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Panasonic Arc5 Vs Braun Series 9: Battle Top Electric Shavers 2024

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panasonic arc5 vs braun series 9When comparing the Panasonic Arc5 vs Braun Series 9, you’ll find both are top-tier electric shavers with distinct strengths.

The Arc5 offers a closer shave with its 5-blade system and intelligent sensor, while the Series 9 excels at handling long and flat-lying hairs with its HyperLift & Cut trimmer.

For sensitive skin, the Series 9 is more forgiving, but the Arc5’s larger head covers more area quickly.

Both perform well in wet and dry conditions, with the Arc5 being easier to clean manually and the Series 9 featuring a convenient cleaning station.

Your choice will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Let’s explore these powerhouse shavers in more detail.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s a neck-and-neck race, folks! The Arc5 takes the gold for closeness, while the Series 9 waltzes away with the comfort crown. Like choosing between a sports car and a luxury sedan – both will get you there, but the ride’s a whole different ballgame.
  • Sensitive skin? The Series 9’s your new best friend. It’s gentler than a kitten’s whisker, while the Arc5 might leave you a tad hot under the collar. But if you’re after a shave smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy, the Arc5’s your guy.
  • Long, rebellious hairs don’t stand a chance against the Series 9’s H

7 Best Electric Shavers for Men

You’ll find a range of top-performing electric shavers in the market, including the Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9 models. These shavers offer various features such as multiple blades, wet/dry capabilities, and convenient cleaning options to cater to different shaving preferences and needs.

1. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor forView On Amazon
You’re in for a treat with the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor. This powerhouse boasts a 5-blade shaving system that’ll make quick work of your stubble.

With 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, you’ll achieve a remarkably close shave without breaking a sweat. The intelligent shave sensor detects beard density, adjusting cutting speed for efficient performance.

Plus, its wet/dry design means you can shave in the shower or at your sink.

With a 40-minute battery life and quick 1-hour charge time, you’ll be ready to conquer the day in no time.

Best For: Men seeking a close, comfortable shave with minimal effort.

  • 5-blade shaving system for a remarkably close shave
  • Intelligent shave sensor adjusts cutting speed based on beard density
  • Wet/dry design for shaving in the shower or at the sink
  • Inner blades and outer foil need to be replaced when dull
  • Shaving time can be slightly longer than with some other electric razors
  • May not be suitable for individuals with sensitive skin

2. Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

Braun Series 9 9370cc RechargeableView On Amazon
The Braun Series 9 is a powerhouse in the electric shaver world. You’ll appreciate its intelligent AutoSensing motor, which adapts to your beard’s thickness, delivering 40,000 cutting actions per minute.

Its 5-in-1 Clean & Charge station is a game-changer, keeping your shaver in top shape. With a 60-minute runtime and quick 5-minute charge option, you’re always ready to tackle stubble.

The 100% waterproof design lets you shave wet or dry, while the precision trimmer handles those tricky spots. Made in Germany, it’s built to last and backed by skin health experts.

Best For: Those seeking an efficient, comfortable, and versatile shaving experience.

  • Intelligent AutoSensing motor adapts to beard density for a close shave
  • 5-in-1 Clean & Charge station cleans, charges, and dries automatically
  • Long-lasting battery with a 60-minute runtime and 5-minute quick charge
  • May be more expensive than some other electric shavers
  • Replaceable parts can add to the overall cost
  • Cleaning cartridge needs to be replaced regularly

3. Braun Series 9 Electric Razor

Braun Electric Razor for Men,View On Amazon
Regarding electric razors, the Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver distinguishes itself with its outstanding capabilities. It captures more hair in a single stroke compared to other shavers, providing a close, gentle shave appropriate for wet or dry use.

You’ll enjoy 60 minutes of shaving time with a quick five-minute charge.

Engineered in Germany, this shaver boasts AutoSense Technology and a titanium-coated trimmer, making it highly efficient and dependable. The LED display and 10D flex head enhance its convenience and versatility.

Best For: Those seeking a high-quality, efficient electric shaver for a close, comfortable shave.

  • Captures more hair in one stroke than any other shaver
  • 60 minutes of shaving time with a quick 5-minute charge
  • AutoSense Technology adapts to beard density for optimal performance
  • Expensive compared to other electric razors
  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin
  • Cleaning brush not included

4. Braun Series 9 Shaver Foil Cartridge

Braun 92S Series 9 ElectricView On Amazon
The Braun Series 9 Shaver Foil Cartridge is a game-changer for your grooming routine. It’s designed to last over a year, providing consistently smooth shaves. With its dual middle trimmer sporting a titanium coat, you’ll experience closer, faster shaves.

For maximum performance, swap out the cartridge every 12 months instead of 18. Remember, light pressure is key – let the shaver do the work. To tackle stubborn hairs, try shaving in different directions. Keep your razor in top shape by cleaning the head after each use.

For best results, shave both morning and night.

Best For: Those seeking a long-lasting, close, and comfortable shave.

  • Durable and lasts over a year
  • Titanium-coated dual middle trimmer for closer shaves
  • Provides a smooth and even shave
  • May require frequent cleaning for optimal performance
  • Can be expensive to replace
  • May not be suitable for all skin types

5. Panasonic 5 Blade Wet Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES-LV67 Wet & DryView On Amazon
The Panasonic 5 Blade Wet/Dry Shaver features a 30-degree curved blade design, offering a closer shave with its Multi-Flex head.

Despite its compact

Best For: Individuals seeking a close and efficient wet/dry shave with a travel-friendly design.

  • 5-blade design for a close shave
  • 30-degree curved blade design for contoured surfaces
  • Multi-flex head for a comfortable and precise shave
  • Louder than some other shavers
  • May not be as effective for shaving flat surfaces
  • Some users report that the included charger is unusable

6. Panasonic Electric Razor Premium

Panasonic Electric Razor for Men,View On Amazon
You’ll find the Panasonic Electric Razor Premium to be a cut above the rest. With its high-performance motor delivering up to 70,000 cross cuts per minute, you’re in for a quick and powerful shave.

The 5-blade system, coupled with a flexible 16-D shaving head, guarantees you’ll tackle every contour of your face. Its Advanced Intelligent Shave Sensor adapts to your beard’s density, giving you a consistently close shave.

Plus, with wet and dry capabilities, you can choose your preferred shaving style. It’s a premium tool for those who demand mastery over their grooming routine.

Best For: Those seeking a powerful and versatile shaving experience with an incredibly close shave.

  • High-performance motor for a fast, powerful shave
  • 5-blade system and flexible 16-D shaving head for a close shave
  • Advanced Intelligent Shave Sensor that adjusts to beard density for a consistent shave
  • May be more expensive than other electric razors
  • Replacement blades and foils may need to be purchased separately
  • Cleaning and charging station may be bulky

7. CCR4 Test Strips

CCR4 RefillsView On Amazon
In terms of preserving your Braun shaver, CCR4 Test Strips are your secret weapon. These alcohol-based cleaning cartridges not just sanitize your blades, eliminating 99.99% of germs, but also lubricate them for superior performance.

You’ll want to replace them every three months to keep your shaver in excellent condition. Compatible with Braun Cleaning Centres, they’re available in various pack sizes and even offer a subscription option.

Just be aware that the solution can evaporate, so you might need to re-sync your razor and cleaning unit after refilling.

Best For: Shaver maintenance and sanitization.

  • Cleans and lubricates shaver blades
  • Removes 99.99% of germs
  • Extends blade life
  • Solution can evaporate
  • Re-syncing of razor and cleaning unit may be necessary after refilling cartridge
  • Replaceable cartridges not sold separately

Comparing Shaving Performance

Comparing Shaving Performance
When comparing the Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9, you’ll want to examine three key aspects of shaving performance: closeness of shave, comfort and skin irritation, and handling of long and flat-lying hairs. These factors have a substantial impact on your daily shaving experience and can help you determine which electric shaver best suits your needs and preferences.

Closeness of Shave

Regarding closeness of shave, Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9 are top-tier. Both foil shavers outperform rotary shavers in this regard. Here’s what differentiates them:

  1. Blade angle: Arc5’s 30-degree bevel vs Series 9’s standard angle
  2. Motor speed: Arc5’s 14,000 CPM vs Series 9’s 10,000 CPM
  3. Foil material: Arc5’s ultra-thin foils vs Series 9’s titanium-coated foils

The Arc5 generally provides a closer shave, while the Series 9 adapts better to varying beard density.

Comfort and Skin Irritation

While the Arc5 delivers a closer shave, you’ll find the Braun Series 9 more forgiving on sensitive skin. Its cool foils and gentle touch minimize razor burn and ingrown hairs.

The Arc5’s heat-generating foils can cause irritation if you’re heavy-handed. However, newer Arc5 models sport comfort rollers to reduce friction.

Both shavers excel at preventing shaving bumps and folliculitis, but for ultimate comfort, the Series 9 takes the lead.

Handling Long and Flat-lying Hairs

When tackling those pesky long and flat-lying hairs, you’ll find the Braun Series 9 has the upper hand. Its HyperLift & Cut trimmer excels at snagging stubborn whiskers, while the Panasonic Arc5’s Quick Comb Blade and Lift-Tech Foils require more passes.

For multi-directional shaving, the Series 9 Pro’s advanced beard density sensor adapts on the fly, making it a top choice for difficult facial hair that’d give even a rotary Norelco a run for its money.

Design and Build Quality

Design and Build Quality
When comparing the Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9, you’ll notice key differences in their design and build quality. These include variations in head size and construction, ergonomic features and grip design, as well as distinct displays and control layouts.

Head Size and Construction

Considering head size and construction, the Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9 adopt contrasting approaches. You’ll observe:

  • Arc5’s larger, five-blade head for efficiency
  • Series 9’s compact design for maneuverability
  • Panasonic’s metal build for durability
  • Braun’s plastic construction for lightweight handling
  • Arc5’s single-piece head vs. Series 9’s multi-piece design

The Arc5’s metal body and larger head offer longevity, while the Series 9’s plastic build and smaller size provide agility. Your choice depends on prioritizing robustness or nimbleness.

Ergonomics and Grip

You’ll find both shavers offer comfortable handling, but with distinct differences.

The Panasonic Arc5’s ergonomic handle features a rubber grip, ensuring a secure hold even when wet. Its weight distribution and button placement contribute to ease of use.

The Braun Series 9 boasts an ergonomic angle that fits naturally in your hand, reducing fatigue during longer shaving sessions.

Both models include a travel lock for worry-free portability.

Display and Controls

You’ll find the Arc5’s display more informative, with a digital readout showing battery life, charging time, and an automatic timer. The Series 9’s screen is simpler but still functional.

Both shavers feature intuitive controls, but the Arc5 edges ahead with its sonic cleaning mode.

The Series 9’s cleaning dock compensates for its simpler display, offering a convenient all-in-one solution for maintenance and charging.

Wet and Dry Shaving Capabilities

Wet and Dry Shaving Capabilities
You’ll find that both the Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9 offer wet and dry shaving capabilities, allowing you to use them with shaving cream for enhanced comfort. Regarding cleaning, the Arc5’s open design makes it easier to rinse manually, while the Series 9’s cleaning station provides a convenient automatic option.

Performance With Shaving Cream

In the realm of wet shaving, both the Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9 stand out. Here’s how they perform with shaving cream:

  1. Skin irritation: Greatly reduced
  2. Razor burn: Minimized for both models
  3. Shave time: Slightly increased due to cream application
  4. Shaving frequency: Can be extended

You’ll find the Arc5 particularly shines in wet conditions, offering a closer shave. The Series 9, while still effective, doesn’t see as dramatic an improvement. Battery life remains consistent for both electric razors during wet shaving.

Ease of Cleaning

Moving from the performance with shaving cream to ease of cleaning, the Panasonic Arc5 excels in manual cleaning, requiring just water and detergent for effective maintenance. Conversely, the Braun Series 9 boasts a convenient automated cleaning station and cartridge replacement system. Both methods provide hassle-free cleaning, but Braun’s solution simplifies the process further for daily use.

Additional Features and Accessories

Additional Features and Accessories
When comparing the Panasonic Arc5 and Braun Series 9, you’ll want to evaluate their additional features and accessories. These include the effectiveness of their cleaning stations, the quality of their travel cases, and how well their built-in trimmers perform for detail work.

Cleaning Stations

You’ll find cleaning stations can be a game-changer for your shaving routine. Braun and Panasonic offer different approaches, each with its pros and cons. These stations keep your shaver in top shape, but consider your habits and budget before investing.

  • Braun’s alcohol-based solution disinfects and lubricates
  • Panasonic’s detergent-based system is gentler on skin
  • Refill costs vary, impacting long-term expenses
  • Some models offer manual cleaning options for travel

Travel Cases

When you’re on the go, travel cases for your electric shaver are essential

Trimmer Effectiveness

While both shavers offer trimmers, their effectiveness varies.

The Arc5’s pop-up trimmer is a standout feature, requiring fewer strokes for precise facial hair grooming. Its straight edge and perfect positioning make it a breeze to use.

In contrast, the Series 9’s slide-out trimmer, with its curved blade, needs more passes and can feel awkward.

For detail work, the Arc5 edges out the Series 9 in trimmer performance.

Price and Value for Money

Price and Value for Money
When considering the price and value of these top-tier shavers, you’ll find that both come with premium price tags. The Braun Series 9 typically costs more than the Panasonic Arc5, but it’s important to weigh the cost against your specific needs.

If you’ve got sensitive skin prone to razor bumps, the Series 9’s gentler approach might justify the higher price. For those seeking the closest shave possible, the Arc5’s performance could make it a better value.

Budget-conscious shoppers might consider the Braun Series 7 or 8,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which shaver is best Braun or Panasonic?

You’ll find both

How long do Panasonic Arc 5 blades last?

You’ll typically get 12-18 months of daily use from Panasonic Arc 5 blades. Their lifespan depends on your shaving frequency, technique, and beard type. To maximize longevity, clean your shaver regularly and replace blades when you notice reduced performance.

Is the Braun Series 9 a good razor?

The Braun Series 9 is a top-tier razor, known for its efficiency, precision, and comfort. It features an advanced shaving head, effective for both wet and dry use, making it suitable for daily shaving and sensitive skin.

Where is the Panasonic Arc 5 made?

You’ll find that the Panasonic Arc 5 is manufactured in Japan. This high-quality electric shaver showcases Japanese craftsmanship and precision engineering. The production location contributes to its reputation for durability and cutting-edge technology in personal grooming.

How long do the shaver blades typically last?

Blades’ brilliance begins to blunt between 12-18 months, but you’ll notice a difference. You’re in control: replace them when your shave isn’t as smooth. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend their lifespan, mastering your grooming routine.

Can these shavers be used for body grooming?

You can use these shavers for body grooming, but they’re not ideal. They’re designed for facial hair and may struggle with coarser body hair. For best results, consider using dedicated body groomers with wider heads and specialized attachments.

Are replacement parts readily available for both models?

You’ll find replacement parts readily available for both models. Online marketplaces and official brand websites stock foils, blades, and cleaning solutions. Regular maintenance guarantees effective performance, so you’re never left with a mediocre shave. Keep your grooming game solid!

How noisy are these shavers during operation?

You’ll notice both shavers produce some noise during operation. The Arc5‘s faster motor tends to be slightly louder, while the Series 9 is quieter. Neither should wake your sleeping partner, but they’re not whisper-quiet either.

Do they work well for men with sensitive skin?

Like a gentle breeze on a summer day, both shavers cater to sensitive skin. You’ll find comfort in their advanced features. They’re designed to minimize irritation, offering adjustable settings and specialized foils for a smooth, nick-free experience.


Ultimately, the battle between the Panasonic Arc5 vs Braun Series 9 comes down to your unique shaving needs. You’ll find both shavers offer exceptional performance, but with distinct strengths.

The Arc5 excels in closeness and speed, while the Series 9 shines with comfort and versatility.

Consider your skin sensitivity, hair type, and preferred features when making your choice.

Whether you opt for the Arc5’s precision or the Series 9’s gentleness, you’re investing in a top-tier electric shaver that’ll elevate your grooming routine.

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