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Unlock the Benefits of Hair Toner: Learn What It Does to Hair (2024)

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Toner is a product that can be used to enhance the tonality of your hair and create a professional, finished look. It’s important to understand how it works so you can use it correctly and get the desired result.

Toners come in various forms with different benefits for brunettes, redheads, and blondes alike. In this article, we will dive into what hair toner does to your locks. We’ll cover the types of toners available and their respective benefits, as well as application techniques for at-home versus salon results.

With this knowledge at hand, you’ll have mastery over color control like never before!

Key Takeaways

what does toner do to hair

  • Toners can enhance hair tonality and create a professional finished look.
  • Different types of toners, including demi-permanent colors, glosses, tinted shampoos, and conditioners, have different benefits for different hair colors.
  • Toner is suitable for all hair types and colors and can add shine, increase softness, and reduce split ends by creating a protective barrier around each strand.
  • Toning can help maintain hair color, neutralize unwanted tones, blend highlights or lowlights, correct brassy tones, and prevent color fading.

What is Hair Toner and How Does It Work?

What is Hair Toner and How Does It Work?
Toner is a great way to correct, personalize, and enhance the color of your hair. It’s designed to give you a professional finish while keeping your locks looking their best and protecting them from damage.

Hair toners can be used on any hair type or color, but they are most commonly used for shades of blonde hair.

Professional in-salon toners are more pigmented than at-home products, so it’s important that you know how to use them safely. If not, there is potential for damage or discoloration due to incorrect application techniques.

At home, purple shampoo helps reduce brassiness on blonde strands, while blue shampoos can help brunettes achieve cooler tones without completely changing the underlying shade. This also works with tinted conditioners, which add subtle hints of color without lightening the natural hue too much.

If you want something a bit stronger than what an at-home product offers, then consider visiting Kristin Ess or Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon, who specialize in creating personalized colors through expertly applied toner applications! And don’t forget Metal Detox – this powerful treatment protects against unwanted metals such as iron and copper while simultaneously enhancing vibrancy!

It’s easy enough to tone your own hair using store-bought products. However, since these tend not to last very long (typically between two and six weeks), it’s often worth investing in quality haircare like L’Oreal Paris Le Color Gloss, which provides intense coverage plus heat protection up to 230°C, along with the Vitamino Colour care range that will protect colored tresses from fading away quickly after being exposed to sun exposure – technically, UV rays should be avoided wherever possible by covering up with hats, etc.

Finally, remember that regular use of Metal Detox concentrated oil adds beautiful shine while preventing breakage caused by heated styling tools like Steampod 4!

Types of Toners and Their Benefits

Types of Toners and Their Benefits
Discover how different types of toners can transform your hair color and create a professional finished look! Toners come in gel or gloss-like formulas and work to emphasize or deemphasize certain tones in your hair.

Demi-permanent colors, glosses, tinted shampoos, and conditioners can all be considered toners.

Purple and blue toning products are perfect for blondes since the violet reduces yellow tones while blues cancel out orange tones – eliminating brassy shades that make blonde appear dull. Glosses deposit color without lightening the hair but typically last about six to eight weeks so they’re ideal for those who want to switch up their look more often than with permanent dyes.

Toning at home is possible if done carefully. Apply it on clean damp strands which have been prelightened first as this allows pigments from the product to penetrate better into each strand of your locks.

Products like IGK’s Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops, Kristin Ess’s Signature Glosses & L’Oreal Paris’ Le Color Gloss are great options for achieving salon-worthy results minus hefty price tags attached usually associated with salon visits.

How to Use Hair Toner: Professional Vs. At-Home

How to Use Hair Toner: Professional Vs. At-Home
Learn how to use hair toner professionally in-salon or at home for personalized results that last! Hair toners can be used to brighten and enhance the tones of your existing color, creating a subtle but professional look.

Toners work by adding pigment without lightening the hair, so they are ideal for those who want to make small changes without committing to permanent color.

Professional in-salon toner is more pigmented than at-home options and offers longer-lasting results. However, there are still some great products available over-the-counter that can help you maintain non-brassy hues between salon visits.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Sun protection: Protecting your hair from direct sunlight helps keep it healthy and prevents fading of any treatments applied such as coloring or using a toner. Wearing hats, avoiding excessive time outdoors during peak sun hours (10 am – 4 pm), and using sun protection specifically formulated for colored treated locks will all help keep your tresses looking vibrant.
  • Heat Protection: Inflicting heat on already damaged strands isn’t wise if you’re looking after them properly; therefore investing in quality thermal protectants like Metal Detox Concentrated Oil is essential when styling with heated tools up to 230°C/446°F plus it adds shine too!
  • Brightening Effects & Toning Pops: French Balayage Pearls offer luminous effects on blonde manes while purple shampoo neutralizes yellow tones easily, IGK’s Mixed Feelings Leave In Blonde Toning Drops provide an instant lift while L’Oréal Paris’ Le Color Gloss works well with brunettes who wish to add vibrancy back into their hue.

Whatever option best suits you, always remember that taking care of bleached tresses requires special attention. Condition regularly, use sulfate-free shampoos alongside specialized hair care tailored exclusively towards color-treated locks like Vitamino Color.

How Long Does Toner Last and When to Reapply?

How Long Does Toner Last and When to Reapply?
Knowing how long your toner will last is key to keeping your hair looking its best, so don’t be afraid to ask the pros and trust their advice like a mantra!

On average, toner can last anywhere from two to six weeks depending on individual hair type and condition. However, if you’re dealing with factors such as air pollution, hard water, or sun exposure that can cause color fading or brassy yellow tones in the hair, then it’s important to use professional hair care for color-treated locks.

Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon offers professional color treatments that provide UV protection and help prevent fading of tone-boosting pigments. If you’re looking for an all-over look, try using purple pigment formulas which work best on blonde tresses but also benefit brunettes by banishing unwanted brassiness while adding shine.

To keep up with maintaining vibrant colors between salon visits, opt for products like Kristin Ess’ Signature Glosses, which are specifically formulated shades perfect for reviving faded hues without bleaching out strands further.

Heat styling tools contribute greatly towards rapid fade of colors, making it essential that they have heat protection up to 230°C. Metal detox creams and concentrated oils aid in preventing any greenish hue caused due to direct sunlight, plus adding extra nourishment and luster.

Furthermore, French Balayage Pearls create luminous effects, giving off everlasting vibrancy when applied judiciously onto desired areas, creating personalized results every time! Professional hairstylists would suggest investing in L’Oréal Professional Steampod 4 as this heated tool is less damaging than others, helping reduce breakage significantly.

Benefits of Using a Toner on Your Hair

Benefits of Using a Toner on Your Hair
Moving on to the benefits of using a toner on your hair, there are many. Toners not only refresh and enhance tone, but they also add dimension to hair color while eliminating discoloration for a more vibrant look.

They can be used to bring life back into brassy or dull hair. For example, purple toning products work great for blondes as the violet reduces yellow tones and eliminates brassiness.

Toners can also do wonders when it comes to adding shine, increasing the softness of your tresses, or reducing split ends. This is all thanks to their ability to create a protective barrier around each strand that helps balance porosity while plumping up cuticles.

This makes them fuller with added reflection and shine! Some great at-home options include IGK’s Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops, Kristin Ess’s Signature Glosses from L’Oreal Paris Style Expert Jonathan Colombini range, Overtone’s Extreme Silver Complete System, or L’Oreal Paris Le Color Gloss just like Master Colorist Sharon Dorram would recommend.

However, caution needs to be taken if you decide against visiting an expert salon professional.

Here is why:

  • Frequent use of heating tools may fade away any pigment delivered by these home treatments, so heat protectant should always accompany styling time with blow dryers, etc.
  • UV protection is key when it comes to preventing fade due to lighter pigments such as blonde shades. Metal Detox High Protection Cream provides SPF 15 UVA/UVB filters combined with anti-pollution shield ingredients, helping keep unwanted metals away from our locks too!
  • Consider investing in Metal Detox Concentrated Oil, offering 230°C heat protection along with boosting shine and protecting fragile strands prone to breakage after frequent coloring processes.
  • For those who dye often, Chroma Creme could help revive blonde hues between salon visits, making sure our mane stays healthy-looking and gorgeous!

Tips for Maintaining Toned Hair Color

Tips for Maintaining Toned Hair Color
To keep your toned hair looking its best, you’ll want to take certain steps to protect and maintain the color. Toning benefits can be enjoyed for weeks if proper care is taken, with lightening tips that will help protect from damaging heat styling tools or excessive sun exposure.

Having a professional haircare regimen is key. Products like Chroma Creme, designed specifically for blonde hair, can revive dull locks while protecting against fading of tone. For clients who switch up their color more often or are looking for something new without permanent commitment, using glosses deposit just enough pigment in the hair without lightening it.

These typically last about six to eight weeks, according to IGK Miami Colorist Savanna Palladino and founder of Kristin Ess Signature Glosses.

Additionally, L’Oréal Paris Style & Color Expert Jonathan Colombini recommends using Metal Detox Concentrated Oil. This adds shine and protects from unwanted metals while also providing heat protection up to 230°C, helping prevent breakage caused by high temperatures.

Sharon Dorram, Master Colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon, suggests wearing hats when outdoors and limiting direct sunlight exposure.

Products to Use for Toning Your Hair at Home

Products to Use for Toning Your Hair at Home
You’ll be amazed by the professional results you can get from toning your hair at home!

Products like IGK’s Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops, Kristin Ess’s Signature Glosses, or L’Oreal Paris Le Color Gloss are great for manual toning and creating a finished look.

Purple shampoos are also commonly used to tone blonde hair. These products help eliminate brassiness and provide shine to dull locks without lightening strands.

Heat protectant should be applied before using heated styling tools such as L’Oreal Professional Steampod 4, which is less damaging than other methods of bleaching.

Metal Detox prevents unwanted green tones while enhancing color with High Protection Cream that shields against UV rays and Concentrated Oil heat protection up to 230 degrees Celsius plus aids in preventing breakage all while adding shine too!

For blondes looking for something extra special, there is always a better choice; enter Blondifer cream formulated just for them helping revive tired tresses with Vitamino Color professional haircare protecting their color-treated locks from fading prematurely due to its added benefits of sun protection when outdoors wearing hats, etc.

French Balayage Pearls create luminous effects giving those fashionable pops of bright hues without ever lifting shades so enjoy these amazing options available today – each offering longer-lasting results than store-bought ones but yet still easy enough on any budget either way!

Expert Opinions on Hair Toner and Its Benefits

Expert Opinions on Hair Toner and Its Benefits
Are you looking for ways to enhance your hair color and create a professional finished look? Expert opinions have shown that toners can be an effective way to accomplish this.

Toners can correct or personalize hair color, diminish brassiness, add shine and volume, balance the porosity of strands, and revive dull colors. ELLE’s Beauty Commerce Editor, Nerisha Penrose, gathered a panel of expert colorists who gave their insights on the subject.

The experts recommend using demi-permanent colors such as glosses or tinted shampoos to achieve desired results with toning products. These typically last about six weeks without lightening the hair too much. Purple toning products are perfect for blondes since they reduce yellow tones, while blue ones work better for brunettes because they cancel out orange hues, creating more luster in the locks.

L’Oreal Paris Style & Color Expert, Jonathan Colombini, also suggested adding small amounts of purple pigment when applying bleaching creams, which will help diminish brassy shades while avoiding over-processing at-home treatments.

To get started with taming your mane’s tone, try IGK’s Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops, Kristin Ess’s Signature Glosses, Overtone’s Extreme Silver Complete System, or L’Oreal Paris’ Le Color Gloss.

All these options provide great benefits from enhancing depth in darker shades to diminishing brassiness present all across lighter hues like blonde.

Do not forget that although many people prefer doing haircare treatments themselves, there is always room left for professional advice! Sharon Dorram said, Always consult a professional prior to major changes, especially if it involves bleach, as there are several factors involved, including underlying pigments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between professional and at-home toners?

Discover the difference between professional and at-home toners. Professional toners are often more pigmented, allowing for greater control over desired tones while creating a more polished look. At-home options can help maintain color or add pops of fashion colors, but the results may not last as long.

Is toner suitable for all hair types and colors?

Toner is suitable for all hair types and colors – from blonde, brunette, to redhead. Try professional in-salon toner for the best results: pigmented, long-lasting color for up to 6 weeks! At-home products like purple shampoo also help maintain the hue between appointments.

Are there any side effects of using a toner?

Using a toner on your hair should not have any negative side effects if done properly. However, it is important to follow instructions and use the right products for your hair type and color. Using professional hair care can help protect against fading, while heat styling tools should be used with caution to avoid damage or discoloration.

What kind of maintenance is required for toner-treated hair?

To maintain toner-treated hair, professional hair care is essential for preserving the color. It is important to shield the hair from sun exposure and use heat protectant while styling. For blondes, use purple shampoo, and for brunettes, use blue toning products to eliminate brassiness.

Glosses can be used to deposit color without lightening, and they typically last for 6-8 weeks. Additionally, Metal Detox Concentrated Oil can be used to add shine while protecting against color fading.

How often should I tone my hair?

Tone your hair as often as necessary to maintain the desired color and tone. Use professional products to help prevent toner from fading, protect hair from sun exposure, and keep split ends at bay.


Toning your hair is an easy and effective way to achieve the perfect look. Toners can do it all, from reducing brassiness to adding volume and shine! With professional or at-home treatments, you can enjoy the beautiful results that toners have to offer.

Plus, with the right products and a few simple tips, you can keep your toned hair looking vibrant for weeks.

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