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Mixing Splat Hair Dye With Conditioner: Tips & Tricks for Perfect Color (2024)

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Are you looking for a way to experiment with color without committing yourself to a permanent dye job? Splat Hair Dye is the perfect solution! This vibrant, semi-permanent formula is vegan and natural, so it won’t damage your hair.

But if you want an even subtler look or longer lasting color, try mixing Splat Hair Dye with conditioner.

In this article, we will discuss why mixing Splat Hair Dye with conditioner can be beneficial, as well as how to do it correctly and safely for maximum results.

Key Takeaways

mix splat hair dye with conditioner

  • Mixing Splat Hair Dye with conditioner creates softer and subtler colors that stay vibrant longer.
  • Adding conditioner locks in moisture and prevents damaging dryness, making the hair healthy.
  • Using sulfate-free shampoo and washing with cold water preserves the longevity and intensity of the color.
  • Do not mix Splat Hair Dye with other brands of hair dye or hydrogen peroxide. It is recommended to consult a stylist before mixing with a developer and to use natural options like chamomile tea or lemon juice for lightening.

What is Splat Hair Dye?

What is Splat Hair Dye?
You may have heard of Splat Hair Dye, a vegan and natural temporary color depositing dye that comes in funky colors – perfect for adding some life to your locks! It’s an ideal way to get vibrant hues without the commitment or potential damage of permanent dyes.

The unique formula contains lightening ingredients, giving it longer-lasting effects than average semi-permanent dye.

What sets Splat apart from other brands is its direct deposit technology which means you don’t need hydrogen peroxide or developer and can apply directly onto hair with no mix needed.

When mixing conditioner with Splat Hair Dye, you’ll want to be sure not to add too much so as not to dilute the pigment too much. Otherwise, you could end up changing shades entirely – although this can be used intentionally if desired for slight changes in hue.

Adding conditioner also helps lock in moisture while coloring, which will prevent damaging dryness often associated with dying your tresses.

And because Splat is already formulated differently than regular box dyes, mixing it together isn’t recommended since their individual formulas are different from one another. If necessary, use a white conditioner only instead of any other brand combinations that might cause patchy results over time due to degrading molecules within each product type’s unique structure.

So enjoy getting creative by refreshing existing colors or experimenting with new ones without worrying about potentially damaging chemical reactions thanks to all these amazing benefits provided by good old Splat Hair Dye!

What Are the Benefits of Mixing Splat Hair Dye With Conditioner?

What Are the Benefits of Mixing Splat Hair Dye With Conditioner?
Mixing your hair dye with a conditioning agent can give you soft, subtle color that will stay vibrant for longer. Splat Hair Dyes are an excellent choice of direct deposit dyes because they come in many colors and require minimal upkeep.

When choosing a splat dye, consider the amount of dye needed to achieve desired results as well as any potential color combinations that may be desirable down the line.

Adding conditioner to splat hair dye mixes helps lock in the color and keep it looking fresh for longer periods of time, making them ideal for those who want long-lasting locks without having to frequently reapply or mix new colors together constantly.

Additionally, mixing conditioner into your chosen shade can help create beautiful ombré effects or other creative designs since different shades blend more easily than if used alone. With these possibilities comes peace of mind knowing that no harsh developer is being used on delicate strands which could otherwise cause damage over time due to its oxidative properties.

As such, Splat’s selection offers many options from temporary streaks all the way up to permanent rainbow hues – perfect for anyone wanting some fun without sacrificing their scalp’s health along with their pocketbook’s contents!

How to Mix Splat Hair Dye With Conditioner

How to Mix Splat Hair Dye With Conditioner
To achieve a softer color, you can combine conditioner with your chosen Splat hair dye. This mixing technique is great for those who are looking to lighten their color or add subtle variations without damaging their hair.

The vegan ingredients in the temporary Splat dyes make it an ideal choice for this purpose as they won’t cause any damage to the locks if used correctly.

When blending conditioner and Splat hair products together, be sure that you are not using too much of either ingredient so that the desired result is achieved without causing harm to your tresses.

You may also opt out of using heat styling tools when dealing with Splat dyes in order to prevent further damage caused by overheating techniques such as blow drying and straightening ironing boards, etc.

However, using cold water instead while washing off will help preserve its vibrancy over time – which should always be done following manufacturer instructions on packaging labels where possible.

Lastly, don’t forget about regular upkeep afterwards. Keeping up-to-date on trims every few months (or weeks) can help maintain healthy ends whilst helping retain color strength throughout usage cycles between applications!

Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye With a Developer?

Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye With a Developer?
As Leah Loves Hair discussed, mixing Splat hair dye with conditioner can add pigment and prevent fading.

When it comes to the Splat brand of hair dyes, developers are a definite no-go. The direct depositing formula of these products already contains lightening ingredients, so adding any additional activator is unnecessary and could potentially damage your color molecules or make for patchy results.

If you’re looking for alternatives to lighten or lift color without introducing harsh chemicals into your locks, then consider natural options like chamomile tea rinses or lemon juice treatments instead.

Alternatively, if you’re just trying to keep your existing hue intact longer, then opt for sulfate-free shampoos (like those made by Leah’s favorite brands) along with cold water washes whenever possible.

As an added bonus, when opting out on shampooing altogether – yes, really – try spritzing diluted conditioning mists onto roots between washes instead.

What Happens if You Mix Splat Dye With Developer?

What Happens if You Mix Splat Dye With Developer?
Using a developer with Splat hair dye is not recommended, as it can cause patchy color and damage the integrity of your hair. The differences between bleach and dyes should be considered when deciding which product to use in order to achieve desired results.

Developer safety should also be taken into consideration since using too much may lead to permanent changes in the shade of your dyed locks.

Here are some things you need to know about mixing Splat Hair Dye with a developer:

  1. Fading prevention – Using warm water instead of hot water when rinsing off will help preserve the color longer, but adding conditioner on top will further protect from fading over time.
  2. Color changes – When mixing any brand’s quality dyes with a developer, there could be unpredictable shifts or stains that occur.
  3. Hair Damage – Mixing developers along with other formulas like Neutrogena’s Brand Diluter can strip away natural oils or leave behind unwanted residue on strands.
  4. Dye vs Bleach – Don’t mix Splat brand dye diluter together alone because this could lead to easily irreversible harm towards hair shafts.
  5. Quality Dyes – Always look for professional grade products if attempting at-home treatments so that it doesn’t become an expensive disaster!

Mixing Splat Hair Dye with a developer won’t give you permanently colored locks like bleaching would but rather just temporary pigment deposits until washed out again within several washes depending on how often shampoo is used afterwards! If unsure about what kind of mixture formula works best, then consult an experienced stylist first before proceeding further down this route!

Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye With Other Brands?

Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye With Other Brands?
You shouldn’t combine Splat hair dye with other brands, as they are not manufactured to be mixed together. The founders of Hair Everyday recommend sticking to one brand when dyeing your hair. This is because different dyes have unique structures and instructions that should always be followed closely for the best results.

Mixing Splat with another brand can result in patchy color or even damage your hair’s color molecules if you use hydrogen peroxide or other lightening agents like bleach. It’s also important to note that Splat already contains lightening ingredients, so it has no need for developer, which is intended only for permanent changes in color and will degrade the dye product over time if used incorrectly.

For example, using electric pink Splat may give you an intense shade, but combining it with a sort of heat protectant could lead to discoloration and fading much faster than expected – this applies even more so when mixing brands!

Finally, Arctic Fox recommends avoiding any attempts at mixing their products due to potential unexpected reactions between the two formulas, which can cause irritation on skin contact or lasting damage upon further use thereafter.

How to Make Splat Hair Dye Last Longer

How to Make Splat Hair Dye Last Longer
Now that we know the ins and outs of mixing Splat hair dye with other brands, let’s move on to how you can make your color last longer.

  1. Use a base color before applying any Splat hair dye – this will help preserve the vibrancy and longevity of its colors over time.
  2. Avoid hot water when washing your dyed hair as this can cause some fading.
  3. Using heat protectant before using hot styling tools will also prevent damage to dyed hair.
  4. Add conditioner to enhance both color preservation and lightening effects while keeping it consistent throughout multiple applications.
  5. Diluting Splat brand dyes with a diluter instead of developer helps maintain their unique texture without compromising their quality.

These few steps are all great ways in which you can ensure that you get maximum life out of each application, giving Chief Editor Leah an even brighter smile than usual! With these techniques applied consistently for each use, beautiful vibrant hues become easier than ever before – they really do complete every look like no other product on earth!

Can You Add Conditioner to Hair Dye to Make More of It?

Can You Add Conditioner to Hair Dye to Make More of It?
Adding conditioner to your hair color can help you get more of it and make the hue last longer. It’s a neat trick that many people use to stretch their dye further or refresh its vibrancy between touch-ups.

When you mix in a bit of conditioner with your permanent hair dyes, it also helps prevent fading and keeps strands feeling soft and hydrated. Here’s how it works: when you add conditioner to hair dye, the formula becomes diluted slightly, making for a subtler shade that blends seamlessly into your natural locks.

Plus, because conditioners contain nourishing ingredients like vitamins and oils, they help lock in moisture while shielding against damage from heat styling tools or harsh chemicals found in some shampoos.

To give this technique a try at home, simply mix equal parts of Splat Dye with white conditioner (other colors may not work as well) until smooth before applying evenly throughout damp tresses. For best results after coloring with Splat dye, always wash using sulfate-free shampoo, which is gentle on colored hair.

Remember these essential tips when mixing Splat Hair Dye:

Do Don’t Tips
Use white/clear conditioner only Mix Splats’ developer Always follow instructions closely
Mix an even ratio of both products Mix different brands together Rinse using cold water
Don’t add hydrogen peroxide Protect dyed hair from high-temperature tools

By adding just a little bit of extra product like conditioning treatment mixed into Splat’s direct depositing semi-permanent dyes can go far towards keeping vibrant hues looking fresh and new! Mixing up some good habits such as washing less frequently using color-safe shampoos along with protecting dyed manes by avoiding damaging hot tools are all key components to great-looking colored locks!

Does Mixing Hair Color With Conditioner to Refresh Color Work?

Does Mixing Hair Color With Conditioner to Refresh Color Work?
Mixing color with conditioner can help refresh hair and bring back the vibrancy of the dye. Dyeing processes can be harsh on hair, but adding a bit of conditioner to revive dulled locks is an easy option.

Conditioners have several benefits when it comes to refreshing color. They add moisture, making for better absorption of dyes and helping them last longer once applied. Splat Hair Dye, in particular, has unique properties that make it ideal for mixing with conditioner.

When washing dyed hair, it’s important to use cold water and be careful about the shampoo you choose. Sulfates can strip away even vibrant hues quickly, so opt instead for something specifically designed without sulfates and damaging chemicals like parabens or silicones if possible.

Heat protectants should also be used before styling tools come into play to prevent damage during drying and straightening sessions.

The best way is to stand in front of a mirror equipped with these products. Mix some Splat Hair dye together with a generous portion of your favorite white conditioner until achieving the desired consistency.

This combination will provide subtle results while still being able to maintain your shade’s intensity over time. After applying this mixture evenly throughout all strands, wait around twenty minutes before rinsing thoroughly under warm running water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Splat Hair Dye safe to use?

Yes, Splat Hair Dye is safe to use. It is vegan and natural, so it will not damage your hair like chemical-based dyes might. Additionally, you can mix it with conditioner for a more subtle color or to refresh existing dye without stripping the hair of its natural oils.

What is the best way to apply Splat Hair Dye?

To apply Splat Hair Dye for maximum color payoff and longevity, start by prepping your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Is it possible to mix Splat Hair Dye with a toner?

Yes, it is possible to mix Splat Hair Dye with a toner. Doing so can provide you with vibrant color and shine that will last for days. It is an excellent way to personalize your appearance while avoiding the harsh chemicals present in some other hair dyes.

Is it possible to dilute Splat Hair Dye with water?

No, it is not possible to dilute Splat Hair Dye with water. Doing so would reduce its effect and make the color less vibrant. Instead, adding a white conditioner can help lighten the dye without affecting its intensity or hue.

For best results, use cold water when washing dyed hair to preserve color and avoid sulfate-based shampoo for longer-lasting results.

Does Splat Hair Dye work on all hair types?

Yes, Splat Hair Dye works on all hair types! Its vegan and natural formula gently deposits color without causing damage. The unique structure of the dye makes it easy to apply, and its long-lasting colors are sure to impress.


In conclusion, Splat Hair Dye is a great option for those looking to achieve a funky, temporary hair color. Mixing the dye with conditioner can help to deposit color and keep it vibrant for longer. However, it’s important to remember that Splat Hair Dye should not be mixed with a developer or other brands of hair dye.

To make the color last longer, use color-safe shampoo, avoid heat styling tools, and use cold water when washing the hair.

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