But for most, the DE89’s gap provides a sweet spot of precision and control.

Perfect Sweet Spot for Blade Angle

The Edwin Jagger DE89 boasts an ideal 0.71mm blade gap, offering the perfect sweet spot for blade angle. Its nimble aggressiveness provides a close shave, while divine forgiveness ensures a comfortable shaving experience. Users can enhance the razor’s performance by experimenting with a shim sandwich, thereby finding their comfort zone amidst the DE89’s impeccable blade angle and aggressiveness.

Close Shave

The scalloped closed comb head of the DE89 delivers a close, smooth shave with mild aggressiveness. Its precision design clamps the blade far from the cutting edge, allowing for better flow-through and effortless strokes. This sweet spot provides a forgiving shave, rewarding users with a close, comfortable result even as they master the technique.

Nimble Aggressiveness

In the Edwin Jagger DE89 razor, the nimble aggressiveness stemming from its 0.71mm blade gap creates a perfect sweet spot for blade angle precision. Its blade flex is designed for users with a mildness preference, offering a balanced blade feel. This attribute, coupled with the razor’s well-engineered head design, contributes to a shaving experience that’s both controlled and effective.

Divine Forgiveness

The DE89’s divine forgiveness allows for ATG comfort, even with blade softness. If you find it plucky or skippy, try a stiffer blade or shim sandwich. The 0.71mm blade gap provides a close shave with nimble aggressiveness, rewarding proper technique. With patience, you’ll master the sweet spot for effortless, irritation-free shaves.

Grip and Handle Options of the Edwin Jagger DE89

Grip and Handle Options of the Edwin Jagger DE89
The Edwin Jagger DE89 offers various grip options to cater to personal preferences. Smooth chrome handles provide a classic look, while knurled or diamond-patterned grips enhance control; additionally, chromed lined handles strike a balance between style and functionality, ensuring a comfortable and well-balanced shave.

Various Knurling Options

The DE89 offers a variety of knurling styles to suit your grip preferences. Choose from clean-cut knurling, barley knurling, or the iconic 3D diamond knurling for a secure, textured grip. Experiment with different knurling patterns to find your ideal handle. Custom knurling options allow you to personalize your shaving experience for maximum comfort and control.

Smooth Chrome Handle

The smooth chrome handle of the Edwin Jagger DE89 offers a sleek, refined look and feel. The chrome plating provides a lustrous finish that resists corrosion and tarnishing. While not as grippy as knurled options, the smooth handle still offers good control and comfort in the hand, making it a versatile choice among the various handle styles available.

Chromed Lined Handle

The chromed lined handle of the Edwin Jagger DE89 offers a sleek and sophisticated look. Its smooth surface provides a secure grip, while the chrome plating adds durability and resistance to corrosion.

With its classic design, this handle option complements the razor’s timeless aesthetic and guarantees a comfortable shaving experience.

Explore the various handle designs to find the perfect fit for your shaving style.

3D Diamond Knurling

The 3D diamond knurling on the stainless steel handle of the Edwin Jagger DE89 provides an exceptional grip, allowing you to shave with confidence and control. This tactile texture enhances the ergonomics while adding a touch of aesthetic appeal, making the razor a pleasure to hold and use. The knurling pattern can be customized to suit your personal preferences.

Good Grip and Balance Point

The DE89’s handle offers a superb grip and balance, thanks to its knurled texture and chrome finish. The knurling provides a secure, non-slip hold, while the handle’s length and weight distribution allow for excellent control and maneuverability. The chrome plating adds a sleek, polished look and is easy to clean. You’ll appreciate the comfort and confidence this handle provides during your shave.

  • Knurled texture for a secure grip
  • Balanced weight for precise control
  • Chrome finish for a stylish look
  • Comfortable length for all-day shaving

Finishes and Handle Lengths of the Edwin Jagger DE89

Finishes and Handle Lengths of the Edwin Jagger DE89
The Edwin Jagger DE89 razor offers a variety of finishes to suit your preferences.

It includes a classic chrome plating, a lined chrome handle for a touch of sophistication, and a sleek barley chrome finish.

With handle lengths ranging from 3.24 to 3.97 inches, and the option of a knurled grip for enhanced control, you can find the perfect combination to achieve a comfortable and efficient shave.

Chrome Plating

The chrome plating on the Edwin Jagger DE89 offers more than just a sleek, polished appearance.

This durable finish resists corrosion, ensuring the razor maintains its pristine look over time.

The chrome-plated brass construction also contributes to the razor’s overall longevity, making it a reliable choice for daily shaving.

The handle design complements the chrome finish, providing a secure, comfortable grip.

Lined Chrome Handle

The lined chrome handle of the Edwin Jagger DE89 offers a sleek, premium look and feel.

With a variety of knurling options, you can find the perfect grip style to suit your preferences.

The handle lengths range from 3.24 to 3.97 inches, allowing you to choose the size that fits your hand best.

The chrome plating provides a durable, corrosion-resistant finish that will maintain its luster over time.

Barley Chrome Finish

The Edwin Jagger DE89 offers a distinctive barley chrome finish that adds an elegant touch to the razor’s appearance.

The barley texture provides excellent grip.

The chrome finish delivers a visually appealing, classic look.

This finish is one of the several attractive options available.

It combines both functionality and aesthetics into the handle design, making it a popular choice for many users.

Knurled Grip

The Edwin Jagger DE89’s knurled grip options provide excellent ergonomics and handle balance. The textured finish offers a secure, non-slip grip for confident shaving. Whether you prefer a smooth chrome handle, lined chrome, or the signature 3D diamond knurling, the DE89 has a grip that suits your personal shaving style and hand size.

Handle Lengths From 3.24 to 3.97 Inches

The Edwin Jagger DE89 offers a range of handle lengths to suit your preferences, from a compact 3.24 inches to a more substantial 3.97 inches. Whether you prefer a shorter grip for maneuverability or a longer handle for added control, the DE89 has you covered. The chrome-plated brass construction provides a smooth, comfortable grip with various knurling patterns to enhance your hold.

Comparison to Reggie’s Razors

Comparison to Reggie
The Edwin Jagger DE89 is a brass spin on the Reggie’s Razors DE89/R89 design, sharing a similar performance profile. Some users have found that experimenting with a shim sandwich can potentially improve the razor’s comfort and efficiency, particularly for against-the-grain passes.

Brass Spin on DE89/R89 Design

The Edwin Jagger DE89 shares a similar brass-based design with Reggie’s Razors, offering a durable construction that can withstand the test of time. This brass spin on the classic DE89/R89 design provides an aesthetic appeal that complements the razor’s modest price point, making it an attractive option for wet shaving enthusiasts seeking a reliable and long-lasting safety razor.

Similar Performance

The Edwin Jagger DE89 and Reggie’s Razors share a similar design, with both offering a brass spin on the classic DE89/R89 head. While the performance may be comparable, some users find the DE89 a bit plucky or skippy when shaving against the grain. However, both razors provide a close, comfortable shave for beginners and experienced shavers alike.

  1. Brass construction provides durability and corrosion resistance.
  2. Mild, forgiving aggressiveness suitable for various shaving styles.
  3. Interchangeable performance, with user preference often determining the better option.

Shim Sandwich May Improve Performance

If you’re looking to further enhance the performance of your Edwin Jagger DE89, consider experimenting with a shim sandwich. This simple modification can simulate a stiffer blade, potentially improving comfort and efficiency. Check the table below for key considerations around shim construction, compatibility, availability, material, and performance.

Consideration Details
Shim Construction Thin metal or plastic spacers placed between the blade and baseplate
Shim Compatibility Verify compatibility with your DE89 head
Shim Availability Easily obtainable from online retailers or DIY options
Shim Material Stainless steel, brass, or plastic offer different properties
Shim Performance Can enhance blade feel and efficiency, but experiment for best results

User Experience With the Edwin Jagger DE89

User Experience With the Edwin Jagger DE89
While the Edwin Jagger DE89 is a well-made razor, your experience seems to suggest that its performance may not be entirely satisfactory, particularly in terms of shaving against the grain. You’ve found it to be somewhat plucky and skippy, requiring careful blade softening and consideration of using a stiffer blade or shims to improve the comfort level.

Minority Opinion on DE89/R89 Design

Pertaining to the user interface with the Edwin Jagger DE89, there exists a contrasting viewpoint on the DE89/R89 design. Certain users hold specific preferences with respect to design critique, blade compatibility, and razor ergonomics. Their diverse experiences illuminate the importance of user preference and comparative analysis within the discipline of wet shaving.

Prefers Other Razors for Comfort

You may prefer other razors if the DE89 doesn’t provide the level of comfort you desire. Softening the blade or using shims can help improve the smoothness, but some users simply find other designs more comfortable for their skin and hair type. Experimenting with stiffer blades or shims may be worth a try to enhance the DE89’s performance.

Finds DE89/R89 Plucky/skippy ATG

You may find the DE89/R89 design a bit plucky and skippy when shaving against the grain. The blade can feel a bit unforgiving in this direction, requiring softened facial hair for a comfortable ATG pass. Shims may be a viable option to simulate a stiffer blade and improve overall comfort and performance.

Requires Blade Softening for ATG Shave

To achieve a comfortable ATG shave with the DE89, you’ll need to soften your hair first. Proper preparation is key – use a pre-shave oil or cream, and let the lather sit for a minute before shaving. The mild blade aggression requires patience, but with practice you’ll master the technique for a close, irritation-free shave.

Interested in Trying Stiffer Blade or Shims

If you find the DE89 a bit too mild for your liking, consider trying a stiffer blade or using shims to improve comfort and performance. Shims can simulate a stiffer blade, potentially enhancing the razor’s efficiency without sacrificing its forgiving nature. Experiment with different blade brands and shim configurations to find your perfect shave.

Improving the Edwin Jagger DE89 Performance

Improving the Edwin Jagger DE89 Performance
For those seeking an even closer shave with the Edwin Jagger DE89, trying a stiffer blade can improve performance by providing a more efficient cutting action. Additionally, incorporating blade shims allows you to simulate the effect of a stiffer blade, potentially enhancing comfort and overall shaving experience.

Stiffer Blade May Improve Performance

Upgrading to stiffer blades can elevate your DE89’s performance (Source). Experiment with different blade brands to find your sweet spot . A stiffer blade enhances:

  • Precision and control
  • Closeness of shave
  • Comfort and glide
  • Efficiency and speed
  • Consistency and reliability

Pair the DE89 with a stiffer blade for an unparalleled shaving experience (Source).

Shims Can Simulate Stiffer Blade

Shimming in the Edwin Jagger DE89 razor can mimic the effect of a stiffer blade.

This technique enhances blade stiffness, potentially improving comfort during shaving.

It’s a method commonly utilized to tailor the razor’s performance for more precise against-the-grain (ATG) shaves.

Shims May Be a Viable Option for Improving Comfort

If the DE89 feels a bit too mild for your liking, try adding a shim to increase the blade gap and aggressiveness. Shims are inexpensive and compatible with most double-edge razors, allowing you to customize the shave to your preference. This simple mod can transform the DE89’s handle ergonomics and blade feel, without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How aggressive is the Edwin Jagger DE89?

With a 71mm blade gap, the DE89 strikes a sweet spot – not too mild, not overly aggressive. You’ll enjoy a close, comfortable shave once mastered, its precision rewarding your patience and technique.

What is the difference between muhle r89 and Edwin Jagger 89?

The Muhle R89 has a stiffer blade for added aggression, while the Edwin Jagger DE89 uses milder blades for a more forgiving shave. Both offer exceptional build quality and precision shaving, but cater to different preferences for aggression.

Are all Edwin Jagger razor heads the same?

No, Edwin Jagger razor heads aren’t all the same. Their DE89 line features different finishes like chrome, brass, and knurling for varied grip options that suit personal preferences.

What is the history of Edwin Jagger DE89?

The Edwin Jagger DE89 was inspired by the classic Merkur 34C, blending vintage design with modern craftsmanship for a timeless shaving experience.

The DE89 offers a mild, forgiving shave perfect for beginners or those preferring a gentle razor. Compared to aggressive options, its scalloped head delivers precision and comfort with an easy blade angle for smooth strokes.

What are the key features that make the DE89 stand out?

Picture mastering a classic, close shave with minimal irritation. The DE89’s scalloped closed comb design delivers precision, comfort, and forgiveness for all skill levels.

How does the Edwin Jagger brand reputation compare to other razor makers?

You’ll find Edwin Jagger stands among the trusted brands, crafting quality razors with care and precision. While not as renowned as some veterans, their commitment to excellence earns respect from discerning shavers.

What are some common issues or complaints users have with the DE89?

Common complaints with this razor include its mild aggression, requiring softened hair for close passes, and feeling plucky or skippy during against-the-grain shaves. However, it rewards patience with smooth, irritation-free shaves.

For enhanced performance, consider using a firmer blade or adding shims to simulate one. This can improve comfort, especially for aggressive against-the-grain passes. Customizing the blade exposure suits your shaving preferences.


Ultimately, the Edwin Jagger DE89 embodies a paradox – a timeless classic razor offering both forgiveness and precision. While mastering its nuances demands patience, the rewards are bountiful: irritation-free BBS shaves. This modestly priced edwin jagger de89 review subject seamlessly adapts to various techniques, making it an ideal choice for shavers of all skill levels seeking an effortless, comfortable experience.

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