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How to Use Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach Full Guide of 2023

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how to use splat hair dye without bleachAre you looking to dye your hair without bleaching it? With splat hair dye, you can achieve bold, vibrant color on brown or lighter colored hair – all without bleach! In this article, we’ll be discussing how to use splat hair dye without the need for damaging bleach.

We’ll also go over what colors brunettes can choose from and discuss Splat Naturals Pink Hair Dye- a great option for those looking to avoid using harsh chemicals altogether.

Finally, we will provide a step-by-step guide that explains exactly how to use Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach.

Key Takeaways

  • Splat Hair Dye allows for achieving vibrant hair colors without bleach.
  • It offers a wide range of shades for both lighter and darker hair colors.
  • Splat Naturals Pink Hair Dye is a bleach-free option with natural ingredients.
  • To maintain the color, wash less frequently and use color-safe products.

Using Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach

Using Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach
If you’re looking for a way to switch up your hair color without having to use bleach, then Splat Hair Dye could be the perfect option. It’s ideal for lighter hair colors like blondes and can help achieve pastel shades, while individuals with darker hues such as brunettes or black hair may notice reflections in the light after applying Splat dye.

If You Have Lighter Hair Color

If you have lighter hair color, Splat dye can provide pastel shades—except for red—but it may be a shade or two darker than intended. So why not try something bold and vibrant without the hassle of bleach? Consider your hair porosity when selecting a Splat dye to ensure long-lasting results.

Vibrant colors like blues, indigos, plums, and violets are achievable with minimal damage from bleaching if done correctly.

If You Have Darker Hair Color

You can experiment with vibrant colors on black hair, though you may not achieve the exact shade. Splat dye offers dark hair options without bleach, like black or deep brunette shades. Non-bleach techniques, such as using a darker splat color and pre-lightening slightly, can also lead to success when dyeing brunette locks.

Splat’s range of semi-permanent Midnight Kits provide deep tones for those looking for lasting vibrancy without bleaching. Try reds, blues, indigos, plums, and violets! For safe at-home coloring, wear gloves while applying the product.

Vaseline around the neck and hairline prevents staining too. Make it last longer by washing less frequently and using conditioner/shampoo designed to protect color.

Splat celebrates freedom in bold expression, so embrace your bleach-free journey today!

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last Without Bleach?

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last Without Bleach
Transitioning to the current subtopic, how long does Splat Hair Dye last without bleach? The answer depends on several factors. If you use a shampoo that protects hair dye and leave it on your hair for two hours or more before washing, non-bleached colors can stay vibrant for up to six weeks.

Additionally, avoiding excessive washing and using dry shampoo can help prolong the effects of splat dye without bleach. But results may vary due to individual differences in hair porosity and condition.

Whether bleaching is necessary also affects color vibrancy; lightening slightly might produce better results than going with a darker shade of splat dye on brunettes/black-haired individuals.

To ensure Splat Hair Dye durability, use shampoos specifically designed for protecting dyed tresses. Refrain from overwashing your locks and utilize dry shampoos when needed instead of water washes. Optimal timing is crucial – let the product sit longer (up to 2 hrs) prior to rinsing off.

Taking these steps into consideration allows one’s desired hue to remain intact while keeping our mane healthy! With mindful application techniques, we are ready to take charge of our unique style journey!

What Colors Can Brunettes Dye Their Hair Without Bleach?

What Colors Can Brunettes Dye Their Hair Without Bleach
Brunettes can experiment with vibrant colors without bleach and may achieve darker shades like black. Splat offers a variety of color choices for brunettes, from light pastels to deep blues and indigos.

For those looking for more subtle hues, the Midnight kits are formulated specifically for medium to dark hair tones. With their semi-permanent formula, you can enjoy long-lasting vibrancy without compromising on hair health considerations or having to lighten your locks beforehand.

To extend the life of your new shade even further, use shampoos that protect dye as well as dry shampoo in between washes.

Whether you’re after vivid purples or natural browns, there are plenty of options available when using Splat Hair Dye without needing expensive bleaching sessions first!

Splat Naturals Pink Hair Dye: a Bleach-Free Option

Splat Naturals Pink Hair Dye: a Bleach-Free Option
Experience vibrant hair color without bleach with Splat Naturals Pink Hair Dye! This 95% natural formula adds brilliant color and shine while nourishing your strands with quinoa proteins for increased moisture retention and hair fortification.

The easy-to-use application requires no bleach or elaborate system – perfect for naturally blonde or bleached hair! Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Splat Naturals Application: No parabens, PPDs, resorcinol sulfates, ammonia, or fragrance.
  • Color Vibrancy & Shine: Enriched with Vitamin B5 to restore shine and strengthen follicles.
  • Quinoa Benefits: Increased moisture retention and fortified locks.
  • Eco-friendly Formula: 90% reduction in packaging compared to traditional kits.
  • Hair Fortification: Strengthened roots thanks to Baobab extract protection.

With its commitment-free dyeing experience that allows individual style customization, you’ll be able to achieve an attractive look without excessive bleaching.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach
Escape the world of boring hair color and take a leap into an exciting realm of vibrant shades with Splat’s bleach-free dye! With this easy, 1-wash temporary dye, you can achieve beautiful results without damaging your tresses.

  • Color Longevity: Wash your hair less frequently and use dry shampoo to make splat dye last longer. Use shampoos that protect against fading or try leaving the product in for up to two hours before rinsing it off.
  • Hair Dye Application: Wear gloves when applying, and apply Vaseline around your neck and hairline to prevent staining.


So, there you have it: how to use Splat Hair Dye without bleach. All you need to do is pick the right shade for your hair color, be aware of the consequences of bleaching, and follow the easy steps for application.

With a little patience, you’ll be able to achieve the vibrant color you crave without the hassle of bleaching. To sum it up in a nutshell, using Splat Hair Dye without bleach is a great way to get the color you want without causing any damage to your hair.

So, go ahead and take the plunge – you won’t regret it!

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