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10 Attractive Beard Styles Without Mustache 2023

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Some men with full beards prefer to wear no mustache, although most men feel that the beard and mustache cannot go without each other.

But several iconic personalities appear with this style now and then. From Abraham Lincoln to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, many leaders and celebrities tried beard styles without mustaches throughout history. This unique style ensures that you stand out in the crowd.

What is more, it fits individuals with a diamond face. The beard style below widens the basis of the chin, balancing the shape of the face.

Each style is not perfect for any face shape. Different faces form different styles. Below I show the 10 best beard styles without mustache, and you can select your style as your face shape.

Is a Beard Without Mustache Ok?

beard styles without mustacheGrowing a beard and mustache is the norm for many men around the world. Ask the average child to draw a man’s face, and they will most likely include a beard and mustache.

Somehow, that is the “standard” facial image of a man that is imprinted in most people’s minds. So it’s not surprising if you or someone else thinks it’s weird to go against the “standard.”

But who says you can or can’t grow a beard without a mustache? Who set that imaginary standard, and would you think all Amish men are weird?

All beard styles, with or without a mustache, are a matter of personal preference. The first reason you should wear any style is that you want it to, and the second is because it suits you (or you think it suits your face). All other considerations really aren’t important, and they shouldn’t be for you anyway.

Your self-image, or how you see yourself, is strongly linked to your self-esteem and confidence. Do you also know what else all these properties have to do with? Your appearance! How you feel about your appearance affects how you present yourself in more ways than you might think.

If you think a beard without a mustache makes you look weird, it says so in the best interest of your self-image to stick to a style that suits you. On the other hand, if you want a beard, no mustache, wear it with pride. You’re not weird, and you certainly don’t look funny. You do what you want!

Top 10 Beard Styles Without Mustache

Beard no mustache style is for someone who does not want to keep a mustache, whether for religious purposes or not.

Another time a beard no mustache style can come in handy is when you make the wrong move with your razor. Accidentally shaving a mustache is not a reason to get rid of the beard; it is an opportunity to enjoy a new style.

Here are the top 10 beard styles without mustache to help you understand how unique and fun a beard is without a mustache.

1. Simple Stubble Beard Without Mustache

Simple stubble beard without mustacheWhen neatly styled, a simple stubble can look great with or without a mustache. You can wait until the beard grows longer to decide if you want to complement it with a mustache. In the meantime, enjoy the stylish look.

2. The Chin Curtain

The Chin CurtainThe chin curtain is easy to grow and offers the flexibility to maintain it in a variety of ways.

Like a curtain that hangs from your jawline, a beard can go all the way to the soul. Patch.
]The only real requirement for beard styles like this is that the hair should be shaved above the upper lip.

Regular trimming will help maintain the appearance of the chin curtain. Keeping facial hair out of the cheeks brings out the appeal of the chin curtain.

3. Mutton Chops Beard Styles for Men

Mutton Chops Beard Styles for MenMutton Chops style has been in vogue for centuries, and most recently, Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine has added extra craze to it. To get this style, you need to thicken the beard on the cheeks connected to the sideburns. However, break the beard clean at the chin. So you will have thick facial hair except for your chin, twitching, and your mustache. Keep a decent cheek line and neckline. Trim the shaved areas of your face from time to time to keep it rough yet clean.

4. Little Cheater

Little cheaterIf you plan to grow a long chin curtain, a mustache is optional. While you are just taking the first steps towards a shapely beard style, you can leave some stubble on the upper lip. You’ll have to get rid of it later when the beard takes shape.

5. Soul Patch

Soul PatchThe soul patch is a small strip of hair under your lower lip. Howie Mandel, one of the judges on the reality TV show America’s Got Talent, is known for this adorable beard style.

The soul patch is perfect for you if you don’t have much time to groom yourself but still want to keep some facial hair. It is one of the easiest beard styles without a mustache. All you have to do is buy a good electric razor and shave off all other facial hairs to make the soul patch stand out. And since it’s a close shave, you’ll need a healing post-shave balm.

You can shape the soul patch any way you like: triangular, square, wide, or thin. It all depends on how unique you want to look.

6. Standard Goatee Without Mustache

Standard Goatee Without MustacheA standard goatee is usually a small patch of beard on the chin, while the rest of the facial hair is shaved or trimmed, including the mustache and soul spot. You may have seen popular goatee variations, such as around a beard with a thick mustache tied around the lips. But since we’re looking for mustache-less styles, the default goatee is your best bet. Shave the beard with a razor, except for the chin area and the soul patch. Shape those two parts neatly with a trimmer into the standard goatee shape. Keep the goatee clean and shiny with good quality beard oil.

7. Chinstrap

ChinstrapSuppose you are looking for mustacheless beard styles that really make a lasting impression. The chinstrap is one of the mustacheless beard styles that really holds its own without any help from a mustache.

This is also a great beard style choice for men with patchy beard hair, as you can shape it around it. That beard hair. Problem areas.

This haircut is a perfect alternative to the work required to grow a full beard. This beard actually runs down the sides of your face down to the chin.

Variations allow the hairs to grow on the underside of the chin as well.

8. Lincoln Style Full Beard

Lincoln style full beardLincoln beard hasn’t gone out of style for centuries, so why not take advantage of it? You can go even further to grow your facial hair much longer than the 16th president of the US. A full beard with wild accents is fantastic.

9. The Neat Chin Strap

The Neat Chin StrapA chinstrap is a subtle beard style with the right amount of facial hair. As you already know, you have to shape the beard in a limited shape, starting from one sideburn to the other along the jawline. The shape is uniform even over the chin. Keep the other areas neatly shaved, including your twitches, mustache, cheeks, and neck. Keep the hair short and neat to get a neat look with this beard.

10. Long Goatee Styles With No Mustache for Men

Long Goatee Styles with No Mustache for MenA long goatee is an innovative way to get a beard. You will have to shave your hair, but it just takes some trimming on the bar itself. You will definitely stand out in such an imaginative bar.

Benefits of wearing a beard without a mustache

If you had been here, you would have had some problems if you kept a bearded mustache. Wearing a stylish mustache is not an easy task, especially for some mustache styles such as Salvator Dali, Handlebar, Fu-Manchu, Walrus, etc.

It is more difficult to display these mustache types for the first time than other types of bar. And it’s a little hard to maintain. However, it is worth all this effort. And if some of you don’t want to do all this work, just go for beard designs. Any restrictions can also come from religious or other points of view.

How to Trimming a Beard without the Mustache

How to Trimming a Beard without the MustacheBefore you think about trimming your facial hair, let it grow to the desired length.

Trimming the beard without a mustache is the same as trimming any other type of beard style.
]A steady hand and a lot of patience are inevitable. Some mustache-less beard styles take longer to get perfectly trimmed than others.

This is especially true for chinstraps and some types of a goatee.

Before cutting the hair, remove any dust that may get on your beard by washing it with warm water.

The next step is to gently comb your beard without a mustache to prevent it from curling. Straight facial hair is easier to trim. Combing should be done several times a day.

Use a precision facial hair trimmer set to the desired length to outline the beard. When you’re done, shave all the whiskers away.

So you have a beard without a mustache.

FAQs About Beard Without Mustache

What beard style looks the best without a mustache?

The beard styles that resemble a full beard style and a goatee look best without a mustache.

What tools do I need to grow and maintain this style?

The two most important things you need to grow this beard are a razor and an electric trimmer.

It would help if you had the razor to keep your mustache and neck smooth, while the trimmer can be used to keep the rest of your beard. Your beard to an acceptable length.

How often should I trim the mustache?

We’ll! That depends on your preference. If you want a spotless area under the nose, you can trim it every other day. If you have no problem with stubble, trim twice a week.

Do Girls Like Beards Without Mustaches?

According to a new study, women and men find facial hair most attractive when it’s rare. When men’s faces were shown, men and women consistently rated faces with beards or stubble as more attractive than clean-shaven faces.


Society has led us to believe that beards and mustaches go hand in hand, yet there is nothing strange about beard styles without mustaches; there is only your perception about it.

If you’ve always wanted to try it and you think you can get it done successfully without harming yourself, imagine How anyway, give it a shot! In fact, there are many fascinating ways you can style your beard and look decent if you don’t have a mustache, as discussed in the article.

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