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Gel Vs Mousse: the Ultimate Guide to Styling Curly Hair (2024)

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Do you ever find yourself in a styling rut? Are you looking for the perfect product to give your curls that extra boost of definition and shine without weighing them down or leaving them greasy? If so, then the comparison between gel and mousse is important for you.

From hold to volume to texture and humidity control, gels and mousses can be used together or separately depending on your hair type, desired style, and ingredients. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between these two products as well as tips on how best to use each one.

So let’s dive into it – get ready for a crash course in curl-styling!

Key Takeaways

gel vs mousse

  • Styling gel provides a strong hold with a shiny finish, while mousse offers less hold but creates more volume with a softer look.
  • Both gel and mousse have their benefits, but it’s important to choose the right product based on hair type and desired style.
  • Prose’s custom Styling Gel offers long-lasting hold, frizz control, curl definition, and humidity protection with nourishing natural ingredients.
  • When using either product, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals and experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your curls.

What is Styling Gel?

What is Styling Gel?
Styling gel and mousse are two popular products used for hair styling. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s important to determine which one is best for you. Styling gels create a strong hold with a shiny finish that lasts all day long, but can be difficult to remove from the hair due to their high viscosity.

Mousse, on the other hand, offers less hold than styling gel but creates more volume with a softer look that is easier to wash out of your locks.


You can create a variety of stunning hairstyles that last with high-quality hair gel and mousse. Hair gel adds dimension, frizz control, and precise definition to all types of curls while keeping static at bay.

It is great for updos as well as layered products due to its strong hold without being too heavy on finer hair textures.

On the other hand, mousse provides light hold with added volume and bounce which works best for 2a/2b/2c/3a range waves or curls – but it should be used sparingly because of its alcohol content. For optimal results, use an egg-sized amount of mousse followed by natural ingredients like oils or creams before applying your favorite high-quality styling gel.


Although both products have their benefits, it’s important to be aware of the potential cons associated with using hair gel and mousse for styling curly hair.

Hair gel can damage strands if harsh chemicals are present, make hair look flat or sticky, and is too heavy for some types like fine hairs.

Mousse also has a light hold which won’t work in humid environments. Additionally, it might dry out fine tresses over time.

To prevent frizz-control from being lost due to active ingredients, use a cotton towel instead of rubbing wet locks vigorously. Then, opt for protective layers such as Prose’s custom Styling Gel that offer long-lasting hold while locking moisture into each strand.

What is Mousse?

What is Mousse?
Mousse is a light and creamy concoction that can be used to style and hold hair in place. It’s a great choice for those looking to add volume and texture without the stickiness of gel, but it does have its pros and cons.

While mousse provides good hold and a natural-looking finish with no crunchy feel on the hair, it has been known to dry out quickly. Therefore, frequent touch-ups throughout the day are necessary if you want your hairstyle to stay in place all day long.


Discover the advantages of using mousse and gel to style your curls without compromising on hold, volume, or definition. Heat styling with Prose’s custom Styling Gel is perfect for a long-lasting, high-definition style that stands up to humidity while sealing in natural elements.

Frizz control can be achieved with any hair type through this strong hold product, which doesn’t require reapplication throughout the day.


Though both mousse and gel can be used to style curly hair, they each have their own drawbacks.

Mousse provides a light hold but can dry out fine hair and is not effective in producing a firm cellular barrier for frizz-prone individuals. It is also unsuitable for humid environments. Using oils or creams before applying mousse might prevent it from working properly on desired styles.

On the other hand, gel also has its drawbacks. Using the wrong gel can result in little white balls and sticky hair if ingredients check isn’t done correctly or humidity control isn’t accounted for with Prose’s custom styling gel’s thick consistency.

When to Use Styling Gel Vs. Mousse

When to Use Styling Gel Vs. Mousse
When it comes to curly hair, it can be difficult to choose between styling gel and mousse, as both can help your locks look fabulous! However, it’s important to consider the main differences when making a decision about which one to use.

Styling gel is great for adding definition and bounce without weighing down wet hair or causing damage. It also offers firm hold that lasts all day long, but should only be applied with medium heat since too much heat can dry out curls.

Mousse, on the other hand, works best for creating volume, taming frizz, and controlling flyaways while using natural ingredients like aloe vera extract. However, because of its light hold formula, mousse isn’t ideal for those looking for a no-heat styling option or needing extra support throughout the day.

Be sure not to remove excess water from wet hair before applying either product so that moisture remains intact, preventing any potential damage done by extreme temperatures during blow-drying.

How to Use Styling Gel and Mousse

How to Use Styling Gel and Mousse
If you’re looking to add texture and volume to your hair, styling mousse and gel are two great products that can help. Mousse is a foam-like product that adds body when applied to damp hair before blow-drying or air-drying, while gel has a more concentrated hold for creating sleek styles.

Styling Gel

You’ll love the long-lasting hold and definition of Prose’s Styling Gel, giving your hair a beautiful bounce that lasts all day! It’s great for updos without flyaways or static and provides precise definition.

When applying gel to curly hair, use a quarter-size dollop of product with an open palm to distribute it evenly. Then, either air dry or blow dry on low speed using medium heat while scrunching out the crunch once completely dried.

Choose gels with natural ingredients for maximum benefits in curl definition and frizz control.


Try Prose’s custom hair mousse for extra bounce and volume that won’t weigh down your curly locks! This styling product is perfect for those with fine, wavy, or curly 2a/2b/2c/3a hair. Its light hold provides frizz control while creating dream curls without the risk of chemical damage.

For maximum effect, layer it beneath other products like a leave-in conditioner or natural curl cream. Experimentation will help you find the right combination to suit your individual needs and unique natural curl pattern.

Gel Styling Tips

Gel Styling Tips
To achieve a long-lasting, high definition style with gel, you must use it correctly to ensure the best results. Begin by applying an egg-sized amount of product to your hands and rub them together before distributing evenly throughout damp hair.

Depending on your desired look and texture, apply more or less product as necessary.

Work through individual strands for well-defined ringlets or scrunch up sections for added volume depending on the shape of relaxed hair types. Combining products such as Prose’s custom styling gel can help enhance volume while holding frizz at bay, creating texturizing effects that define curls without leaving sticky residue behind once dry.

For optimal control over hairstyles in humid climates, finish off with hairspray after drying completely to keep everything in place all day long!

Why Prose Custom Styling Gel?

Why Prose Custom Styling Gel?
If you’re looking for a styling product that will give your hair extra volume, frizz control, and strong hold without harsh ingredients, Prose’s custom Styling Gel is the perfect solution. It offers all these benefits in one easy-to-use product. Plus, it’s enriched with natural ingredients like shea butter to boost the health of your hair while creating volume and definition.

Unlike traditional mousse products that can be drying or difficult to work into curls, Prose’s gel has a whipped cream texture, which makes application easier and more enjoyable! This lightweight styling gel also provides superior hold compared to other gels on the market thanks to its selection of the best quality ingredients.

With this unique formula, you can create any look from beachy waves to tight ringlets – no matter what style you choose, this innovative styler won’t let you down!

Differences Between Gel and Mousse

Differences Between Gel and Mousse
You may be wondering what the difference is between gel and mousse when it comes to styling your hair. Well, let’s take a look at how they compare in terms of hold, volume, texture, and humidity.

Gel provides strong hold while also giving you more control over styling. However, it can leave your hair feeling stiff with less volume than mousse. On the other hand, mousse offers a lighter hold that will provide lasting shape without leaving residue on your strands.


You’ll find that Prose’s custom Styling Gel offers superior hold without sacrificing the natural health of your hair. It creates a protective layer around each strand, locking in moisture and securing any layered product used underneath.

This gel is your best friend when it comes to getting perfect tresses. Frizz control, curl definition, and humidity protection are all yours for the taking! The key is using the correct products in combination with a spray bottle filled with a small amount of oil or serum for maximum hold strength.

With this powerful combo, you can achieve long-lasting styles while protecting against heat damage – something mousse alone cannot do! So go ahead and get creative.


Experience the perfect balance of volume and definition with Prose’s custom Styling Gel. Get bouncy, glossy locks that stay put all day long! Styling gel provides a volumizing effect while preventing damage and controlling frizz.

It also works well as a layered product for straight styles or to secure ringlets in place. Opt for gels without sulfates, parabens, GMOs, or phthalates to avoid harsh chemicals. For extra bounce on fine curls in the 2a/2b/2c/3a range, use hair mousse in combination with other products to achieve the best curly girl method.

Benefits of Prose’s Styling Gel include:

  • Long-lasting hold
  • Frizz control
  • Volumizing effect
  • Damage prevention
  • Light sculpting

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Feel the texture of your hair transform with Prose’s custom Styling Gel and mousse. Both products offer various styling techniques to control frizz, tame curls, or add volume depending on your hair type.

With a combination of nourishing ingredients and product application via an open palm for gel or fingers for mousse, you can find the best way to style your locks.

Gel provides long-lasting hold while also offering humidity protection and added dimension when used in layered hairstyles. Mousse adds body without weighing down fine hair while providing various moisturizing treatments.

Find which works best for you by using Prose’s consultation service: get customized haircare recommendations tailored specifically to suit all types of curly-haired individuals!


Discover how Prose’s custom styling gel and mousse can help protect, define, and de-frizz your curls in humid environments. With their humidity-resistant properties, you can achieve the desired results without worrying about heat styling or product selection.

To get optimal curl definition, use application techniques such as open palming for gel and fingers for mousse to apply evenly on coarser hair types.

Can You Use Gel and Mousse Together?

Can You Use Gel and Mousse Together?
You can maximize your styling potential by combining gel and mousse for the ultimate curly girl look. Using both products together is a great way to achieve humidity control, frizz-free definition, and long-lasting hold.

Start with Prose’s custom Styling Gel as a base layer. It has nourishing ingredients that form a protective barrier around each hair follicle to lock in moisture while securing any layered product used underneath.

Apply an appropriate amount of styling cream before adding the desired amount of gel evenly throughout damp strands using an open palm technique or brush attachment on your blow dryer.

Finish off with hair mousse applied either through finger coils or scrunching motion for extra bounce without weighing down curls and waves—especially if you have fine hair! Diffuse on medium heat low speed or air dry completely then use a soft towel or fingers to release cast from the gel when done drying process so you don’t get a crunchy feel afterward.

Both products have good points, but experimentation is needed to determine which works best based on individual type natural curl pattern.

How to Choose Between Gel and Mousse

How to Choose Between Gel and Mousse
Choosing between gel and mousse for your hair styling needs can be a difficult decision. It largely depends on what type of hair you have, the specific style that you’re looking to achieve, as well as the ingredients in each product.

Gel is typically best suited for those with thicker or coarser hair types since it provides a strong hold and defined look that lasts all day without losing shape or becoming crunchy.

On the other hand, mousse tends to be better suited for finer textures because its lightweight formula won’t weigh down thin strands but still offers enough volume and lift without leaving residue behind.

Hair Type

Understanding your hair type is key to determining which styling products – gel and mousse – are best suited for achieving frizz-free definition, humidity control, and a long-lasting hold. Curly hair often needs the most help in terms of controlling flyaways, so using products designed specifically for it can be beneficial.

For those with thicker or denser locks, gels offer superior hold while also keeping static at bay and providing definition.

Hair mousse, on the other hand, is great for adding body and bounce to fine hair without weighing it down too much. They also work well on wavy styles between the 2a/2b/2c/3a range but may not provide enough protection from humid environments.

Whatever option you pick, remember that experimentation will get you closer to discovering what works best with your own unique curl pattern.

Desired Style

Once you know your hair type, deciding which styling product – gel or mousse – will work best for the desired style is key. For example, if you have thick locks and want to keep them in place without static or flyaways, then a strong-hold gel might be the way to go.

  • Gel provides lasting hold and definition for all hair types.
  • Mousse adds volume and bounce while taming frizz on fine curly/wavy hair from 2a/2b/2c up to 3a range.
  • Resulting styles depend on an individual’s natural curl pattern; experiment with both products!

Use oils or creams before mousse application to prevent it from working effectively. No matter what product is chosen, make sure ingredients like sulfates, parabens, GMOs, and phthalates are absent! Hair goals should also include nourishing ingredients that protect follicles while locking in moisture.


It’s important to check ingredients when choosing between hair gel and mousse, as each product contains different active particles that can affect your hairstyle.

Hair gels usually consist of water-soluble polymers or proteins like guar gum and acrylamide copolymer, which add texture by forming a cellular barrier around the follicle.

Mousses contain alcohols to help disperse ingredients evenly throughout the hair shaft, plus conditioners such as silicone oils for shine.

When selecting a styling product, look out for beneficial natural extracts like aloe vera or jojoba oil too! With knowledge of the right products coupled with proper application techniques, you can create beautiful styles while keeping your hair healthy – from sleek updos to cascading curls – whatever makes you feel confident!

Tips for Using Gel and Mousse Together

Tips for Using Gel and Mousse Together
You can use both gel and mousse together to get the best of both worlds for your curly hair! Start with a nourishing styling cream while hair is still wet, then apply a quarter-size dab of gel to palms.

Use an open palm to slather it over the surface before blow-drying or air drying.

To add extra bounce and volume, try using mousse when nearly dry – squeeze out excess water first before applying it with fingers. For frizz control, use a diffuser on low speed and medium heat afterwards to release any cast left by either product.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create multiple hairstyles while controlling frizz at the same time – adding dimension and definition all day long!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is hair gel or mousse better for curly hair?

Whether hair gel or mousse is better for curly hair depends on your individual texture and desired style. Both offer pros and cons, so experiment to find the best combination of products that work with your curl pattern.

What ingredients should I look for in a hair gel or mousse?

When searching for hair gels or mousses, opt for those that contain nourishing ingredients like glycerin, coconut oil, aloe vera, argan oil, or shea butter. It’s best to steer clear of products that contain harsh chemicals such as alcohol and synthetic petroleum-based substances.

Natural options will provide a long-lasting hold without causing damage to your curls.

Does hair gel or mousse damage hair?

Using hair gel or mousse can damage your hair if it contains harsh chemicals. Make sure to use a product with natural ingredients and be careful not to apply too much of the product. Use gentle strokes when styling and opt for lighter formulas on finer hair types.

How often should I use hair gel or mousse?

How often you use hair gel or mousse depends on your styling needs and preferences. Consider the amount of hold, definition, and natural movement desired to determine how frequently you should use these products.

Experiment with different amounts to find what works best for your particular hair type.

Are there any other product recommendations for styling curly hair?

Yes, there are many great products for styling curly hair, such as curl creams, leave-in conditioners, and hairsprays. Try layering these to achieve the desired effect – from texture and definition to hold and shine.


In conclusion, styling gel and mousse are invaluable tools for styling curly hair. Both of these products have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and it’s important to understand the differences between the two in order to choose the right product for your hair type and desired style.

For example, a person with wavy 2b/2c hair may find that mousse adds extra bounce and volume, while someone with tight 3a curls may prefer the hold and definition of a styling gel. Ultimately, it’s possible to use both gel and mousse together to achieve the perfect look.

Experimentation and research are key to finding the right combination and product for you.

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