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Edwin Jagger De89 Review (Double Edge Safety Razor 2024)

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Today we’re doing an Edwin Jagger DE89 review – a very popular wet razor safety razor.

edwin jagger double edge safety razorView On AmazonA recent article on the best double-edged razors included the Edwin Jagger DE89 series safety razor.

It’s not a new safety razor or classic, but the Edwin jagger double edge safety razor remains a favorite among wet shavers for some good reasons.

Edwin Jagger is a family business that has been making a wide variety of excellent shaving products since 1988.

The company is headquartered in England and is best known for its highly regarded safety razors, shaving brushes, and shaving soap.

Here’s some history, specs, and everything else you need to know about the Edwin Jagger DE89 razor.

Today’s goal is to give you our feedback and provide you with all the essential information to determine if the Edwin jagger safety razor (DE89) is the right safety razor for you.

Let’s start

Edwin Jagger De89 Review

Edwin Jagger was first established as a company at the end of 1988.

Edwin Jagger has a well-deserved reputation for making high-quality, stylish, and high-quality shaving products.

The DE89 Shaver was fully put into production in 2009.

The Edwin Jagger DE89 offers an enjoyable shaving experience that is great for men who want to switch to a safety razor.

The Edwin Jagger safety razor has become one of the most popular double-edged razors on the market, competing for the top spot with the Merkur 34C – a razor that has been in production since the 1930s.

Unboxing the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor (DE89)

Edwin jagger de89 safety razorCompared to other safety razors, Edwin Jagger does a remarkable job with the packaging and presentation of the DE89 – making it an excellent gift for yourself or someone else.

In addition, we have added a paper insert to protect the blade holder. and the cap so as not to damage each other:

Here’s everything that comes with the Edwin jagger de89:

  • An overview of shaving and related products
  • The Edwin jagger de89 safety razor
  • 5 Derby Extra razor blades
  • Thank you card along with customer service information

Edwin Jagger DE89 Design

Edwin Jagger DE89 DesignWhile the special lilac, colored, and beautiful (3D laser diamond, gold plated, etc.) handles attract razor collectors and Edwin Jagger fans, there’s no denying that the chrome finish makes the DE89 a pretty good looking razor.

Plus, the chrome finish could hold up even better over time with proper maintenance and cleaning.

The Head

Edwin Jagger designed the DE89 as a three-piece razor. One look at the razor, and many razors fall in love with the look of the DE89. But what makes these shavers lifelong fans is the rugged chrome head construction that directly affects shaving performance.

The three-piece design is easy to use for beginners, likely to have few complaints about blade replacement or alignment. To load the blade, turn the handle, remove the plate (top and bottom), slide the new blade into place, securely replace the top and base plates, and tighten the handle.

Length & Weight

Length & Weight edwin jagger de89 reviewThe Edwin Jagger DE89 is approximately 3.75 long (9.5 cm) long and places it directly between the Merkur 34C and 38C in length. The DE89 is about 1.75 ″ shorter than the Gillette SkinGuard (discussed here) with safety razors.

The DE89 weighs only 2 to 4 grams, depending on whether you get the razor with a short or long shank. If you’ve used disposables and switched to safety razors with DE89, this would feel much heavier. But if you came from a different brand, the Edwin Jagger DE89 would be slightly lighter than most wet shavers would expect.


Grip of edwin jagger double edge safety razorSpeaking of grip, there are two versions of it; the BL and the LBL series.

The two models are very similar apart from the handle design.

The LBL series has lines on the handle that improve grip, while the BL model has no knurling.

Most beginners concerned about grip opt for the LBL model with lines for improved grip.

It is important to note that the heads of safety razors from this company are all the same, and the difference is in the handle length and knurled design.

The Edwin Jagger Kelvin Double Edge Safety Razor from the same company is another option worth considering.

That model has a more classic design with knurled studs and a shorter handle but has the same comb.


The Edwin Jagger DE89 has a scalloped safety bar with a closed comb.

This design, together with the blade opening, provides mild aggressiveness when shaving.


The company also makes travel cases; currently, none are available from Amazon, but at WestCoast Shaving, there is a really nice hand-sewn leather case – expensive but fun.

If you want to take a more general route, the Parker suitcase is always a good fit.

Like a good travel companion, you can pair it with a travel brush from the same company – available in different qualities, but a synthetic brush is a good match when you’re on the go.

You can also buy a matching chrome plated to match your DE89 and a shaving brush at Amazon.

Since this shaver has more or less the same specifications as Muhle R89 – accessories that match R89 fit this shaver and vice versa.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor Performance

edwin jagger de89 reviewThe first thing that strikes you with the Edwin Jagger DE89 is that it offers sufficient grip thanks to a nice long handle. Of course, the grooved DE89LBL has more grip than the smoother DE89BL, but it still depends on personal preference. Go for one of the more textured models for maximum grip if you think you need it.

The aggressiveness ” of the razor “ (some say “ efficiency ”) is in the middle of the road: neither too hard nor too mild, with a relatively broad “]sweet spot ” to get blade angle correct. I have never seen any complaints about the blade alignment in the head, the symmetry of both blade edges has always been perfect. Structurally, the three-piece design (top cover, bottom plate, handle) is nearly “ bulletproof. ”

As I mentioned before, the rigidity of the Edwin jagger safety razor head allows Edwin Jagger’s weight to do the job without any pressure. Shaver that is too mild don’t shave effectively, so the shaver puts more pressure on the razor and, in turn, gets a bad shave.

I think the shaver is generally well constructed: to some, it might not be a heavy ” razor, but I think overall, it has good weight and balance. And with all those variations in the handle, you are sure to find several that feel good and fit your hand well. Many users mention how attractive the razor is, especially the chrome versions.

The gap between the blade, the distance from the edge of the blade to the safety bar, can be mild for experienced razors but aggressive for newcomers. . Regardless of your skill level when it comes to wet shaving, the Edwin Jagger DE89 is very smooth and comfortable. Feedback was one of the main differences we discovered when we compared Edwin jagger de89 vs. Merkur 34c.

  • Moderate aggressiveness is excellent for a wide variety of wet shavers
  • Good weight with excellent weight distribution and balance point
  • The long handle makes it easy to hold in a variety of positions
  • The chrome finish gives it a sharp, high-end look
  • The grip is sufficient but could be better

Edwin Jagger De89 Vs. De86 Vs. De87

Sharp-eyed consumers looking for a shaver can see references to the Edwin Jagger DE86 and DE87 shavers, as well as the more famous DE89 series. What are the differences? Again, just the handle design. The different model numbers are just part of the Edwin Jagger naming scheme. It was explained to me this way:

“ The 8 after the letter D stands for the original concept year 2008. All other numbers and letters (and combinations) stand for colors and patterns. E.g., BA = barley pattern. 14 at the end of the code = year the handle was introduced. ”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Edwin Jagger a good brand?

Edwin Jagger, a manufacturer of shaving products in Sheffield, including safety razors, brushes, soaps, and beard oils, is a fantastic brand to choose from for your shaving needs. … To this day, Edwin Jagger razors are not only functional and effective but also beautiful to hold, view, and use.

How aggressive is the Edwin Jagger DE89?

The razor is known for its smooth shave that does not irritate the skin.

On a scale of one to ten, it would have a score of 4-

This razor is quite mild, which is good because it gives users the space to experiment with different blades and get the perfect shave.

It’s a great razor if you’ve taken one of the first steps in the progress of your cartridge razor.

Where are Edwin Jagger razors made?

Manufacturing processes are second to none, and the razors are made in the UK in Sheffield, England, using generations of skills associated with the Sheffield steel industry.

Are muhle and Edwin Jagger the same?

It bears a striking resemblance to the Muhle R89 head, and some think it is the same head (or that Muhle provided at least the early DE89 heads). But according to Edwin Jagger “, the heads were bought individually for each company. Edwin Jagger has found no sources through Muhle. ”

Final Thoughts

Whether you have experience with safety razors or are trying it out for the first time, there is a lot to experience with the Edwin Jagger DE89.

Edwin Jagger is a family-owned UK-based manufacturer that has been producing traditional shaving products since 1988.

It is prevalent, has a wide variety of handle options, and successfully competes in the busy double safety razor market.

That’s why we list it as one of our best safety razors you can buy today.

The DE89 is ideal for beginners and experienced wet shavers looking for an aesthetically pleasing razor that shaves comfortably, intuitively, and moderately aggressively.

This UK-made safety razor gives you a nice, soft shave that you can look forward to in the morning.

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